How Long Does a Hickey Last

A hickey is also called a love bite. Some people even refer to it as a kiss imprint. Usually, there is no limit to what you do during love endeavors and hence hickeys are not a shocking thing when seen. A hickey or a love bite is brought about by forcefully sucking or biting the skin. Normally, the skin around the neck, the arm, the breast of the thigh can easily receive a hickey. There is delicate skin on this area and hence relatively easy to drive the capillaries to the top. While hickeys are thought to be given by men, this article is here to confirm that there is not sexual predisposition to getting or receiving a hickey.

Hickeys appear as red or purple and resemble a normal inflammation on the skin. In fact, they are treated as wounds or inflammations on the skin. This is because a hickey results in forceful surfacing of the blood vessels of the skin and may even lead to blood leaks in to the skin. This is what gives it the red color just like happens in a hematoma.

how long do hickeys last
Love bite on neck

Hickeys are a way to show that you are tired of the privacy and you might fancy some publicity. They also show that you love your partner and that he or she belongs to nobody else but you. Simply, a mark of possession.

How long do hickeys last? What determines how long love bite will last?

How long do hickeys take to form & show up?

You need to remember that giving a hickey is a process and steps need to be followed. The period it takes for a hickey to form is and should be preceded by a foreplay. Attention needs to be built through caressing and kissing. Make it a sort of a foreplay for your partner before you can make the move into to a hickey. You also need to have chosen a location. Your skin is not even throughout your body. This means that there are areas on which the skin is more delicate than others. Therefore, you will have a much easier time. You can also ask your partner to prepare them psychologically.

Once the foreplay and the location has been determined, you can start off by kissing that part slowly for a few seconds. Make the kiss a bit more aggressive and harder as time goes by until you feel that your partner is ready for the bite. The best way to know this if there is some moaning when giving the kiss. When you have heard this, you can kiss even harder and tighter. Ensure that you lubricate the area as you kiss using your tongue. Avoid ‘drooling’ on the skin as this may be gross.

Now suck on the spot for 20 or 30 seconds. This is long enough to have the blood vessels surface on the skin and leak. The mark should appear hereafter. Continue sucking then bite a bit if your partner finds this comfortable to proceed with. 2 or 3 minutes should do and alas! There’s your fortified love bite.

Therefore, it might take you slightly close to 10 minutes for you to have a good hickey on your partner’s skin. When you notice that the hickey has not formed even after all this, do not despair. Repeat the whole process again starting from the foreplay.

What determines how long love bite will last

Hickeys do not always form through the routine process detailed in the previous section. There are factors that govern how and when the hickey forms. The factors also influence where and how long it will take for the hickey to form. Questions arise from all corners concerning how long hickeys last and whether certain parts of your body would produce better results than others. The factors that may affect how, when, where and how long a hickey takes to form and fade away are explained in detail in the sections below.

Location of the Hickey

The general thought is that when you give a hickey on areas that are not frequently exposed to the sun, they tend to last much longer. The opposite is true. Therefore, exposure makes the hickey last longer than other areas. Another aspect that makes the location a factor that affects how long a hickey would last is the difference in thickness and hardness of the skin on different parts of the body. Some areas make it harder to pull the capillaries of the surface and therefore a hickey on these areas tend to last much shorter.

The location of hickey can determine how long it will last or take to heal
love bite on arm

Condition of the love bite- treated or untreated

State of Your Health There is a difference with how fast the hickey heals when you treat or fail to do so. If it is treated, it tends to fade away easily. On the other hand, untreated hickeys need to naturally heal on their own which is much slower. There are various methods you could use to get rid of hickeys. It may take about 5 to 12 days for an untreated hickey to get normal while 2 to 3 days when treated.

The method of treatment also has a hand in how fast a hickey disappears.

If you have a deteriorated health, it would be harder to heal from the hickey. Particularly when you have a suppressed immunity, a blood disorder, diabetes and some types of cancer. Therefore, if you notice that you are not easily healing form this mild wound, there could be a chance that you are not at ease. Hence at dis-ease.


