Niacin Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Skin Uses & how it works

What is niacin and what does it for the body? Can niacin help in reducing weight, maintain the body pressure and flush the skin? How does it work? Read on to find out.

What is Niacin, what is it used for in the Body?

Niacin is categorized as vitamin B type of nutrient that the body utilises in its function just like any other vitamin. It is also called nicotinic acid that falls in the class of Vitamin B3. Niacin is a soluble vitamin that assists in many body functions such as: lowering the level of cholesterol, balance of blood sugar, helps in sleep thus easing anxiety and depression and assists the body to flush the skin efficiently.

Niacin is used as treatment for quite some disease including cardiovascular and arterial. Lack of it can be a health risk and may force you to get supplements or diagnosis from your physician. It should be noted that as much as every needs certain amount of niacin for proper functioning of the body, the dosage vary considerably depending on the age. The quantity usually from food or its supplements which is called Dietary reference intake is way different when age is factored.

What does Niacin do for the body and how does Niacin work?

You already know what niacin is. What does niacin do to your body? Is niacin really important in the body?  How does it work? Niacin has numerous health benefits in the body. As soluble vitamin it helps the body and organs such as liver and heart to proper function properly. Besides all other benefits niacin has on your body, it is significant to note that niacin helps to clean your system.

Niacin Flush

Do you know what Niacin flush is? While most people might consider it as a side effect it is actually not. What niacin does to your body is to open the capillaries and other blood vessels. More blood flows just close to the skin surface leaving a warm sensation. It is only for a while and you shouldn’t be worried. It makes the skin look blushed while flushing it.

Biologically this phenomenon can be explained linking to a hormone called histamines. Upon releasing the hormone histamines, the cells receive more blood in order to remove the build of toxic wastes from the body. You are likely to experience itching but it shouldn’t be a concern for raising alarm. This is part of the cleansing process of the body.

Niacin flushes your System… How does Niacin Flush Your System?

Does it really to clean the system? Niacin is the best source of vitamin B 3 that helps the body to effectively remove build –up toxins and other harmful chemicals from the body system. It aids the liver and the kidney to speed up the removal of waste products leaving your body clean. It simply makes the blood vessels to increase in diameter or dilate which increases the flow of blood to the liver.

This is helpful more helpful since toxins are known to pile in the fatty tissues of your body. It is this region of the body that quite often store chemical waste since blood vessels tend to find it hard to penetrate and effectively supply blood.

Niacin weight loss
Niacin and Weight

Niacin  for Weight Loss

There has been endless talk about Niacin in the medical field as both doctors and scientists reach a common ground on the effect this vitamin B3 has. Niacin as a vitamin can aid in weight loss.

Can niacin really aid in weight loss?

Many weight loss products in the market today contain niacin as one of the active ingredient to help in weight loss. Similarly there is niacin supplements marketed on their own based on the idea that they can help you lose weight without necessarily hitting the gym or dietary restrictions.

So how does niacin help in weight loss? Niacin and other vitamins assist the body to burn fat. It simply increases the metabolism and increases the production of energy. By taking niacin as a supplement, you indirectly aid to reduce the weight. The energy boost makes the users to exercise even more and for longer periods consequently burning fat. It is fictions to claim that niacin can help you to reduce weight on its own.

While it may be believed that niacin can help in weight loss, you should limit the amount of intake. According to study done and published by Da Li and colleagues in 2010 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology it was found that, excessive in-take can actually promote appetite. In fact, basing on the conclusions of the study, children were reportedly found obese from increase consumption of niacin.

Niacin Blood Pressure

According to Natural, high blood pressure is defined as any reading beyond 120/80. Blood pressure or commonly referred to as hypertension is one of the dangerous diseases that affects millions of people and contributes deaths if not detected early and treated.

Niacin helps in reducing of blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. How does niacin lower the blood pressure? Niacin plays an important role in widening the blood vessels. This vasodilatation results to a decrease in the pressure that occurs in the vessels thus facilitating a smooth flow of blood.

Niacin for Skin Uses

Niacin is a soluble vitamin component that plays an integral part to maintain a robust skin. You have probably heard of the “niacin flush”. Niacin helps to dilate the blood vessels; a warm sensation is felt under the skin called niacin flush. This effect makes the skin to blush since more blood flows underneath the skin. Niacin and niacinamide form part of vitamins B 3 found in most of the foods we eat such as yeast, meat, fish milk, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Other benefits of niacin on skin include:

Reducing acne

Although not many studies have been clinically researched, some studies link niacin to the treatment of acne on those who used niacin creams and supplements.

Niacin as a moisturizer

Niacinamide creams can be used to moisturize the skin-the cream have water content in them which acts as a moisturizer.

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