Best Tonic Water Drinks & Brands, Reviews + Where to Find/ Buy

Finding the best tonic water drinks and brands could quite be a challenge. The market is saturated with gins and drinks that have close resemblance to tonic water. How best you get the tonic water drinks that suit your taste depends entirely on your experience and knowledge. Limited information could land you in wrong stores and shelves. If you are wondering how and where to find the best tonic water drinks and brands, worry no more. Explore more in this article.

Choosing the Best Tonic Water-What is the Criterion?

Tonic water was initially a drink specifically used as anti-malaria in the ancient times. Sugar, soda and gin were added to help reduce the bitterness owing to the presence of quinine. In your pursuit to satisfy the desire and quench the taste of top tonic water drinks and brands, finding quality drink should be your priority. How you select the best tonic water drink should be a concern. Brands such as Schweppes; fentimans, vintage, fever trees, Q tonic, stirrings, Canada dry and white rock are distributed in well –known retail stores.

Here is what you need to know in selecting the best tonic water.

  • First, everyone does this but it deserves a mention, check the label. It is the simplest yet very basic way to know more about the water you are about to buy. Check the ingredients and preferably go for those with natural options instead of those with high amounts of fructose corn syrup.
  • Tonic water should be bitter. It has been noted that people preferred bitter tonic water to other brands that were sugary. However, the bitterness should be balanced by some sweetness.
  • In another research, a larger in take was based on the fact that tonic water was found to be lively: with the addition of citrusy and herbal notes. Consumers prefer more complex and refreshing tonic
  • When selecting the best tonic water, price dictates the preference of a drink. According to Stanford study, people enjoy wine more if they have the knowledge it’s more expensive. Price has a direct correlation to quality. Taking for instance two different wines, if a person is told he or she is tasting different brands of wine-and that one costs $ 10 and the other $60 when in the real sense the wine are the same brand- it is natural instinct that, the highly priced will be perceived as more enjoyable and brings pleasure… and elsewhere, you probably must have heard that cheap is expensive…

 Tonic Water Drinks and Brands

It’s interesting finding people moving from store to store and shelf to shelf looking for the best tonic water drinks and brands for vodka, gin and even Hendricks. You might be a stranded case, taking extraordinarily long in looking at the labels and reading the ingredients. You really don’t need to waste time any more. You want to fast and effective. Why? Probably because you other important tasks that need you. Have an overview of the most common water drinks and brands after which you will learn which is the best.

Tonic Water Drinks

Over the years people keep on asking what are the best tonic water drinks, and if the price are worth. Preference and taste varies from person to person. However, even at that, there is a list of best tonic drinks that applies across the universe considered best by a great number of consumers.

What some of the known tonic water drinks?

Here is a list of the known tonic water drinks

  • Fever tree: it derives its name due to fever tree which expresses the name for the cinchona tree in which quinine is used as the basic ingredient. It is considered as the best pre –carbonated tonic, slightly sweetened. For people who prefer their tonic with lots of citrus, fever tree might work well for you.
  • Q Tonic: it is known for its hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes. The use of organic agave as the sweetener makes it top in the list of best tonic water drink. Its complexity and robust comes from superb ingredients such as carbonated water, and lemon juice extract. In fact it has 60% fewer calories than regular tonic water.
  • Fentiman’s tonic water: it has a strong herbal notes blended with lemongrass extracts resulting to a fashionable unique citrus flavor. Its sweetness is quite low compared to other tonic; basically cane sugar is preferably used over the high fructose. One of its outstanding features is that it is more carbonated than other tonics. Besides, it makes your gin fizzier for longer period owing to its fizzier taste.
  • Canada Dry: its uniqueness is the fact that it has high fructose corn syrup with a pleasant flavor of quinine. It s less carbonated when compared to Q tonic.
  • Hansen’s tonic water: this type of tonic water has sugar instead of corn syrup; sugar gives it a sharper sweet taste. It has the addition of citrus extracts into the tonic syrup which makes unique of its own.

