Best Niacin (Vitamin B3) Foods Sources

What are the best Niacin/Vitamin b3 food sources? Read on to explore more about the experts take on Niacin and its food sources for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, in addition to allergic niacin foods that you should avoid.

Niacin/Vitamin b3 foods Sources- Whole foods

Why Niacin?

Niacin (often used interchangeably with B3 group of vitamins) is one of the most important nutrient that human body needs on a regular basis. Of course, you want know why… vitaminb3 fights against various chronic diseases, such as pallegra, diarrhea, dementia, dermatitis, poor concentration, anxiety and depression, along with sexual dysfunction in men, this vitamin is often prescribed to include in the diet regime

Doctors mostly suggest to compensate the requirements of Niacin by eating healthy foods. Here’s a list of whole foods that are often prescribed by the nutritionists to meet out the Niacin requirements optimally.

  1. Turkey & Organic chicken – light meat

    3 ounces of light meat twice a week can serve up 22 gm of Niacin to your body. Both turkey & chicken are considered a wonder potion for good skin and great hair.

  2. Beans and lentils

    Beans and lentils are prescribed by the doctors in your daily diet. They are rich source of Niacin, which boost immunity and blood circulation in the body.

  3. Organic Peanut Butter

    It’s considered healthy and one of the most important nutritional ingredient for your health and immunity. 1 ounce of peanut butter can serve up to 3.8 grams of niacin. Having a scoop of peanut butter with bread in the breakfast is considered the ideal way to consume Niacin.

  4. Wild Salmon

    To compensate the Niacin requirements of your body, wild salamon is certainly one of the best foods. Include salmon on your diet regime and have it at least thrice a week.

  5. Whole grain bread

    Last but not the least, whole grain bread is considered an ideal source of Niacin and Vitamin B3. It’s also prescribed for patients recovering from a major surgery. A slice of whole grain bread in your breakfast can provide you optimal energy round the clock and boost your immunity.

Top Vitamin b3 Niacin foods sources
Niacin-vitamin b3 Best food sources

Niacin Rich Foods Vegetarian (Niacin Vegetables)

Eating vegetables that are rich in Niacin or Vitamin B3 can optimally compensate your body’s daily requirement of this vitamin. To compensate your Niacin intake goals, eat the following:

Vegetables with starch

 Vegetables rich in starch are ideal source of Niacin. Studies reveal that potatoes ( be it a baked one or sweet) can serve up to 2.20 mg of niacin to your body. Yellow corn can also provide you the required amount of Niacin. According to the reports published by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), vegetables with starch are highly recommended for the adults who are suffering from niacin deficiency.

Other Vegetables

According to USDA, there are some other vegetables other than the starchy ones, which are rich in Niacin. For example, a cup serving of Jerusalem artichokes can provide you 1.95 mg of Niacin with every serving. On the other hand, cooked mushrooms or asparagus, can serve you about 2 mg of Niacin per serving. The experts at USDA prescribe about 3.5 and 5 cups of such vegetables weekly for an adult.

Niacin Drinks

Niacin drinks are highly recommended by the nutritionists, as they are loaded with Vitamin B3, C and other important Vitamins. Here’s a list of five low calorie beverages which are considered an excellent source of Niacin.

  1. Fruit-flavored powdered drink– It’s made of the powder of dried fruits, which are mixed with distilled water to prepare a thin, light beverage. Per 100 gm of this drink serve up 200 kcal of energy and 80 mg of Niacin. One must consume 2.5 gm of this drink daily to meet his requirement of Niacin.
  2. Orange-flavored drink– This is ideal for breakfast and is made of essentially oranges. Crush the oranges to prepare fresh juice. A typical serving of 1 portion can provide 5.43 kcal of energy and 2 mg of Niacin.
  3. Malted drink mix with chocolate– A typical serving of cup of malted chocolate drink will serve up
    303.42 kcal of energy and 10 gm of Niacin. You should consume this chocolate mix thrice a week.
  4. Instant Coffee– Nutritionists believe that caffeine in coffee is one of the most important provider of Niacin. 1 tsp of coffee powder in milk can provide 0.28 mg of Niacin and 3.53 kcal of energy.
  5. Instant coffee with chicory, powder– 1 tsp of rounded coffee beans with chicory powder will provide 39 mg of Niacin and 6.39 kcal of energy. The best part is you can have this beverage anytime

What is the best source or which food(s)is richest in Niacin

As mentioned earlier, Niacin is available in plenty of foods that that we consume daily. But, white meat from fish, Turkey and chicken is considered the best source of Niacin, since it contains the highest amount of Niacin along with other nutrients that are essential for human body.

A serving of chicken/turkey can provide you almost half of the nutrients that you need for the day.

Thus, if you have adequate of chicken at one meal and some vegetables for the next one, you should be fully covered, you should be totally covered. For example, 100 grams of chicken can serve up 7.8 milligrams of Niacin and 172 calories.

Other Niacin Non-Food Sources List

Some of the available non-food sources of vitamin b3 are mainly supplements which include;

  • Twinlab Niacin
  • Nature’s Bounty Niacin Flush
  • Nature’s Way Niacinamide
  • 21st Century Niacinamide
  • Doctor’s Best Real Niacin

Niacin Allergy Foods to Avoid

Though vitamin B3 is essential to build energy and fatty acids in your body, there are some people who are allergic to this vitamin. Instead of doing any good to them, foods with Niacin causes several allergic reactions in their body, resulting into inflammatory symptoms like rash, shortness of breath, itching skin and so on. The comprehensive list of foods given here should be avoided by those who are intolerant to Niacin.

Meats and Fish

Several meats including Turkey and fishes like salmon ( and similar species) comes with plenty of Niacin content. Avoid these if you are allergic to this vitamin.

Tryptophan-Containing Foods

Foods with Tryptophan should be strictly avoided by those who are allergic to Niacin. Your body converts tryptophan into niacin, thus causing an allergic reaction. Tryptophan foods can trigger sleep-inducing effects to those who are allergic to Niacin.

Fortified Foods

Foods with added vitamins and minerals ( which are claimed to increase the nutritional value) cause allergic reactions to the Niacin intolerant people. For examples, ready-to-eat cereals, non-enriched and refined-grain breads are treated with niacin .

The Considerations

Niacin, being present in almost all the foods that you consume daily, it’s often difficult to avoid it completely. Consult with your physician to get a proper diet chart, so that you can avoid the allergic reactions associated with Niacin.


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