Passion Flower Tea Recipe, Benefits, Where To Buy, Side Effects &Tea Bags

How can I prepare Passion flower tea (recipe)? What are the benefits and side effects of this herbal tea? Where can I buy Passion flower tea? Read on to learn more.

Passion flower tea, also referred to as passiflora tea, is an herbal drink commonly known for its relaxing effect. It is regularly mixed with Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Valeria or any other herb. When this herbal tea is on its own, it contains a pleasing, very slight but rare taste. The color of this tea is pale green, brighter in color than almost all other herbal teas.

How to make passion flower tea: Recipe

How to prepare passion flower tea is a simple task. Passion flower tea can be prepared from either dried or fresh passion flower plant materials (leaves and flowers). To dry Pasiflora or passion flower, cut stems back to new leaf growth and tie in loose bunches. Hang upside down in a dry, dark place till the leaves are crumbly. Or: dry just the flower heads on drying screens in the oven or in the sun.

There exist a number of passion flower tea recipes. Here is a simple recipe of how to make passion flower tea.


  • 8 ounces of boiling water
  • 1-2 teaspoons of dried flower leaves


 passion flower pictureThe standard way of making herbal tea or an infusion  – unless otherwise specified, is to pour a cup of boiling water over the material to be infused, let it stand for 5 minutes, strain it, and drink it.

According to passion flower tea can be prepared using these steps

First, grind 2 g of the dried passion flower leaves into a fine powder (use 2 g per person).

Second, add the ground passion flower leaves and a cup of water to the pot and bring the mixture to a boil for around 18 minutes.

The third and final how-to-make-passion-flower-tea step is to strain the liquid to remove any large particles in the tea. If you need to reduce the amount of the tea you want to consume, heat the mixture again until it boil. Cool it and drink

Alternatively, you can put the leaves in a muslin bag or tea infuser and then add them to the hot water. Let steep for five minutes or so. Take this tea about 30-60 minutes before bedtime and limit yourself to one cup within a 24-hour period.

It is also possible to prepare passion flower tea using fresh passion flower plant material In this case,1/4 cup fresh passion flower leaves is required.


  • Want to add more flavor to your passion flower tea recipe? You could sweeten your  tea with honey. A dash of fresh lemon juice may also enrich the taste of your passiflora tea.
  • Use more passion flower for a stronger tea after you have tried the weaker version; see how you react to the tea before you try a stronger tea. Wait a few weeks before you make a stronger tea so that you can find the right dosage.

Passion flower tea benefits.

What are the benefits of passion flower tea or what is passion flower tea good for?

Recent studies have unveiled a number of passion flower tea benefits. However, there is not enough evidence to support some of the effects passion flower tea is good for.

Passion flower tea for anxiety.

Passion flower tea is good for anxiety

According to some studies, passion flower tea for anxiety works. Anxiety is a sensation of unease, worry and nervousness, normally about a forthcoming event or something which one is uncertain of its outcome. When someone is anxious he/she feels tense and fearful. Passion flower tea has stood out as one of the finest herbal teas for relaxing and soothing those that are overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. It has been established that passiflora tea can reduce symptoms of anxiety, sometimes as effectively as some prescription medications. Why passion flower for anxiety? According to studies, this passion flower tea benefit (calming effects) is as a result of bioactive compound such as passiflorine that is a phytochemical that possesses the sedative effects. Are anxious or stressed and seriously looking for a solution? That is what passion flower good for. Try it today!

Passion flower tea for narcotic drug withdrawal

Studies have also found out that drinking passiflora tea is linked to relieving symptoms related to narcotic drug withdrawal especially when used in combination with clonidine medication. This passion flower tea benefit helps drug addicts to a large extent. The combination of passiflora tea and clonidine has been said to be effective in reducing symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and agitation.

Passion flower tea for insomnia

Passion flower tea can be taken by people with sleeping difficulties (insomnia). Drinking a cupful of this tea just 30-60 minutes before bed will help relax the body and enable a person to attain a better night’s sleep. Many people have used the relaxing abilities of this herbal tea as a technique to ease such a problem.

Passion flower tea for external uses

Another commonly not known passion flower tea benefit is its use on the skin. After preparation of passion flower tea, it is introduced to the skin of the person to relieve problems such as burns, swellings, pain, and rashes. Applying the tea to irritations of any skin offer a gentle and calming relief.

Other passion flower tea benefits

Other distinguished benefits associated with passiflora tea include;

  • Enhancement of the circulation of blood and its capability to depress blood pressure.
  • Treating body aches and pains, and also nausea relief.
  • Another fascinating benefit of passion flower tea is that it can stimulate the production of the male hormone called testosterone in the body.
  • Passion flower tea helps the digestive system by enhancing digestion besides acting as a boost for that person’s liver.
  • Passion flower tea used in treating both occasional attacks of constipation and chronic diseases.

Where to buy passion flower tea

where-to-buy-passion-flower-teaWe have already seen the passion flower tea benefits and recipe. So, you ask:

Where can I buy passion flower tea?

Where can I find passion flower tea?

Do passion flower tea bags exist?

You can find passion flower tea in most online stores, same place where to buy passion flower tea.

Some common online stores where to buy passion flower tea include;

passion flower tea bag

Passion flower tea bag

In case you need passion tea bags, count yourself luck: they exist! Like the passiflora tea, you can buy passion flower tea bags from online store.

Sanar Health have passion flower tea bags on Amazon.

Passion flower tea side effects

Is passion flower tea safe? What are the risks associated with drinking passion flower tea? Are there known passion flower tea side effects? Keep on reading to learn more.

It has been established that passiflora tea has a considerable number of side effects especially for some specific individuals when not used in the right dosage. What are these side effects?

Below are some passion flower tea side effects.

  • Passion flower tea has sedative properties; therefore, it may intensify the special effects of anti-seizure medicines, barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines. Passion flower tea may also upsurge the danger of bleeding if combined with medications of blood-thinning such as aspirin.
  • Passion flower tea can trigger some side effects such as irregular muscle action, dizziness, altered consciousness, confusion, lack of coordination, and inflamed blood vessels. Additionally, there has been a certain report of vomiting, nausea, abnormal heart rhythm and a rapid heart rate in just one person who took this tea.
  • Breast-feeding and Pregnant women are warned not to associate themselves with this tea drinking as it contains some chemicals that might affect the safety of the little kids and also cause the uterus of pregnant women to contract thus causing difficulties during delivery.
  • Last passion flower tea side effect is that it may affect the central nervous system. It can upsurge the effects of anesthesia and any other medicines on the brain during and after surgical operations. Therefore, it is advised that one should stop taking passion flower tea no less than 2 weeks before a planned surgery.

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