Tonic Water Nutrition Facts-How Many Carbs, Much Sugar, Minerals, Vitamins & Proteins

What are the tonic water nutrition facts? Is this drink healthful? How many carbs does tonic water have? What is the amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals in tonic water? How much sugar is in tonic water? Is there sugar free tonic water? Read on to find out. Also find more details on Schweppes and diet tonic water nutrition facts.

Tonic Water Nutrition-Why?

Did you know the tonic water drinks and brands we take on a regular basis could be nutritious? Majority of consumers of these drinks (tonic gins and vodka) we enjoy without the knowledge of other nutritional value apart from the obvious reason of taking it as refreshment. In most taverns and bars, tonic water is blended with other gins and vodkas to make a desirable cocktail. Tonic water could be an important source of carbohydrates, sugar minerals, vitamins and proteins. Find out more on the nutritional value of tonic water drink and brands such as Schweppes and diet tonic water.

Why is it important to know nutrition of tonic water?

How many of us check what we eat than what we drink? Its natural instinct for human being to check on the tangible foods they consume daily and put less attention to the drinks they take on a regular basis. We tend to focus more on the nutritional value of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins that we ingest from solid foods. How about the liquids and refreshments such as tonic water?

Tonic water is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains water, carbon dioxide, minerals and quinine. This carbonated drink contains sugar (majorly using high fructose syrup) additives as sweeteners to create a distinct flavor that most consumers find it palatable. Found in this drinks are preservatives such as Sodium benzoate and other natural flavors.

So, why is it important to know the nutritional value of tonic water? If you are struggling to keep a healthy lifestyle then the drinks (tonic water) you take should be part of your routine check daily. Getting the nutritional information helps you to understand the content of calories, fats and carbs in a can of tonic water.

Did you know the tonic water you take has nutritional value? Tonic water ingredients independently play vital part in the diet of our body. Take for instance the calories that come from tonic water. For a person trying to gain/lose weight, the amount of calories in tonic water should be able to tell you how much you require. The amount of calories in regular tonic water is approximately 124 in a can or bottle which translates to 12 fluid ounce.

Manufacturers of major tonic water drinks use sodium benzoate as a preservative. However, the sodium content in tonic water varies from manufacturers.

Tonic Water Nutrition Facts- Carbs, Sugar, Minerals, Vitamins & Proteins

Tonic Water

Do you ever wonder the amount of carbohydrates, sugar, minerals, vitaminis and proteins tonic water has? The nutritional information of tonic water will help you to understand this drink better and live a healthy lifestyle.

Tonic water carbs – how many carbs in tonic water

The amount of carbs in tonic water differs depending on the calories content. A regular tonic water contains a roughly estimate of between 124 and 130 calories which simply translates to a bottle of tonic drink. The added sugar (high fructose syrup) majorly contributes to the carbohydrates in tonic water. For instance, the calories in Schweppes Indian tonic water that is equivalent to 250mls gives 95 calories per serving which in turn contributes to 22.3 grams of carbohydrates (amount per serving). According to research by Authority, reducing the amount of carbs in your diet is a sure way to lose weight. Low carbs in your diet tend to reduce appetite thereby causing a reduction of weight loss. If you intend to reduce your weight, you should keep your daily cerb intake low as possible.

How much sugar is in tonic water-Is there sugar free tonic water

Similar to other drinks such as fruit juice and coffee, the sugar content in tonic water should be of major concern for consumers. Tonic water contains added sugar usually high fructose corn syrup. Could this be a cause of so many reported cases of weight gain and type two diabetes? It has been noted that calories from drinks has more influence on weight gain than calories from foods. When consuming tonic water mixer, there is less of sugar intake. According to the department of Agriculture of the US, about 124 calories are found from each serving of tonic water. Did you know that there is 43 grams of sugar in tonic water for a can or bottle of tonic drink?

Minerals, Vitamins & Proteins in Tonic Water

Although tonic water has dissolved quinine as the key ingredient that brings a distinct taste, it contains traces of minerals as well. These minerals: sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, manganese and potassium carbonate are added to modify the taste.

The nutritional information on tonic water drinks so far shows no record of vitamins and proteins.

Schweppes & Diet Tonic Water Nutrition

Diet Tonic Water Nutrition

If you are a regular consumer of tonic water and probably you are finding it hard to lose weight. You should consider replacing the regular tonic with diet tonic. The tonic water contains added sugar as sweeteners which contribute to high calories intake. Diet tonic water manufacturers use artificial sweeteners. According to, a single serving of diet tonic water has zero amount of calories and more importantly no amount of cholesterol at all. This is good news if you want to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Important to note, for a single serving of diet tonic water, there is 25mgs of sodium. How then is sodium important to our body? The body uses sodium to control blood pressure and volume. Most of the foods we eat are the source of sodium; the most common is sodium chloride (table salt). However, you should regulate the intake of sodium as too much of it is associated with high blood pressure in some people which could lead to cardiac arrest and eventually death.

Schweppes Tonic Water Nutrition

This type of tonic water contain low amount of sodium, for 8fl of oz serving, approximately 55mg of sodium are contained. This translates to 2% of daily value. On the other hand it has high sugar, for every serving (8 fl oz) 32grams of sugar are contained (that is equivalent to 11% on 2000 calories daily servings). The calorie content of this tonic water is 130 amounts per 8 fl oz serving. For the carbohydrates, 33g are found in a single serving of 8 fl oz. The sugar and carbohydrate profile comes from added sugar which is sourced from high fructose corn syrup. This should be a major concern particularly if you are intending to maintain healthy body.

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