Niacin for Hair Growth, ED (Men), Diabetes & Other Health Benefits

What are the benefits of niacin? How effective is niacin for hair growth, erectile dysfunction(Ed) in men, diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol among other health related ailments? Read on find out.

Niacin Hair Growth-How to Use Niacin for Hair Growth/Loss

When it comes to healthy hair growth, supplements like Biotin and Vitamin C draw all the attention. But, Niacin, the one of the B vitamins which can be highly effective for hair growth still goes unnoticed. Niacin, also goes by the names Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. Not only does it play a key role in the process, but also considered a magic potion for maintaining the health of your hair. Read on to explore more about how vitamin b3 helps in hair growth.

Vitamin b3-niacin for hair growth loss how to use and dosage
Niacin and Hair

How does Niacin help Hair?

While transforming carbohydrates into energy, Niacin also takes care of improving your blood circulation. During this process, it facilitates the blood flow into the scalp, thus providing adequate oxygen, Vitamins and nutrients to the hair shafts and roots.

Moreover, a healthy scalp promotes quick hair growth. This is the reason why experts always give special importance to Niacin, when it comes to your hair care regime. It’s been proved that this water-soluble B vitamin can provide effective results in case of hair loss and baldness.

Dosage-how much Niacin should I take for Hair Growth

Niacin overdose has severe effects on your body. So, make sure that you take prior advice of the doctor before taking niacin supplement. Depending on the quality and texture of your hair, doctors will prescribe the required amount. The recommended maximum dosage is usually 500 mg (which can be taken in the form of supplements and pills). However, you can also consume lots of broccolis, citrus fruits and tomatoes to meet the daily requirements of Niacin.

Niacin Hair Growth Results & Reviews

Vitamins like Niacin are extremely beneficial for healthy hair and its sustainable growth.

  • An adequate amount of vitamin helps in relieving dryness and strengthening the hair shafts.
  • It fights against hair fall by eliminating split ends.
  • It stops breakage and prevents premature balding and graying.
  • Combined with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, niacin offers perfect solution for transforming your dull, stressed and weakened hair into shiny, lustrous and glossy

In fact, noticeable results will be visible within a few days of using Niacin and supplements.

User Reviews

Niacin as a highly effective hair vitamin has earned several positive reviews. People have used it in the form of pills and supplements. Within a short span of time, Niacin promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which doubles the hair growth.

Within the first few weeks, users have noticed drastic changes in their hair fall ratio. Also, the problem of thinning hair and baldness is said to disappear by this time. Most of the users have experienced healthy and shiny hair in just few months.

Other user claim that Niacin helps in maintaining a sustainable growth, by providing an effective solution to dry and frizzy hair with annoying split ends.

Niacin for ED and use and Benefits in Men

Erectile Dysfunction has emerged as one of the major threat in most of the urban men. The modern lifestyle and exposure to stress and anxiety have already claimed a toll on the sexual health of most men. The obvious result is erectile dysfunction. However, Niacin seems to have exceptional solutions for fighting away this problem in men. Men with high cholesterol in particular are often affected with impaired sexuality.

How Does Niacin help ED?

According to various studies published in the recent times, Niacin improves sexual health of men. In fact, the problem of impaired sexuality, to a great extent is cured by the regular use of Niacin.

According to one study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, findings indicate that niacin alone can improve the erectile function in patients suffering from moderate to severe ED and dyslipidemia.

In the study, men who took niacin and began the study with moderate or severe erectile dysfunction reported an improvement in their ability to maintain an erection. The men who took a placebo pill, who also began the study with only mild ED, did not have a change in symptoms

In addition to ED, people with high cholesterol and lipid levels can also be benefit from the regular use of Niacin. It’s been reported by some doctors that Niacin improves the sexual health of older men by reducing the effects of higher cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

Niacin and Diabetes

The effects of Niacin for treating diabetes are yet under investigations, though several clinical trials have suggested the benefits of using Niacin in case of Type 2 Diabetes. Niacin or Vitamin B3 can transform food into glucose that is further used by the body as energy blocks. But, Niacin should always be consumed as per the prescription and advice of your doctor.

Other General Health Benefits of Niacin

Niacin or B3 vitamin is widely accepted as a magic potion for treating serious illness. Here’s a look into the health conditions in which niacin provides excellent results.


 Arthiritic patients using niacinamide have seen exceptional improvement in their conditions. Regular use of Niacin opens up blood vessels near the joints by causing a flushing sensation. It promotes effortless blood circulation and thus reduces the pain and associated symptoms of arthritis.

Cholesterol and Triglyceride

 According to the leading doctors, there have been no other better alternative to niacin when it comes to reduce the effects of bad cholesterol and triglyceride in human body. Just 1000 mg of niacin is all you need for this.

Heart Disease

Niacin is highly beneficial in lowering the risks of heart disease that runs in the genes. By lowering the problems of cholesterol and triglycerides, niacin can reduce the potential risk of heart disease and cancer.

Memory loss and senility

Niacin is highly beneficial for the treatment of depression, memory loss and schizophrenia. 100 mg of niacin thrice a day will cure such problems within a month.


 For insomniac people, Niacin offers amazing benefit. It activates the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, which affects sleep. No wonder, why people taking adequate niacin can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep for an extended period of time.

In addition to this Niacin offers great results in curing the skin rashes and blisters that are caused by exposure to the sun. Also, you can get rid of motion sickness, by taking a prescribed limit of Niacin.

The Endnote

As a vitamin supplement, Niacin comes with a world of benefits. Be it for hair growth or for treating serious ailments like ED and sexual dysfunction, the effect of niacin is certainly a miracle. However, it’s important to consume a prescribed amount of dosage to avoid difficult side effects in the long run.





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