Tonic Water Brands (Brands of Tonic Water)

Here are some of the tonic water brands:

  • Schweppes: it has a sweet taste originating from high fructose corn syrup making it easily noticeable particularly when put in any cocktail. It’s more fully flavored and carbonated as well.
  • Fever tree: it’ has been found as one of the top selling brand in the market owing to its huge demand and therefore has a larger market share.
  • Canada Dry: It has been found to be the best balanced tonic brand. It has a moderate bitterness with citric flavor to counter sweetness. According to tasters, it was found to be refreshing.
  • Seagram’s: majority of consumers find this tonic brand to be mild and well balanced-it really works well with gin and tonics. It has a wonderful flavor. I think you should try if you are the kind that is scared of bitter drinks.
  • Stirrings: this kind of brand is unique; the bitterness of this tonic is on the finish. It’s however lightly citrus and sweet. It produces fine bubbles and fizzy which some consumers like.
Top Best Tonic water Drinks Brands Reviews-buy
Tonic Water Brands & Drinks

Tonic Water Drink/Brand Reviews: What is the Best Tonic Water with Hendricks, for Vodka, Gin & Cocktails

What is the best tonic water in the world? Which one produces the best mix with Hendricks /gin/vodka or even for cocktails? What do reviews/studies say?

The gin market has been exploited in the recent years .craft distilled gins are produced more often and it becomes hard to make a wise decision on which brand to settle onto. In this review more tonic water are being to seal the loop holes and make the top brand for gin and tonic lovers.

Kate Hawkins, a renowned author and contributor to the Telegraph UK: food and drink section, in her pursuit to find out the best tonic, she called together a group of knowledgeable palates to take the tonic taste test.

The tonics that were included in the test were;

  • Fentimans
  • Fever-Tree Mediterranean
  • Fever-Tree Indian
  • Schweppes

Some of the gins in the test included Great British Extra Dry, Psychopomp Woden and Tanqueray No. TEN.

In their results, the tonic that hit top marks in each round was Schweppes. Fever Tree Mediterranean as well fentimans did well in the test. Fentimans stood out due to hints of herbs and lemongrass

In another blind tasting by The Gin Queen, Q tonic water emerged as the best. Q tonic water is made in the US. According to the review, it is the finest because it contains organic agave which serves as the sweetener. Compared to the traditional tonic water, it is made up of sixty percent fewer calories.

According online user ratings and reviews at the Ranker and Amazon, the best tonic water drink/brand is Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

Best tonic water with Hendricks

When it comes to the finest tonic water with Hendricks, there is variety to choose from. For ultimate tonic experience with Hendricks, Schweppes tonic water is considered the best. This perfect combination of gin and tonic has so much popularity among a great number of those who consumed it. This combination provides a smooth and slightly bitter for Hendricks. Could it be the reason as to why Schweppes has a lower sugar taste?

Best tonic water for Vodka and Gin

If you are a fan of vodka, finding the perfect mixer for your vodka is important. Trying them all might be a temporal solution. It is not surprisingly to note that fever tree is the perfect choice to go along well with your vodka.

According to a report on the best tonic brands for vodka by drinks international (see source at the end), fever-tree was the top selling brand in the market and more dominant than the rest. It has penetrated in more than 50 markets and listed in the stock market as well for investment to reach global market.

However it is worth noting that taste is sort of personal thing. Therefore, what may taste as best for you may actually be the worst for the other person.

Where to Buy, Find or Get Tonic Water

Shopping for tonic should not be a problem, information has been provided concerning the stores and on-line markets. If you want to buy it locally, it depends on where you stay. Check the food stores around. You can as well shop it online from the manufactures for example Fever Tree have an online store. Alternatively, you buy from general online stores like and

In addition manufacturers use marketing agencies, journals and magazines to provide the information on availability of tonic water.

You can as well make you own at home.

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