Rhassoul Clay Mask Benefits for Skin, Face & Recipe

Rhassoul clay mask is one of the best natural treatment for oily, dry, dull or acne-prone skin. When used as spa treatment, it is not only deeply relaxing but also greatly improves the health and vitality of your skin. Read on to learn more about;

  • Rhassoul Clay Mask Benefits for skin
  • Rhassoul Clay Mask Recipe-How to Prepare
  • How to Apply Rhassoul Clay Mask

Rhassoul Clay Mask Benefits

Rhassoul Clay Mask Benefits for Skin, Face & Recipe
Clay Mask

Following are the benefits of Rhassoul clay mask for your whole body skin  especially the face area and the hands.

Mineral Replenishment.

With aging comes mineral depletion from your body, Rhassoul clay is very rich in minerals such as Magnesium 25%, Sodium2.3%, Calcium 2.34%, Aluminum 2.47%, Silica 58% and Iron 0.64%. Moroccan Rhassoul clay hence is very vital in replenishing the depleted stores of these minerals which are responsible for the skin benefits discussed below.

Rhassoul Clay Mask as a Detoxifier

Rhassoul clay has a high mineral content and when mixed with water, the clay becomes negatively charged. Most toxins such as heavy metals which lie under the skin surface are positively charged .The red Moroccan clay draws them through the skin inside the clay particles. Toxins transported out of the lymph fluid through the skin layer are locked inside the clay particles and eventually washed out with the clay during rinsing off.

Ghassoul mask clay too has natural antimicrobial properties which make it an efficient detoxifier for clearing harmful substances from the surface of skin. This helps in improving skin smoothness and tone, which of course is the desire for everyone out there.

Removal of Excess Oils

Rhassoul clay aids in removal of excess surface and deep pores oils in the skin. It cleans the pores and around the black and the white heads. In this regard, red Moroccan clay mask is hence a good cleanser for both oily and even acne affected skins. This implies that this clay is a good skin care product for natural acne management.

Rhassoul Clay Anti-aging Benefits

Red clay mask just like most skin care formulations contain Silica mineral to replenish depleted stores. Silica is a beauty mineral, a perfect anti-wrinkles and moisturizing mineral. Ghassoul clay mask hence helps in maintaining skin elasticity (firm skin), making it an enticing anti-ageing product to remain youthful.

Studies conducted by International Research Services and Structure Probe (USA) have revealed Ghassoul clay effectiveness: the clay improved skin elasticity by 24%, a quite significant percentage to maintain a youthful skin.

Rhassoul Clay Mask as a Cleanser

Rhassoul clay has been used as a natural cleanser for skin in place of popular commercial soap. Rhassoul clay cleanses skin effectively and can even be mixed with yoghurt or honey which has natural antimicrobial effects .The mixture is used to remove sticky and unwanted make ups from the skin.

Rhassoul Clay Hand and other SPAs Benefits

Rhassoul clay has been used in prestigious spas ranging from fully body to hands. In Hand spa you soak your hands in warm water with oil drop then apply Rhassoul clay for few minutes. This helps in moisturizing and softening the skin, leaving the skin soft and shiny. This also helps strengthen the nails. The whole body (getting muddy head-to-toe) spas are not only strongly soothing but also fun and unique experiences

Rhassoul Clay Improves Skin Wetness and Clarity

A research done in the United States on Rhassoul clay benefits indicated a decrease in skin dryness by 79% while improving skin clarity by 68%. These are significant benefits and therefore Rhassoul clay can be very helpful  to people with dry skin and also porous skins.

Rhassoul Clay Facial Scrub

Apart from removal of oils, red Morrocan clay has over the years been used as a facial scrub. It has been effective scrub for removal of dead skin layers and for unclogging pores in the affected skin. Rhasssoul clay has been used as a natural facial scrub with no side effects.

Rhassoul Clay Mask Recipe

Below is a how-to-prepare recipe and how to apply guide for the mud mask.

How to Prepare Rhassoul Clay Mask

Ghassoul Mask Recipe

When first mined, Rhassoul or Ghassoul or Red Moroccan clay is a brown chunky soap like clay. After mining the clay is further refined and micronized to yield a finer and less textured grade than the common grade. Micronized Moroccan Rhassoul clay is well suited for more delicate applications like facial mask. The chunks can as well be reduced into powder using an electric coffee grinder, or a mortar or pestle. Alternatively, the Ghassoul clay is left to soak for about 10 minutes and then made in to a paste.

  • Preparing the Rhassoul clay paste entails adding 1 teaspoon warm water to 1 tablespoon of the clay powder in a bowl.
  • One can opt for Rhassoul clay paste which is thin or thick, which means addition of more water or less to the powder depending on individual preferences.
  • For dry and sensitive skins, one can add ¼ piece of avocado and 1 teaspoon of yoghurt or 1 teaspoon of honey to the Rhassoul clay paste. Avocado contains natural oils as well as vitamins A,D,C essential for maintaining a healthy looking skin.
  • Yoghurt and honey on the other hand have antibacterial effects for detoxification and also offers moisturizing effects. The honey, yoghurt and avocado are optional additives.
  • Mix these ingredients with Ghassoul clay to make a smooth paste ready for use on the skin.
  • If possible prepare red Moroccan clay paste a week in advance especially if you intend to use it as a daily cleanser, provided you store it in a food container tightly closed in the fridge. Note, Rhassoul clay absorbs an enormous water amounts so you will probably need to add little amounts of water each time you want to use the clay paste.
  • If storing the paste in room temperature conditions, it is advisable not to store it for more than two days. Since the paste is preservative free.

How to Apply Rhassoul Clay Mask

  • Prepare the skin by cleaning the skin using warm water to remove surface dirt or make-up. You can now apply the Rhassoul clay paste using your hand or a make-up brush.
  • For hand application of Ghassoul clay mask, apply in a small massaging circular motion on the face and the neck.
  • If using a make-up brush, paint evenly in circular motion too on the face and neck. Allow the Rhassoul clay paste time on the skin to dry. For dry skins, allow 8-10 minutes, on normal skin allow 10-15 minutes, and on oily skins allow 15-20 minutes since it takes them longer to dry. For very sensitive skins, allow 5 minutes only.
  • When the clay mask is dry, remove it using a warm wet cotton towel to soften the dry clay and gently wash it off the skin. Moisturize the skin too.

It is recommended to repeat the Moroccan Rhassoul clay application twice a week for best skin results.

Rhassoul clay mask has been used for many years with numerous beneficial effects on the skin. The clay mask improves skin clarity, texture tone and elasticity, while detoxifying the skin and helping to retain a youthful skin. Rhassoul clay is a perfect ingredient for any skin care product whose aim is replenishing depleted skin mineral stores .Rhassoul clay is a superb choice for cosmetic scientists and dermatologists seeking naturally active skin care ingredients.

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