Passion Flower Extract, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews, Where to buy

Passion flower extract is a common product you must have noticed in your local health food store. It is one of the most important and most researched herbal extracts. In in this post, lean more about;Passion flower extract, benefits, side effects, dosage, reviews, where to buy

  • What passion flower extract is and how to extract
  • Passion flower extract benefits, side effects, and safety
  • Passion flower extract dosage for anxiety and insomnia ( adults and children)
  • Best passion flower extract reviews and where to buy

What is passion flower extract?

Passion flower extract, at times referred to as passiflora or maypop tincture. It is an herbal preparation made by steeping parts (flower blossoms, leaves, roots etc.) of passionflower plant into alcohol. As it steeps, the alcohol draws out all of the medicinal qualities of the plant materials. The end product is what makes the herbal extract. Passion flower extract can be found commercially in the form of teas, infusions, tinctures and liquid extracts.

How to Extract

Preparing passion flower extract at home is simple and an economical way to formulate your own medicine.

  1. Here is a how to prepare the flower extract.passion flower extract-how to extract
  2. Harvest passion flower blossoms with hand shears, cutting the blossoms cleanly at the base of the stem.
  3. Place flowers on a clean, dry paper towel and allow them to dry undisturbed for seven to 10 days.
  4. Wait until the new moon if you want to draw on natural Earth energies. Some herbalists advise following proper moon phases when making tinctures and other natural cures, but there is no hard evidence to show that observing this custom makes a noticeable difference.
  5. Measure out 200 grams worth of passion flower blossoms using a food scale and place them in a glass mason jar.
  6. Pour approximately 4 cups of vodka, water or vinegar slowly over the herbs in the jar. The liquid should cover the herbs completely and them some, with approximately 1 to 2 inches of excess liquid to spare.
  7. Place the lid on the jar tightly to seal it, so the liquid will not evaporate, and place the jar inside a dark paper bag.
  8. Leave the jar inside the bag and keep it at room temperature for two weeks, or until the full moon. Shake the jar by hand once daily to mix the ingredients.
  9. Place a cheesecloth, swatch of linen or muslin over the mouth of a dark, coated bottle.
  10. Pour the herb-infused liquid over the cheesecloth, straining the liquid as it enters the bottle. Squeeze the herb-soaked cloth over the neck of the bottle to remove all drops of the tincture and cap the bottle.
  11. Take the passion flower tincture, 10 to 60 drops, three times daily if you are an adult. Children should not take passion flower tinctures without the approval and supervision of a doctor. This procedure is adapted from ehow

Passion Flower Extract Benefits

What are the benefits of passiflora extract? What is passion flower extract good for?

The extract has been said to be good for individuals with sleep difficulties, anxiety amongst other benefits. Let us see some of the passion extract benefits

Passion flower extract anxiety

Is passion flower extract good for anxiety? How can you use the extract for anxiety?

Evidence from limited animal and human research suggests that the extract may be good in the treatment of anxiety. The flavone chrysin within passion flower is what produces the anti-anxiety benefits.

“Perhaps you feel nervous or anxious some or all of the time, but just don’t want to take drugs to calm yourself down. If you wish to allay your nervousness without becoming dependent or suffering unwanted effects, you can turn to Passion flower”, Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter fox health

How can you use the extract for anxiety? Check on the dosage section below.

Passion Flower Extract Sleep

Passion flower has a long history in relation to insomnia (sleep problems). It is believed that the flower extract is effective in treating insomnia caused by overwork, nervousness and stress.

On one of Dr Oz’s shows, 3 miracle sleep solutions part 1, it has been shown that the extract (in powder form) actually nature’s tranquilizer because it helps to relax your muscles and relieve stress and anxiety, so you will sleep better at night.

See more on how to use passion flower to treat insomnia wiki

Passion Flower Extract testosterone

The idea that passion flower extract is improves testosterone level is a attributed to Chrysin. Chrysin is a naturally passion flower extract testosterone occurring flavone found in the passion flowers.

Researchers have found that when chrysin is combined with piperine, also known as bioperine, men see reductions in serum estrogen levels and increases in total and free testosterone in as little as 30 days.

Another property of chrysin that can help out in the bedroom is its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. Performance anxiety that can be spawned during an inadequate experience tends to snowball with each subsequent encounter until it can be a significant negative.

Another bioflavonoid, benzoflavone moiety (BZF), extracted from passion flower has also been said to boost testosterone.

A 2002 study at Pharmaceutical Sciences (Panjab University in India ), conducted the potential usefulness of chrysin and BZF against the effects of aging on male sexuality in older rats for a period of 30 days. After treatment, there was a significant improvement in overall sexual functions in the rats given the bioflavonoids, compared to control rats. [natural science ]

However some scientists argue that idea that passion flower chrysin improves testosterone or stimulates testosterone production has not enough scientific evidence to support it. According to these group of scientists, there is no clinical evidence for this effect.

Epilepsy or seizures

Passi0n flower extract has been used for the treatment of epilepsy in several traditional systems of medicine. The aerial parts contain multiple bioactive metabolites such as, flavonoids (like, chrysin that show CNS depressant activity by agonizing GABA-benzodiazepine receptor), amino acids (like, GABA), harmala alkaloids (reversible monoamine oxidase-A inhibitor), etc. The results of present study in mice concludes that extract of passionflower suppresses PTZ-induced seizures, and ameliorates its associated post-ictal depression, which has been found to be get worsened with the standard antiepileptic drug, diazepam. J Ethnopharmacol. 2012. Dual protective effect of Passiflora incarnata in epilepsy and associated post-ictal depression.

