White, Red, Yellow & Pink Kaolin Clays: Benefits & Uses

Kaolin Clays constitute ingredients which can be used in many different ways in natural skincare. The clay varieties can be incorporated into body powders, soaps, scrubs or a number of other skincare creations. The clays come in a variety of colors which add to their desirability. Kaolin is the oldest treatment the mankind has available and it effectively and naturally treats many disorders depending on its mineral content, properties and color.

Read on learn more about the White, Red, Yellow and Pink Kaolin Clays, their properties, uses and benefits for skin and different parts of the body.

White Kaolin Clay Benefits & Uses

white kaolin clay uses benefits
white kaolin

White kaolin clay is rich in silicon and aluminum silicate and it is known to be the mildest of all clays. It provides a silky slip, a property that makes it ideal for sensitive skin and this mainly why it is often used in soaps and shave-creams. Following are more White Kaolin clay benefits and uses.

  • It acts as a mild exfoliant when used in a cleanser or scrub. This exfoliation action helps in renewing, and remineralizing the epidermis while cleansing the skin.
  • It is versatile clay that can be used in combination with almost any wetting agent including purified water, hydrosols or aloe vera.
  • Helps stimulate circulation while purifying the skin and closing dilated pores.
  • White Kaolin clay does not draw oils from skin hence can be used on dry skin types
  • The clay is also used externally in form of beauty and anti-wrinkle mask for the whole body.

Studies have shown that White kaolin clay possesses medicinal value.

  • Internally it works against fermentation and intestinal intoxication.
  • It absorbs bacteria, viruses, gases and toxins present in the digestive system
  • It plays a role of gastric protector by relieving pain from acidity, heart burn and ulcer; it also regulates pH and acidity.
  • It reduces inflammation and protect mucus.

Red Kaolin Clay Benefits & Uses

Red kaolin clayWhat distinguishes the Red Kaolin from the other Kaolin Clays is its stronger drawing power or ability. This power makes it ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types. It makes a handy add-on to acne masks or detoxifying body wraps.

This clay is rich in iron oxide and copper and low in aluminum and it was traditionally used in treating joint pain and washing to protect oneself from infections and disease. Red Kaolin clay has anti-inflammatory property good in treating skin that is inflamed and gums. It relieves pain caused by contusion, hematoma and bruises. It’s also reduces swelling on affected areas. Like the other Kaolin clays, it also stimulates blood circulation.

Its exceptional red-orange color makes it a perfect additive for coloring heavy duty soaps

Yellow Kaolin Clay Benefits & Uses

Yellow Kaolin Clay
Yellow Kaolin

Yellow kaolin clay is soft in texture and has a mild absorption that is slightly stronger than that of the white Kaolin. It is safe on most (dry, sensitive or normal) skin varieties and hence an adaptable skin care item. It can be used to in skin care products such as soap and body powders. It is rich in titanium, potassium and silicon. These elements catalyze for formation of collagen. Yellow kaolin clay protects the skin against formation of radical cells of aging. When used as facial scrub, it acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant, stimulating circulation while leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

It also helps in relieving pain in cases of bone problems and fatigue, it repairs muscles and ligaments

Basing on its earthy gold appearance, it can make a great additive for honey themed facial masks or skin care products.

Pink Kaolin Clay Benefits & Uses

Pink Kaolin Clay

Pink kaolin clay is a skillfully balanced blend of the White and Red kaolin. It is rich in aluminum oxide. This clay is ideal for normal skin types due to its unique balance of properties. As you may have noticed the Red Kaolin clay provides a profound absorption of toxins and clogged oil from the skin while the mild White clay combats skin irritation and dryness. Pink Kaolin combines both of these properties.

It helps in stimulating circulation on the skin, exfoliating and cleansing. It does not draw oil from the skin so it’s suitable to use it on dry skin.

Compared to other cosmetic clays, the pink color makes this clay stand out meaning that it can make an amazing addition to scrubs, dusting powders or soaps.


Kaolin Clays Usage Tips

  • To make life more interesting and exciting with the Kaolin clays, attempt to apply the different kaolin clays to different sections of your face and discover how it feels like. At the same time, you can also try to blend the clays to attain a tailored or personalized balance of properties. Being creative won’t really cause any harm, it is a very basic way to find out what works for your skin type.
  • If you are a natural skincare artist, Kaolin clays will provide you with striking colors and enough properties to draw from. When blended together, the diverse colorings of these clays are quite amazing. Whether used for presentation, or in treatments, taking advantage of Kaolin clays similar natures and beautiful colorings present an opportunity to be creative as a formulator or home spa enthusiast.

The medicinal and therapeutic values of the Kaolin clays make a useful ingredient in almost all natural skincare items. If you have tried one of the Kaolin clays, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section. If you haven’t, please give it try and let us know your experience. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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