Smoking Passion Flower Side Effects, Medicinal Benefits & Warning

Smoking passion flower…what is it all about? Why do people smoke passion flower? What are the side effects, risks or dangers of smoking this herbal preparation? Are there known medicinal health benefits of smoking passion flower?  What are the warnings and recommendations on smoking passion flower? Read on to find out.

Passion flower has many uses. This herb can be smoked , it can be boiled and consumed as tea or obtained as an extract then used. Learn more about passion flower tea plus how to prepare recipe and passion flower extract. This flower was customarily used as a soothing herb for hysteria, anxiety and seizures. Nowadays, Passion flower is considered as a medication for insomnia amongst various conditions. According to, the reason behind this is that the flower upsurges the concentration of gamma amino butyric acid which is a chemical in the brain that depresses the action of certain cells in the brain henceforth giving an individual relaxation feeling.

Why Smoke Passion Flower?

Smoking passion flower is a common practice in regions where this plant herb is grown. The dried aerial parts of the flower compose what is usually smoked. Some individuals claim that the flower is smoked as an aid to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Smoking passion flower, just like other herbs, is regarded as less dangerous as compared to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine amongst other chemicals which are known to be harmful. In addition to the chemicals, cigarettes are addictive.

There are other reasons why people smoke passion flower. Some people smoke it for its taste. Passion flower has a pleasing, very insignificant, but uncommon taste when smoked, same as its fragrance.

Other folks smoke passion flower because of its effects. Passion flower induces many effects to the user which include symptoms of nervousness, occasionally as efficient as other prescriptions. When passion flower is smoked with a combination of a drug called clonidine, it relieves symptoms associated with narcotic drug withdrawal. Passion flower also has an effect of solving sleeping problems (insomnia).

Medicinal Benefits of Smoking Passion Flower

Smoking passion flower has some some medicinal health benefits. Other than the flower, the leaves and stems of this plant herb offer abundant benefits that are linked to solving health problems. These benefits include;

Passion flower acts as an Anti-Depressant and Menopause Reliever

Early 2010, a study published in the Iran Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research established that passion flower, smoked or taken in other forms, enhanced depression and some other symptoms of menopause, such as anger, headache and insomnia. In this experimentation, participants were made to consume passion flower compliments each day for six weeks. Improvement in substantial symptoms happened by week three. Therefore; Researchers made an assumption that passion flower can offer benefits for management of menopause by women who cannot use the therapy of hormone replacement.

Smoking passion flower induces Anti-Anxiety effects

A commonly known medicinal benefit of passion flower is its anti-anxiety effects. The anti-anxiety advantages of passion flower were proven in a study of animals published in the june 2011 issue of “Phytotherapy Research.” In this study, animals were given doses of about 150ml per kilogram body weight used in an unprotected, elevated and open regions during the maze test. Moreover, the supplements did not trigger either stimulating or sedative effects.

Another 2010 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology established that little dosages of extracts of passion flower lowered the effect of anxiety while excess doses brought about sedative effect.

Smoking passion flower can lower pressure of blood

According to an animal study published in the January 2013 “Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.” passion flower can help lower high blood pressure. In this study, dosages of 50ml per kilogram weight of an extract of passion flower considerably managed blood pressure levels. The Researchers found that compounds of a chemical known as an anthocyanin antioxidant and a certain compound found in passion flower that is called edulilic acid were accountable for the said benefits.

Smoking Passion flower can help solve sleeping problems

Smoking passion flower can help in solving sleeping problems. According to a study published in the August 2011 issue of “Phytotherapy Research.”, it was established that passion flower can improve the quality of sleep. In the study, a group of individuals aged between 18 to 35, with minor sleeping disorders, were each made to consume a cup full of passion flower tea every night for a whole week and their quality of sleep were recorded in a questionnaire and diary. The results indicated that the passion flower drastically enhanced the quality of sleep as equated to another group that was not supplied with the passion flower. You don’t necessarily need to take a cup of passion flower, you can smoke it too.

Smoking Passion Flower Side Effects, Risks or Danger

Passion Flower

What are the side effects, dangers, risks or cons or disadvantages of smoking passion flower?

When passion flower is used according to the prescriptions issued, it has not been realized to bring any dangerous side effects to the users. The major smoking passion side effect of smoking is smoke inhalation. Inhaling smoke is generally dangerous to our health. However, smoking an overdose of passion flower can lead to complications such as;

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting and
  • Drowsiness

Occasionally, smoking passion flower can result to irregular heart rhythm and slight confusion alongside with dizziness in some individuals.

Smoked in combination with other herbs and medications, passion flower can lead to excessive sleepiness or drowsiness.

For the women who are pregnant and those who are breastfeeding, the well-being of this plant and its extract has not been certainly established. Hence, women are recommended to take avoiding actions against this herbal medicine when they are pregnant, also while they are breastfeeding.


Little kids, expectant or nursing womenfolk or persons with kidney diseases or severe liver damage should distance themselves from smoking passion flower since its safety has not been established. Smoking passion flower is well-thought-out to be safe for almost everyone when taken at prescribed dosages. An overdose of passion flower can lead to dizziness and other symptoms due to sedation effects. It is, therefore, recommended that a physician’s consultation should be desirable before administering passion flower.

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