Passion Flower Extract Uses

What is maypop extract used for? How does it work? Are the passion flower uses effective? This extract has been suggested by several herbalists, scientists and doctors for the following uses;

Native Americans applied passion flower topically to boils, and drank infusions for liver health and as a blood tonic. Other tribes consumed the edible fruit of passion flower, whole or juiced. The Aztecs of Mexico used it as a sedative to treat insomnia and nervousness.

  • Depression
  • narcotic drug withdrawal
  • Anxiety
  • Stress reliever
  • A treatment for muscle spasms, migraines and cough
  • Sleep problems
  • Nervous stomach.
  • Burns.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Asthma.
  • Heart problems.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Seizures.
  • Fibromyalgia.

How Effective is Passion Flower Extract?

According to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which rates effectiveness of natural medicines basing on scientific evidence, the uses of the extract have been found to be possibly effective for anxiety, narcotic drug withdrawal andpsychiatric disorder. Based on cellular and animal studies, as well as human clinical trials, some medical literature support a role for passion flower extract as effective alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs in the management of stress and anxiety .Some individuals have claimed that the tincture is also effective for the other uses listed above but not enough scientific evidence exists to support their claims.

How does Passion Flower Extract Work?

Passiflora extract is commonly known for its calming effect on the body. How does this calming effect come about? Some scientists believe that the passionflower increases levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, a chemical that lowers activity of the brain cells causing a state of relaxation.

Passion Flower Extract Dosage for Sleep and Anxiety

What is the recommended dosage for sleep and anxiety for adults and children? Read on to learn more…

Passion Flower Extract Dosage for Adults

According to UMMC (University of Maryland Medical Center) the recommended adult passion flower extract Passion-flower-extract-dosage-for-anxiety-insomniadosage for anxiety is 10 to 30 drops of the fluid extract, taken three times per day, and 10 to 60 drops of tincture, three times a day.

For sleep difficulties or insomnia, a cup of tea made from the herb is recommended one hour before retiring, although 3 to 4 cups of tea may be taken to counter anxiety throughout the day.

According to MedlinePlus , the National Institutes of Health’s medical information website, 45 drops of liquid extract per day for the specific treatment of GAD(Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

Passion flower extract dosage for children

Passion flower extract is not recommended for children. Why? There is not enough scientific data to recommend passion flower for use in children at any dose. According to UMMC this drug should not be given to unless under the supervision of a medical professional.

Passion Flower Extract Side Effects, Safety, Warnings

The most popular questions that individuals have pondered about in regard to passion flower extract include;–

  • What are the extract side effects?
  • Is passiflora flower extract safe?
  • Is passion flower extract safe during pregnancy?
  • Is the extract addictive?

Possible Side Effects

One obvious side effect of this herbal extract is sedation. Since it exerts sedative properties, passion flower extract may heighten the effects of other sedative medications such as tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

This herb may increase the amount of time blood needs to clot leading to increased bleeding. This is especially if passion flower extract is combined blood-thinning medications, including Aspirin, Clopidogrel (Plavix) and Warfarin (Coumadin)

Is Passion Flower Extract Safe Generally?

The extract is considered a safe and nontoxic herb when used in recommended doses.

Is passion Flower Extract Safe during Pregnancy?Passion-flower-extract-not-safe-during-pregnancy

Not adequate scientific evidence exists to recommend the safe use of passion flower extract in any dose during pregnancy or breastfeeding. During the 1930s, animal studies found uterine stimulant action in components of Passiflora.

Many plant herbal extracts contain high levels of alcohol and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Is passion Flower Extract Addictive?

This herbal extract is not addictive. Studies have established that this herbal extract can actually reduce addiction and dependence of benzodiazepines, alcohol, morphine, nicotine and cannabis (specifically tetrahydrocannabinol, THC).

Best Passion Flower Extract Reviews

Are there individuals with real life experience with passiflora extract? What are they saying about this extract? Well, there are plenty of best passion flower extract reviews. Here are a few I picked from renowned websites.

“I use passion flower extract for anxiety and insomnia. It has helped me in a good way it calms me and relaxes me. I don’t have to be doped on meds for the anxiety or sleep problems. i am very pleased with the results. I would recommend it to anyone their health permitting.” [webmed user reviews and ratings]

“After Dr. OZ mentioned this product on his show, it flew off the shelves and was difficult to find. I didn’t buy the larger size, because I wanted to see if it truly worked and it does. I take the recommended amount before bed and I’m off to sleep in no time. You don’t feel drugged in the morning, either. I’m unsure about taking it during the day…to calm frazzled nerves..maybe in a lesser amount, so you don’t feel sleepy. I would definitely buy it again!” [amazon customer reviews]

“Really works well if you’re feeling stressed out or need to relax. Sometimes is nice to take before bed to help fall asleep. Much better than taking any drug. No bad side effects. Very good price and good brand. Definitely recommend.”[iherb customer reviews]

Where to Buy Passion Flower Extract.

Where can I buy passiflora extract? You can find and purchase your herbal extract online or at your local health food store (depends on where you reside).

Online, you can buy passion flower extract from the following stores

  • Amazon
  • Wallmart
  • Wholefoods
  • Vitaminshoppe
  • Etc.

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    1. Hello Angie, the amount of the extract largely depends on the condition you are it taking for. As stated in the article, the recommended adult passion flower extract dosage for anxiety is 10 to 30 drops of the fluid extract, taken three times per day which totals to a maximum of about 5mg per day. However, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor for further details.

  1. Isn’t it necessary to boil the extract to concentrate and evaporate the alcohol? I don’t take alcohol at all, and was wondering how to get the extract without the alcohol.

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