Banana Peel Teeth Whitening, how it Works & Toothpaste Recipe

Banana peel teeth whitening is a concept that has been going rounds for a while. Does it really work or is it a mere hoax? What makes this fruit good for your teeth? What is the recipe for preparing a toothpaste from bananas? Read on to find out more in addition to tips to get the best results.

Banana Teeth Whitening- Does it work or it’s a Hoax?

Banana peels can help make your teeth whiter to some extent. It is no hoax.  Many have thought not to be true but as a matter of fact it’s a method that has been used and it has shown some significant results.

Why is it good for teeth?

This is basically because within the banana peel there are minerals which are eventually absorbed by the teeth making them white. The minerals include;

  1. potassium,
  2. magnesium
  3. vitamin B6 and B2
  4. Manganese
  5. Carbohydrates
How to use banana peel to whiten teeth-benefits & recipe
Banana peel

The best thing about it all is that it is pretty cheap and easy to use.

Additionally, banana peels are safe as they include no abrasiveness. Other natural whiteners contain abrasives which may destroy your enamel.

Here are the benefits

  • Low acidity: A mild pH value means that bananas should not contribute to eroding enamel.
  • Whitening qualities: The minerals in a banana peel can help remove stains, creating whiter teeth.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Calcium and vitamin D are essential to build strong, healthy teeth and both can be found in bananas. (mainly by constant use of the banana peels in whitening the teeth).

Well, earlier enough researches had proved that bananas among other fruits for example citrus, strawberries, turmeric or the much hyped oil pulling actually has ability to make your teeth shine. This is best told by Uchenna Okoye, a clinical director at London Smiling Dental Group, doles out guidelines on what works and what doesn’t, reports[1]

Individuals out there including bloggers and experts are in agreement that indeed banana peels can whiten your teeth though to a certain level.

Here is a video review presented by one of the vlogger

How long does it take?

Most individuals agree that it is within a period of a week to two weeks.

So, don’t ever think of throwing the banana peels after eating up the fruit because it’s of great value to your teeth).

It may not work for everyone

This teeth whitening method depends on severity of the stains on your teeth. Banana peels are only good for surface stains. If you have stains deep inside your enamel surface then you should try something else like deep cleaning.

At the same time, it does not seem to work for everyone. According to Dr. Darren Riopelle, a dentist based in Colorado, it does not work. He claims to have tried this method for two weeks but there were no noticeable changes

How to Whiten Teeth with Banana Peel

Follow keenly the way to go about this without making any mistakes:


  • So choose a banana from your fruit bowl and make sure is a ripen one, most probably contains the most minerals needed but not the black one. Peel a single strip from the banana leaving the rest intact
  • Rub the inside of the banana peel against your top and bottom teeth until they’re completely coated in a layer of banana paste.
  • Leave the banana paste for at least 8 minutes and rub it off first with dry toothbrush then you can dip the toothbrush in water and brush gently. Do this repeatedly for about two weeks or so and you will note the changes on the condition of your teeth.[2]


Banana Peel Toothpaste Recipe, the ingredients and direction

If you’re not a fan of using the peels, a banana toothpaste can make the whole task a little more interesting or creative. A couple of individuals are already using it around the globle. It’s now upon you to uphold and try it out.  Below is the paste recipe. The recipe was originally made by by Jack N’ Jill

  1. Mix raspberry, strawberry, and some certified calendula (helps sooth gums)
  2. Xylitol(a natural cavity fighter)
  3. Purified water, vegetable glycerin (from coconut).
  • All these ingredients in collection, Jack concludes that they are absolutely free from anything GMO and palm oil derivatives.


  • Wash your hands! Use a small amount on finger or toothbrush and with minimum pressure brush in a circular motion twice a day. Not harmful if swallowed and is suitable for 6 months.[3]
  1. Please at your free time make a try and find out whether this would work best for you. And after your trail please do share to enlighten others.
  2. This may be a solution to some people or a few because as stipulated above; It doesn’t work for Those who find it hard to smile where people have gathered due to some stains that have filled their cavities will eventually be relieved after trying out this. In conclusion, there pride to add a day into their numbered days to live will do with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tips to Improve the results

The don’ts when carrying out teeth whitening

  1. Do not close your mouth-When using the banana peels to whiten your teeth upon rubbing don’t close your lips as this will make then paste disappear as you may swallow and again always keep your mouth open to hasten the paste to dry.
  2. Discourage use of black banana– Make sure you use the inner whitish part of the pealed banana not the outer part. In addition to all that pick only the ripen banana not black one. After the application, first use the dry brush followed by the wet brush and eventually you may use the other toothpaste. Make this a habit so as to experience the real effect.

A lot can be done to make it more effective. For instance, carbamide peroxide among other chemicals with the same properties that is can breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, with hydrogen being the active bleaching agent. All these compounds if added to the banana peel can really make it more effective in terms of its purpose of removing the surface stains thus improving tooth appearance.[4]


All over the world, this sweet, soft and creamy fruit is famous for its delightful flavor and remarkable health benefits. Besides that, being used as a teeth whitener it may consists of the following side effects;

  • Starch: can stick to teeth and invade crevasses, promoting cavities
  • Sugar: Allows for acid production on the teeth leading to tooth decay
  • PH level: Although relatively low, large quantities of bananas may erode enamel over time.

So even though you can use this fruit for whitening the teeth, it’s good to note that there may be some side effects especially if not used correctly.






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