Tonic Water vs Club Soda-What is the difference between Tonic Water and Club soda? Are they the same?

When walking down the aisle in the grocery stores you have probably come across different carbonated drinks with the suffix name water. In the modern world today, manufactures of beverages exploit and try different combinations of ingredients to come up with outstanding drinks that will sell fast. Telling the difference might be a puzzle to some if not all. Have you come across club soda? So, how different is it from tonic water? Well, the difference might not be just in the terminology. In this article, get detailed information on the difference and similarities ranging from their calories profile and any other.

Tonic water vs Club Soda Calories

Club soda or soda water is commonly referred to as the water in which small amount of pressurized carbon dioxide has been dissolved. Unlike the regular tonic water, soda water has long been considered as the best alternative to regular water. Soda water has a unique characteristic when it comes to fizz and additionally it has a slightly sour taste. Could this be the reason why it is preferred by those who hate the plain taste of regular water? The ingredients in soda water include: normal water and mineral like ingredients such as sodium carbonate, potassium citrate, and potassium sulfate.

According to, calories are known to be the basic source of energy found in all foods. Calories are important in maintenance of the metabolism or the functioning of the body. The amount of calories required by the body depends on some factors which include: age, gender and the mass of the body. Too much calories for a prolonged period of time makes one body to become weak thus underweight, usually it is calculated and linked to the body mass index of a person. On the other hand, excessive intake of calories contributes to overweight and obesity. In fatal cases, heart conditions and type II diabetes are the common diseases likely to be suffered by such individuals.

Similarly, when counting calories, drinks too have a role to play in contributing the calories intake. There is a misconception that tonic water and club soda is one and the same thing. It is shocking, as you may find out that there is huge difference between the two waters particularly when it comes to calories counting.

Here is the difference.

Calories in tonic water

Tonic water is known to have more calories per serving or a can. For instance one serving of tonic water in a can or bottle which is equivalent to 12 fl oz, there is a total of 124 calories. This can be attributed to the added sugar sourced from high fructose corn syrup: a similar serving of tonic water (12 fl oz or a can) contains 32 grams of sugar. Is this not too much? The calories content from fat is actually zero.

Calories in Club Soda

The calorie profile of soda water per single serving, which is equivalent to a cup or 2ooml, is zero. This basically means that the amount of sugar in club soda is actually none. Could this be the best option for dieters?

The discrepancies in calories content between club soda and tonic water should make you differentiate the two water the next time you walk in a grocery store or supermarket.

tonic water vs club soda water differences
Tonic water and Club soda photos

Other differences between Club Soda and Tonic Water

The calories content may not be the only way to distinguish tonic water from club soda. Other ways may include other ingredients such as: the fat content, total carbohydrates, cholesterol, minerals (sodium and potassium), proteins and vitamins.

Difference in taste

Tonic water and club soda may have the same look but the taste brings the whole difference. While tonic water has a bitter distinct taste (due to dissolved quinine that has medicinal benefits) club soda has almost a plain taste, similar to water. Soda water has sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate added to it with no medicinal benefits.

Carbohydrates in tonic water and club soda

The amount of carbohydrates in tonic water for every single serving (1 can or 12 fl oz) which translates to a total of3 66grams of a bottle is 32grams. On the other, soda water, a can or bottle contains a total of zero amounts per serving. This should be another sure way of making a difference between the two water.

Mineral content (sodium and potassium)

Sodium and potassium are equally important in the proper function of the body. Sodium is an integral mineral in the body. The primary dietary source of sodium known is sodium chloride or simply the table salt. Other sources foods which include: meat (processed), bread, cereals, cheese etc.

Sodium functions are numerous including: nerve stimulations which make proper function of the muscle, helps in controlling the body’s volume and thus the pressure of the blood as well. Sodium should not be taken in excess particularly those people who are sensitive to it. Too much has adverse effects such as hypertension, which can lead to other health conditions. The daily recommended intake should not exceed 2,300 milligrams for adult (category below 50 years) and 1500miligrams to those beyond 51 or older.

Tonic water has 44 mg of sodium per a single can (12fl oz). This is below the recommended intake, probably safe for your health. On the hand club soda has 75 mg of sodium and 7 mg of potassium per a single serving or 12fl oz. The daily values of sodium or potassium may be higher or lower depending on your body needs.

Majority of consumers use tonic with gin and vodka .it has been found to be a natural compliment to gin and vodka. On the other hand, soda water is preferred best to dilute strong alcoholic drinks.

Similarities: Is Tonic Water the same as Club Soda?

The difference between tonic water and club soda is far much wide. However the two are often mistaken and most cases used interchangeably. What similarities do these two drinks have?

Tonic water and club soda are both carbonated drinks, they are pressurized and carbon dioxide is dissolved in it.

Another common similarity is the fat content. They do not have fat in them and it could be the reason why the cholesterol level is zero as well.

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