How to Fix Bad Breath-Get Rid, Kill, Stop, Eliminate Bad Breath-Video

Have you had serious issues with bad breath? How do you fix bad breath? What are the causes of unpleasant smell from your mouth? Can you test if you have bad breath? How? Read on to find more and and amazing video with simple and great tips.

What is Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be simply be described as unpleasant-smelling breath. Medically it is known as halitosis.

How to fix, rid, eliminate or stop bad breath: video & tips
Bad breath

What Causes Bad Breath?

The most common cause of bad breath is poor dental or oral hygiene. Poor dental hygiene habits include but not limited to; eating foods with strong odors for example garlic, not brushing or flossing etc.

As a result of poor hygiene in your mouth bacteria build ups on your teeth, tongue and gums. The bacteria in the mouth combines with saliva to break down proteins and particles of food – this gas leads to formation of plaque. So what is plaque? Usually soft and whitish in color, plaque is the deposit that creates on the surface of your teeth. After the formation of the plaque the end result is an unpleasant-smelling smell. And it is not only bad breath but tooth decay and gum disease.

The hows of Fixing, Killing, Eliminating, Stopping Bad Breath- video

These are the most popular questions the video is meant answer.

  • How to rid bad breath
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  • Home remedies for bad breath
  • How to know if you have (test) bad breath
  • What foods cause bad breath?
  • What foods to eat to stop bad breath?

Note, the video by lifehacker is not just answering but adding more creativity on the whole idea. Well it is funny too. Watch it now.

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