Tonic Water Calories-How many Calories in Diet, Slime line Tonic Water- Gin & Vodka?

The tonic water whose main ingredient is quinine-the bitter taste – could be having calories! Are you wondering how many calories are in diet tonic water, slime line tonic water gin and vodka? Most people think that they are making a better choice by ordering a gin or vodka and blending it with soda to cut the quinine beverage. However, ordering diet tonic water (rather than soda) which is calorie- free could help you watch your weight. Find out more on this subject matter.

Tonic Water Calories-How many Calories are in Tonic Water?

Tonic water is known for the bitter taste it has from the fact it has dissolved quinine as its key ingredient. The flavor actually comes from quinine which is a plant extract from the cinchona tree. However, most of the consumers of tonic drinks and brands do not know the calorie content of tonic drinks they enjoy on a regular basis. Knowing the amount of calories in your tonic drink is helpful in knowing how much you should take on a regular basis.

Why does the amount of Calories in tonic water matter?

A glass of Tonic water

Weight loss or weight gain depends a lot on the amount of calories you take into your body. If you are trying to gain weight or lose weight in a managed way, you will need to watch how many calories you take and how many you lose each day.

According to HealthLand on Time, it is NOT the composition of what you eat that will determine what will happen to your fat stores. Dr. George Bray, in his research on calories and their impact on weight states that only the calories you will introduce in your body will determine what happens to your weight.

So, why does the amount of calories in tonic water matter? For a person trying to lose or gain weight, that means that you watch every meal or drink you take in terms of the calories they have. If you are a fan of tonic water, you should always ensure you do not take too much or too little depending on your goals.

Calories in Diet Tonic Water

There is a lot of information about drinking tonic water. Having the information about calorie content in diet tonic is vital to help you choose which tonic water to take basing on the calories requirement of your body. If you intend to cut down the amount of calories in your body then you will find this information helpful. Calories in tonic drinks are not hidden (they are usually displayed on the Nutritional facts label). How many of us don’t take time to realize just how much calories beverages can add to our daily intake?

Unlike the regular tonic waters, diet tonic water is found to have no calorie at all. If you are the type finding hard to regulate your calorie intake on a daily basis, you should try diet tonic water instead. The regular tonic water consists of high fructose usually from corn syrup which contributes to the high calories.

The diet tonic water drinks contain artificial sweeteners (sugar substitutes) such as aspartame. Therefore taking diet tonic water introduces no calories at all. In fact the diet tonic water has no carbohydrates as well-meaning it is healthier to take diet tonic water in place of regular tonic water. Probably maybe that is why most athletes and sport personality keep fit all the time. Could they be taking more of diet tonic water?

However, taking plenty of diet soda has been found to give higher fasting glucose numbers. This could make your body to have difficulties in processing the glucose as a result of the increased in take. Such increase of sugar levels could lead to diabetes.

Calories in Slimline Tonic Water and Vodka or Gin

According to NutraCheck, the amount of calories in slimline tonic water and gin is 7 calories per gram. 40 percent alcohol in vodka has a lot of calories, coming only second to fat. Could this be the reason why people gain a lot more weigh when they take alcohol (vodka or gin, or even beer)?

A single serving of vodka, gin or Slimline tonic water, which is 25 ml, will contain a total of 55 calories. A double will be 110 calories. Brian Calkins reports that an adult male weighing 150 lbs will require 1800 calories per day for sustenance while an adult female weighing 120 lb will require 1320 calories.

Therefore, an individual who takes about 5 servings of Slimline tonic water, vodka or gin in a day will have come so close to half the amount of calories their body requires in a day. That is not considering the amount of food; including carbohydrates that person is likely to take that day. Not knowing this can easily lead to weight gain or obesity resulting from excessive calorie intake. With such high amount of calorie intake, you could be exposing your health to heart conditions such as heart attack, hypertension etc. always be on the lookout on the amount of tonic water you take on a regular basis. The tonic drink you enjoy should not be a source of health problems.

Are there Calories in Tonic Water and Gin?

Tonic water will be unpalatable if the bitter quinine taste is taken in its original form without addition of sweeteners. What makes tonic water and gins enjoyable is the flavor in it. Most manufacturers of tonic drinks and gins use high fructose syrup to add the sweet taste. What many people do not understand is the effect of consuming the drinks that are saturated with the sugar (high fructose syrup). The sugar contributes to calories and carbohydrate intake in the body. Think about it, for each serving of regular tonic water which is equivalent to 12-ounce contains about 124 calories and about 32 grams of carbohydrates. This is attributed to the high fructose syrup that regular tonic water and gin uses as ingredients.

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