What is your Poop and Pee saying about your Health

When was the last  time you took a quick peek in the toilet bowl? I guess you cannot remember. Toilet  talk is  not such a friendly topic to discuss  especially if you are far away from your doctor. The fact is, paying attention to what comes out of your body down into the toilet bowl can actually be a good practice for the sake your body’s health.It is basic troubleshooting for your body that can provide you with plenty of information can help you know and understand what is going on inside your entire body. In this post: Benefits of drinking water it is clear that the color and smell of you urine can tell if you are or are not drinking enough water. Your poop on the other hand can tell plenty of things like if  you are or are not absorbing fats, if your are taking enough fibre etc. Have a keen look at this infographic below to discover some of the info your poop and pee  says about the health of body.

What your poop and pee is saying about your health

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