Tonic Water Ingredients-Quinine, Canada Dry, Diet, Fever Free & Schweppes

Have you ever wondered what the ingredients of tonic water are? Or better still, did you know that the bitterness in tonic water could be as a result of quinine? Most known tonic water brands such as Canada Dry, fever free, Schweppes among others have ingredients I thought you should be aware of. Still pondering on that? Find out more in this article.

Tonic water ingredients- What are the ingredients in tonic water?

It will be surprising to find out that the ingredients in tonic water and its brands are actually what we associate with. It might not be complex as it may look.

Canada Dry, Diet, Fever Free & Schweppes Tonic Water Ingredients-Quinine
Tonic Water

Tonic Water Ingredients –Quinine

Human beings have ingested hard to pronounce ingredients and quinine cannot fall out of this category. In daily lives we have come across bitter drinks either as drugs, beverages or alcohol some even hard to pass down our throat. Did you know that most of the cocktails, the gin and tonics among others have quinine?

Quinine for decades has been used as anti-malaria, this started way back in the colonial periods particularly in tropical regions of Africa and India. Quinine is the basic ingredient and plays an essential part bringing the bitter taste in tonic water.

Quinine besides adding flavor to tonic water, it has the ability to make tonic water to glow under black light giving tonic water a brilliant bright blue color-fluoresces.

A lot of research point out that, quinine was naturally found in the bark of cinchona tree. Though there are new drugs in the market, quinine is still used in cases where the pathogens causing malaria becomes resistant to newer drugs. Food and drugs administration has however banned the use owing to the negative side effects it has in the cure of leg cramps.

It sounds scary, doesn’t it? This should not stop you from taking your favorite tonics and brands from your local bar. Most of the tonic drinks and gin have a regulated volume of quinine. For instance a glass of tonic water holds roughly between 15 to 20mg of quinine.

How safe is quinine in tonic water?

If   you are a consumer of tonic water then it is wise you know what dangers you might be exposing yourself to. Quinine gives tonic water its distinct flavor. However, quinine can be dangerous for certain people. According to FDA, there is still some evidence quinine found in tonic water is used to treat leg cramps even after the warnings against its use. Serious side effects reports have emerged from the use quinine in tonic water to cure leg cramps. Conditions such as thrombocytopenia, heart problems, rashes, hearing problems, and eye problems etc could be as a result of quinine dependency in tonic water. Instead if you are having leg cramps, visit a specialist.

Other Ingredients of Tonic Water

Quinine has been known to be the major ingredient in tonic owing to the bitter taste. Most of the gins and tonic makers add other ingredients to make the tonic even tasteful. The contemporary tonic waters include also preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. The addition of these ingredients is to offset the bitterness and bring a balance for the drinks.

The ingredients will keep on varying in terms of quantity and quality from one brand of tonic to another. Beverages Company tends to have different combination of ingredients to cut across the market demand.

Canada Dry Tonic Water Ingredients

For years, Canada Dry has been outstanding in producing quality beverages and mixers. Canada dry tonic water is superb: it’s clear with a sparkling taste- a distinct flavor of quinine and caffeine free. It brings the perfect combination when mixed with other drinks-makes a classic cocktail.

Canada dry is rich in high fructose corn syrup, bringing a perfect taste of quinine. It is less carbonated than Q tonic thus a good mixer for gin and tonics. Other ingredients include citric acid and sodium Benzoate as preservative.

Diet Dry Tonic Water Ingredients

Quinine extracts from the bark of cinchona tree is used as the core ingredient in this tonic water. However, the difference between the usual tonic water and this type is the calorie and the carbohydrate content. The taste of quinine makes it bitter for consumption. This is usually offset by addition of sweeteners. Most regular tonic drinks and brands use high fructose corn syrup as sweeteners.

Majority of diet dry tonic manufacturers uses artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or aspartame to counter the bitter quinine taste.

Fever Free Tonic Water Ingredients

Quinine is the major ingredient and brings the important distinct flavor in this tonic water drink. The quinine was sourced from the bark of cinchona tree (from the Rwanda Congo border) hence the brand name fever –tree. This tonic drink basically combines natural flavors. Cane sugar is used as the sweetener to bring a balance in the taste of quinine. Other ingredients include: water, citric acid and sometimes bitter oranges.

Schweppes Tonic Water Ingredients

This kind of brand of tonic water has quinine as the key ingredient that gives the bitter flavor. It is blended with high fructose corn syrup giving it completely overwhelming sweet taste in gin. Also found in are natural flavors, citric acid and sodium benzoate as a preservative.

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