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What are the club soda nutrition facts? Are there calories in club soda? Does club soda water have carbs? How many carbs? Does soda water have vitamins and minerals? In this article, find a comprehensive discussion of the soda water nutritional information and facts in addition to vodka and Schweppes  club sodas calories and carbs content.

Club Soda Water Calories- Does Club Soda have Calories

Knowing the nutrition information of club soda or soda water is vital. It helps you understand the beverage you consume regularly better. Most of the beverages you drink have ingredients that may or may not have any significant benefits to your body. Some are rich in calories, carbs, minerals vitamins and other additives while others are not. Generally the contents vary greatly from one beverage to another.

Club soda nutrition

The calorie content in every meal, beverage or alcohol we take daily should always be monitored. Basically calories come in various form from drinks and meals which if taken in large quantity can influence our health negatively. The negative effects of too much intake can lead to bad health situations. Generally our health is at risk from conditions such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes. Hypertension could be one of the worst scenarios of too much sugar in your blood. Increase in sugar levels increases blood volume and pressure. This forces to pump blood faster. Such a situation could to cardiac arrest and in some cases death.

According to research by Dr on sugar and cancer-see source at the end-sugar poses a health risk which leads to around 35 million deaths annually. In his research, sugar and cancer are related and its effects are adverse to cancer patient leading to the millions of death each year. Our bodies use glucose –the simplest form of carbohydrates –as the basic source of energy. This means any form of sugar ingested in your diet is absorbed and utilized by the body including the one from club soda. Sugar feeds on every cell in our body including the cancer cells hence the cells keep on multiplying making the cancer treatment difficult to treat resulting to the numerous death.

Taking too much sugar calories has been linked to diabetes. Studies have linked a close association of sugary drinks to type 2 diabetes. A medical research team from the University of Cambridge is in agreement with this statement. In their view, too much sugary drinks leads to diabetes and the worst cases to be reported are the obese that were found to be more prone. The cases of amputations are actually the cause of diabetes.

So what is the daily recommended intake of sugar? Dietitians recommend limiting the amount of foods and drinks that have high amount of sugars, such as sweetened beverages. The American Heart Association (AHA) found out that, a 12 –ounce of regular soda has about 8 teaspoons of sugar that equates to 130 calories. This is way much higher according to the daily recommendation which is 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for women and 9 teaspoons per day for men.

Are there Calories in Club soda? How many?

Most dieters always try to find a beverage drink that can be mixed with alcohol to make a refreshing cocktail of their choice. The wise decision to make is to avoid a sugary mixer but still enjoy your alcoholic drink. Club soda poses some of the characteristics of regular sweetened sodas: it is fizzy and produces bubbles which come from carbon dioxide dissolved in it. The amount of calories in club soda depends on fats, proteins and other nutrients found in it.

The good news for those slimming, it is purely calorie –free which indicates that no amount of sugar or sweetener is added onto it. This is to say, a can or bottle (12 fl oz) of club soda has zero amounts of calories. You definitely need to enjoy it without the worry of adding calories in your body.

Vodka Club Soda Calories

The amount of calories in vodka club soda cocktail generally depends on the quantity you consume daily. Vodka in itself as a liquor contributes calorie while some come from the ingredients that constitute it. Most bars serve the vodka and squeeze lemon juice and lime juice in it to add taste. For every single serving of vodka and club soda cocktail, 1 calorie of lemon juice (1 wedge) is yielded. Similarly, a single wedge of lime juice yields 1 calorie. The amount of calories from the vodka is approximately to 70 calories per serving (12 fl oz). You may avoid completely other mixers such as tonic water which are high in calories and still have a refreshing enjoyable cocktail.

Does Club Soda  have Carbs? How many carbs?

Cerbs are important in everyday life. They are the primary source of energy in the body of human beings: the requirements for metabolism and proper functioning of the body. The amount of calories in club soda comes from the fat, sugar and vitamins. However, club soda is one of the beverages that do not have any added sugar in it. Therefore, carbs count in club soda is none. A can of club soda (12 fl oz) has total of zero carbohydrates in it.

More Club Soda Water Nutrition Facts/ Information-Minerals, Vitamins etc. : Schweppes

Mineral content and other nutrition facts / Information

Minerals and vitamins important in our bodies, like calcium helps in strong bone formation. Club soda has some dissolved minerals such as   calcium, sodium potassium and magnesium. Also included in club soda are sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate and sodium citrate. Club soda should not be used as a way of getting minerals and vitamins in the body. The amounts contained are little to guarantee any valuable benefits. A 12 –ounce serving of club soda water supplies few irons, a mineral that aids in red blood cells formation. Similarly, the same serving has 75miligrams of sodium, which is about 3 percent of the recommended for adult intake per day. The addition of sodium carbonate or baking soda is basically for preservative purpose.

Schweppes club soda nutrition facts

Looking at the nutrition value of Schweppes club soda, it does not contain much. The amount of calories content per serving of 8 fl oz is none. This type of club soda has no amount of added of added sugar, fats proteins to supply calories. It is purely carbonated, with only addition of sodium and sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride and potassium sulfate. The amount of sodium per 8 fl oz of club soda is 95milligrams or 4 percent equivalent to the daily recommended intake.

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