Krill Oil Benefits: Health, Weight loss, Cholesterol, Triglycerides & Inflammation

What are the benefits of krill oil? Does krill oil help with triglycerides, weight loss and reduce inflammation? While there are not many studies to back up the benefits of krill oil, most of those coming up are confirming that krill oil is better than fish oil with loads of health benefits. Read more on the benefits of krill oil for health, weight loss and reduction of inflammation.

Is Krill Oil good for you? Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Krill oil comes from krill- which are tiny crustacean shrimp like animals called euphasia superba that live in very cold ocean water in the Antarctica with health benefits similar to those of fish oil.Krill oil benefits are extraordinary making it the best supplement. It contains omega 3 fatty acids including DHA and EPA which are highly recommended for lowering cholesterol and prevention of heart diseases.

To Reduce Inflammation and Pain for Joint Health

The omega 3 fatty acids on krill oil have been shown to have many health benefits for bone health. It is used in management of arthritis by reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation. It neutralizes the pro-inflammatory C-reactive protein. The reduction of arthritic symptoms is also linked to the antioxidant property of krill oil.

Taking krill oil supplements will help uphold brain health, improve concentration, learning and boost memory. The brain is 60% made of fat, making fatty acids essential in maintaining key brain function. There are many scientific studies that have clearly shown the brain benefits of omega 3 in krill oil. The antioxidant astaxanthin neutralizes free radicals in the brain allowing proper nutrition in the brain. Astaxanthin also has potent anti-aging properties -Poor memory and cognitive abilities slow with age.

Krill Oil Benefits: Health, Weight loss, Cholesterol, Triglycerides & Inflammation
Krill fish & Oil

Krill Oil for Youthful Skin

Though research still has to be done, krill oil has shown promising benefits for the skin. Just like for all Omega-3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids help to treat acne and inflammation skin disorders. The Omega in krill oil improve the general outlook of the skin by hydrating the skin, limit fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant astaxanthin protects the skin against UV radiation.

Krill Oil for Eyesight

Krill oil benefit for eyesight
Benefits of Krill Oil for eyesight

Omega 3 in krill oil is good for your eyes too. It works to lubricate your eyes, treat dryness (dry eye syndrome) and irritation. According to on Brain and Eye Health Hero, “retinal tissue is partially composed of DHA, which the body can only metabolize, not produce.” The antioxidant astaxanthin protects the retina from UV damage. It is also a good carotenoid which can support eye health.

Taking krill oil supplements has been shown to reduce age related muscular degeneration- the leading cause of blindness. A study published in December 2009 followed 1,837 elderly people at moderate-to-high risk of age-related eye disease for fully 12 years. Those who reported the highest consumption of omega-3s had the lowest incidence of eye disease.

Omega 3 and carotenoid astaxanthin contained in krill oil also contribute to the visual development of infants up to 12 months of age. Note that there are no direct scientific links between eye health and krill oil.

Krill Oil for Diabetes

Can krill oil help with diabetes? Is it safe? One of the ways to effectively manage diabetes is to work out a healthy balance of cholesterol levels. Krill oil also reduces high lipid and glucose levels which is very essential in diabetes management. In one study, where 1-3g per day of krill oil, fish oil and a placebo were given, it was found that krill oil reduced cholesterol, LDL and HDL better than fish oil and the placebo.

Krill Oil Weight Loss Benefits

While there are no sufficient studies on krill oil weight loss benefits, there are very sensible explanations on how krill oil can help you lose weight fast. Taking krill oil supplements aids in weight loss because the omega 3 in them work against fat levels stored in the body tissues and liver. Other than that, krill oil has been shown to speed metabolism and aid in digestion.

Dr. Mercola on whether krill oil can help with weight loss says that, “When your body is deprived of important essential fats like omega-3s your metabolic rate slows down, so you can’t burn calories as efficiently. In fact, weight gain is one of the symptoms of omega-3 deficiency.”

Omega 3 in krill oil can reduce the insulin levels and increase the HGC levels an important factor for the body to be able to burn fat and use it as fuel.

Krill Oil Cholesterol & Triglycerides Benefits

Triglycerides are the main constituents of natural fats and oils. High concentrations in the blood indicate a high risk of heart diseases, stroke and atherosclerosis. Eating a healthy diet inclusive of healthy omega 3, helps to keep triglyceride levels in the optimal range.

According to, Omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial for the heart that the American Heart Association recommends it twice a week for healthy people.

Krill Oil Inflammation Benefits

Animal experiments and clinical intervention studies done on omega 3 fatty acids for inflammation and autoimmune diseases indicate that omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, might be useful in the management of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Omega 3 found in krill oil boosts and maintains a healthy inflammatory response which repairs damage and protects the body form infections. Krill has shown great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity prompting researchers to find out more on its effects on inflammatory conditions such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis. The results are promising.

Other general Benefits of Krill Oil

While most people recognize the health benefits of omega 3’s in fish oil, olive oil and flax, the fast rising popularity of krill oil cannot go unnoticed. It has also been proven superior to these other sources. Here are the general benefits of krill oil;

  • Support concentration, memory and learning
  • Slows down premature aging
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Healthy brain and promotion of nervous healthy nervous development and function
  • Protects the cell membranes
  • Protects the skin and eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Reduces cramping and other signs of pre- menstrual symptoms

Note that there is not enough scientific information to determine whether krill oil is effective or not. Most studies are underway and some have already shown promising results. Natural products are not always safe- follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product and consult your nutritionist before taking any food supplements especially if you have underlying health conditions.

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