Age determines the state of health. Old age is related to poor state of health due to the slow shutting of the organs. Therefore, blood flow and normal wound healing processes are in pathology. Old age is also associated with slow regeneration of the cells. Hence, a hickey would last much longer.


Men and women have a difference in the skin in terms of sensitivity and tenderness. Women have more delicate skins than men. Therefore, this would mean that a hickey on the skin fo a woman would last much longer. On the other hand, men have tougher and less delicate skins apart from a few of course.

Nature of your Skin

Depending on the type and nature of the skin you have, a hickey would form and last longer or shorter. If you have an oily skin, it might be much harder to have a hickey form than would happen in the case of dry skin. Dry skin is easy to crack and break and therefore easy to leave a long lasting hickey. The tenderness of the skin also varies with the part of the body. You wouldn’t go for a hickey on a man’s chin or chest as these areas are much harder than would on the neck or cheek.

Severity of the Hickey

The longer you suck or bite, the longer the hickey will last. The deeper you go, the bigger and severe the hickey will be. Remember that a hickey is actually a skin injury and trauma impacted on it is directly proportional to the severity of the hickey. This is expected.

Take care not to hurt your partner in the name of a hickey. It is rare for hickeys to last forever, but think of it as possible in severe cases. When the hickey is less severe, it will last only a few days.

The Size of the Hickey, Small or Big

If a hickey is big, then it will last longer than a small one. This is because, there needs more time for a larger surface areas of the skin to heal from the any injury to it. It is rather obvious that it would take a shorter time to heal a smaller area of the skin.


Some hereditary factors predispose some people to slow healing. There are diseases that are inherited such as some bleeding disorders that make it harder for a wound to heal. Some diseases such as Cushing’s disease make it easy for the skin to bruise.

How long does a hickey last on your neck?

In some people, the hickey may last 2 or 3 days. The neck has a delicate skin and hence the hickey is easier to form. It may therefore last longer than 2 or 3 days. It may got to as long as 7 days. Consider the factors that have been explained as probable causes to the differences in how long hickeys take to go away.

How long do hickeys last on your breast & Nipple?

On the breast, a hickey may take as long as 10 to 15 days. In some, it may go on to the 21st day. This could be explained by the fact that the breast has an overlying skin that is very delicate. To add, a hickey on the breast of the nipple goes dipper. Moreover, there are concerns to the limited to the exposure of the breasts to the sun or UV light which makes it last longer.

kiss mark picture chest
Love bites on chest

How long do hickeys last on your cheek, Chest, Face, Forehead

Cheek, face and forehead

There’s good news if you plan to have a hickey on the cheek or forehead. It is said to last much shorter than all other areas of the body. Approximately 3 to 8 days and the hickey will be gone. The higher limit to the period accounts for factors that may affect the healing of a hickey. It should last 3 days at its best.

A reason to this phenomenon would be that the face is continuously exposed to the sun and the environment hence heals faster.


The chest is usually covered by clothing and thus expected that a hickey on the chest should last longer. There are variances with regard to the gender with men’s hickey lasting shorter than that on women. This is because the chest of a woman is more delicate than that of a man.

How long do hickeys stay on with treatment?

When hickeys are treated, they are under a compelling force to heal. Forces other than natural make the hickey and any other wound out there to heal faster. There are various methods that are used to treat a hickey. Whichever you choose out of the myriads, one will always beat the other. This means that you should expect better results with some remedies and poor results with some. It is expected that a hickey under treatment will last 2 – 3 days.  This is if a working remedy is used. Otherwise, a useless treatment will be no different from an untreated hickey.

How long do hickeys take to heal when untreated?

If left untreated, you will have to wait a little longer. Natural means of healing need to take its course however slow they are. It is expected that an untreated hickey will take about 5 to 12 days.

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