Scabs on Genitals (Male & Female) Causes and Treatment

Scabs attack different parts of the body such as the genitals. Here is a discussion of the causes and symptoms of scabs on penis and vaginal area. Also learn more about the available treatment options and preventive measures.

General Causes & Symptoms

Below are the general causes of scabs in the genital area;

  • Genital warts
  • Some Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Yeast infections
  • Herpes
  • Contact dermatitis
  • molluscum contagiosum

Some of the general symptoms of genital scabs are;

  • Itching
  • Burning sensations inflammation of surrounding skin
  • Discharges
  • Skin thickening
  • Sores, blisters, lesions, or bumps on the skin surrounding the genitals
  • Discoloration of skin(red, pink, yellow)
Scabs on Genitals Causes and treatment

Scabs on Male Genitals (Penis Head, Shaft & Scrotum)


Penis skin is susceptible to injury and wound since it is very sensitive. The slightest amount of friction could lead the penis to scarring and consequently forming scabs. Below are some of the causes of scabs around the male genitals;

Eczema or contact dermatitis

Eczema results from an allergy. Regularly used undergarments can cause the penis skin to react. The result is drying up of the penile skin and eventually formation of cracks. Scabs form on and along the cracks. This can occur on either the penile head or shaft.

Reduced lubrication during sexual intercourse

Reduced lubrication leads to drying of vaginal walls which leads bruising of the male sexual organ. This is because of the extreme friction during the intercourse. When the bruises are in the process of healing, crusts or scabs are formed.

Human scabies

Scabies mites who are microscopic usually attach themselves to the skin. With time, the microscopic scabies mites multiply through laying of eggs.  The reaction of the genital skin to these mites is extreme itching and bumpy rashes which are pimple-like.

When you scratch the bumpy rashes, they open to form sores. It is these sores which form scabs on the penis.

Genital warts

Human papillomavirus causes genital warts which occur as small growths. Genital warts are spread to you if you have unprotected sex with a person who has the warts. Both males and females can get genital warts.

Public lice

Public lice are acquired through sexual intercourse with more than one partner. They refer to small insects in your genitals. The common characteristic of public lice is extreme itching. When you scratch the genital skin following the effect of lice, you are likely to end up with sores.

Too much scratching results to opening of the sores which form scabs in the end. Public lice are also referred to as crabs.

Psoriasis of scrotum and foreskin

Psoriasis is a condition which changes the life cycle of the cells through faster than normal building of the skin cells. The result is formation of scales which are silvery on the skin. You may get red patches which are very painful in some cases.

When you scratch your skin when you have psoriasis, the dry skin will break and the result is formation of dry wounds that form scabs in the end.


This is a condition which is commonly associated with uncircumcised men. It is an infection which causes irritation in the genitals, especially at the end of the penis. The risk of getting this infection is increased by harsh soaps and poor hygiene of the genital area.

The most common symptoms of Balantis are; swelling, redness, abnormal discharge, and mild to severe itching.


Masturbation also results to rashes on the penis shaft. When you are masturbating using your hands, there is so much friction since your hands dry at some point. The rashes occur as scabs or small bumps which are raised on the skin.

The head and shaft of the penis are where the scabs are most likely to form. These scabs are referred to as friction burn scabs.

Yeast infection

Women stand a very high risk of getting yeast infections. Although in rare cases, men get yeast infections as well.  Male yeast infection results to yeast infection bumps which when healing result to scabs on the penis.

The yeast infections are caused by candida. It is a fungal infection which results to burning and itching of the skin. The skin turns red when you scratch it. When the yeast infection is severe, open wounds form. During healing, crusts or scabs will form.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Nearly all STDs result to a rash which forms blisters and eventually scabs. As the STD bumps heal, they result to STD scabs on penis shaft, penis head, and the scrotum or ball sac. Discussed below are some of the STDs;


When you have genital herpes, you are likely to have scabs forming around your genitals. The penis and the area around the groin usually have irritation, itchiness, and pain.

At the early stages, genital herpes is characterized by tiny blisters around the penis head and shaft. With time, the blisters burst and they form small sores which are red in color. It is these sores that form scabs during their healing process.


Gonorrhea results to rashes on the penile shaft. The rashes are very itchy and form red open lesions that irritate a lot. These open lesions are likely to spread to other genital areas if not treated.  The rashes form scabs in their later stages.


Syphilis is also characterized by rashes which are very itchy. When you scratch the rashes forming in your genitals, they form open wounds which form a protective layer during healing. The protective layer is called the scab.


When you have HIV you are likely to be attacked by a variety of rashes on your skin. Whichever type of rashes forms on your genital skin, it will always result to open wounds and later crusty scabs. The scabs form from the discharge produced by the open wounds.

Tight undergarments

If you are uncircumcised, you stand higher chances of getting scabs from tight undergarments as compared to a person who is circumcised. The friction in the genitals in this case is from sweat moisture and the skin. The friction causes sores which form scabs as they heal.


Characteristics of scabs include the following;

  • Extreme itching; In case of scabies, you will experience intense itching. The itching is as a result of the red mites burrowing into your genital skin. As the temperatures increase, the itching increases.
  • Spots on the penis; when you notice spots on your penis, you likely have molluscum contagiosum. This is a skin condition characterized by lesions of approximately two to six millimeters. The spots appear as clusters and are raised and painless.
  • Dry scabs on the penis; one of the possible signs of a yeast infection is formation of dry scabs on the penis.
  • Abnormal penis discharge; When you have a thick yellow, green or white discharge coming from your penis, you are most likely having abnormalities. This is a sign of an STD such as gonorrhea. This could result to infertilities.
  • Small crusts; you can develop small scabs which are hard and hence difficult to notice on the penis. Where there are no other symptoms, you can conclude that its zits on the penis or an ulcer. In children however, small scabs may be a symptom of eczema.

Treatment options

There are several ways of treating scabs on genitals in males. You should always seek medical advice where the scabs are severe.


Where the formation of scabs is not due to a physical injury, such as friction, you should see your doctor for proper prescription. Your doctor will examine you to determine which STD causes the infection and needs to be treated. Depending on which STD you are diagnosed with, your doctor prescribes you with antibiotics.

Aloe vera extracts

Aloe vera soothes the affected penis skin from any itchiness and makes the healing process to take a shorter period of time. It also eases any pain and prevents formation of more scabs. You will need to extract the aloe vera juice and apply it on the scabbed area using a cotton ball. Leave it for fifteen minutes then rinse it off.

Apple cider vinegar

To improve cell growth and ensure proper PH balance for healing of scabs, you should use apple cider vinegar. You are required to make a mixture of 50ml water with 5ml apple cider vinegar. You are to then apply the mixture on the area with scabs using a cotton ball then gently rinse it and dry it.

100% cotton undergarments

Wearing cotton undergarments creates a comfortable environment for faster healing of scabs in the genitals.

Vaginal Scabs-Female


Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a viral infection which results to formation of sores and blisters around the genital area. When you rub these blisters, they form open wounds which form scabs when healing.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection which is contagious. It leads to formation of bumps and small lesions in your genital area. These bumps are mostly irritating and if you scratch them they form wounds which form bumps when healing.[1]



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