Tonic Water for Leg Cramps-Is Tonic Water good & does it help at Night and during Pregnancy?

Most individuals have probably experienced leg/foot cramps. It is well understood  how excruciating leg cramp pain is. Stopping, treating or curing leg cramps greatly varies from one person to another. There is plenty of information on tonic water and leg cramps. How effective or good is tonic water for leg cramps? Does tonic water work for leg cramps at night and during pregnancy? Can the water help or ease the leg or foot pain? Read on to find out

Causes of Leg Cramps and how to stop/ prevent /treat/ cure

Before looking at how tonic can help in treating or preventing leg cramps, you might want to learn the general causes of leg cramps and how to prevent.

What are the causes of leg cramps?

Little information on the cause of leg cramps is known. Muscles cramps may be caused by the following activities:

  • According to on muscles cramps (see source at the end), strenuous exercise or injury of the muscle is believed to cause muscle cramps. Intensive exercise makes the muscles to be overused consequently causing injuries which can result to muscles cramps.
  • Decreased or deficiency of minerals such as calcium and magnesium can be another cause of muscle cramps. This is usually more common to pregnant women in their later stages of pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps can arise from exposure of cold conditions particularly cold water. Strange, isn’t it?
  • Health related conditions such as kidney disease, arterial disease or thyroid disease could be the reason you may be experiencing leg cramps. Such disease of the arteries reduces the supply of blood thus causing the leg pain.
  • Dehydration as a result of losing too much body fluid is also a cause of cramps.
  • Always choose the right shoe to wear. Ensure that the shoe you wear perfectly fits you to avoid straining the leg muscles.
  • According to on muscles cramps, the use of certain medicines such as birth control pills and steroids could be another known reason for muscle cramps.
  • Sleeping in unusual positions or at times standing on hard surfaces for generally long periods contributes to muscle cramps.
  • Usually the compression of nerves in your spine –lumbar stenosis-is known to cause a cramp in the leg that get even worse when you make more movements.

How to prevent/cure/stop leg cramps?

Here are ways to prevent muscle cramps:

  • A publication by Mayo clinic on ways to prevent leg cramps recommends drinking of plenty fluids such as water and other liquids which make your body hydrated. This helps the muscles to contract and relax more easily. Could this be a reason why sports personalities keep on taking fluids periodically? Usually it is advisable to replenish your body fluids whenever you engage in strenuous exercise and physical activities.
  • Stretching and massaging before going to bed helps to improve muscle flexibility thus a sure way to keep leg cramps at bay.
  • If you have been experiencing repeated leg cramps for a while, its time you start taking a warm shower or bath to ease the muscle from cramps. You can as well use a heating pad and place it on the muscle. It is a simple remedy to relieve the pain.
  • Some of the recommended drugs, the counter medicine, including acetaminophen or ibuprofen are all known to relieve leg cramps.

Tonic Water and Leg Cramps-Does Tonic Water Help Leg Cramps?

Muscle cramp also known as charley horse is an extremely strong usually painful contraction or tightening of the muscle that is spontaneous and is said to last from seconds to quite some minutes. The pain often occurs in the legs. Moreover, night time leg cramps are usually sudden or tightening of muscles that centers on the calf. This phenomenon can sometimes happen in the thigh or foot. Typically, the characteristic of muscle cramps are reportedly during the night while falling asleep or sometimes waking up.

A research conducted by Dr.B. Green and posted in the Medicinal Journal categorizes the muscle cramps into four categories; true cramps, Rest cramps, Tetanic cramps and Dystonic cramps. From his research the most common is the true cramp which is associated with the athletes. Muscle cramps or spasm occurs when there is an involuntary contraction of one or more muscle. Usually a muscle cramps may start as a single muscle and extend to a number of muscles that works in a group. The most reported tightening of the muscles are the foot and calf muscles. However, other muscles such as the thigh, arms and abdomen are at high risk as well.

Leg Cramp

What is the link between tonic water and leg cramps-What is in Tonic Water for leg cramps?

Majority of the victims of leg cramps have tried tonic water as a home remedy for easing leg cramps. Tonic water is considered to reduce the severity and occurrence of leg cramps. However, there is little scientific evidence to support the use of tonic water to treat leg cramps. So, what is tonic water that makes it a remedy for leg cramp? Tonic water has quinine, which to some people does not only work as an anti-malaria drug but also reduces the extremes of leg cramps pain.

Is Tonic Water good for Leg Cramps? How does it help Leg Cramps?

Tonic water should not be used in place of drugs and medical procedures to treat leg cramps. The quinine in tonic water moderately relieves the muscle cramps and therefore NOT effective in reducing the frequency of leg cramps. A simple remedy for relieving leg cramps is taking plenty of fluids. Tonic water falls in the categories of fluids and probably should be taken in large quantities to relieve the pain.

The amount of tonic water should be limited since the quinine in tonic water can cause severe reactions to the users. Could this be the reason FDA has banned the prescription of quinine in treatment of leg cramps?

Tonic water leg cramps during pregnancy and at night

A study conducted by the American on Pregnancy and leg cramps, shows that pregnant women experience leg cramps more often and worst scenarios occur at night. In fact most known cases happen during the second and the third trimester and tend to get worse as the belly gets bigger. The exact cause of leg cramp pregnancy is not clear, however, speculations attributing to this include: as the weight of the expectant mothers increases, the leg muscles become fatigue bearing the extra weight. Could this be as a result of pressure from the uterus? Normally as the baby grows, there is pressure which exert on nerves and blood vessels which also affect blood flow to the legs.

Leg Cramps Tonic Water Dosage- How much Tonic Water for leg cramps

Too much intake of quinine in tonic water can be fatal. There is little information on the dosage of quinine in tonic water to treat leg cramps. The severe reactions forced the FDA to put an end to beverages and other drinks such as tonic water that has quinine to treat leg cramps. The doctor prescription of quinine is normally one tablet which is equivalent to 200mg or 300mg amount required for bedtime.

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