Ingrown Hair Scars-How to get rid, Removal, Treatment, Fade or Lighten Creams.

Learn how ingrown hair scars form and the time they take, how to get rid of the ingrown hair scars on the bikini, legs, stomach, chin & black skin, tips to prevent/stop/ avoid ingrown hair scars. You will also learn ingrown hair scar treatment, how to fade/lighten ingrown hair scars and the removing creams and if ingrown hair scars go away

Ingrown Hair Scarring, Razor Burn or Bumps scars

Ingrown hair scars come as result of having being previously affected by ingrown hair. Ingrown hair happens after hair removal either by shaving, waxing, sugaring or tweezing. The hair does not grow to the surface of the skin but instead it grows back to the follicles or sideway or even curls underneath the skin.

African Americans are mostly victims due to the curly nature of their hair but it doesn’t mean that those with straight hair may not be affected. The ingrown hair may also come as a result of poor shaving method or tools. The ingrown hair not only cause scarring and making the skin uneven, they may also cause boils after , post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and keloid scars.

how to get rid ingrown hair scars fast-remedies
Ingrown hair scars on chin

The scars mostly form after the ingrown hair has been infected which alters the skin balanced so as the ingrown hair heals the area turns darker than the rest of the skin. The scars may also be formed as result to a person picking on the ingrown hair rather than leaving it to heal alone normally. So if you have ingrown hair, avoid picking on it and let the skin heal on its own or use medication or remedy that will make your skin heal faster. This will minimize the chances of you being infected by the ingrown hair scars.

Scars from ingrown hair bumps- Do ingrown hair scars go away? How long does it take?

How do the Razor burn or Bumps scars form?

Razor bumps scars form after the ingrown hair is gone but it mostly comes if the ingrown hair was infected. For those who like picking their skin when they have a wound will be victims to their ingrown hair scaring. This is because when you pick the ingrown hair, you may cause it to be infected or alter its the natural healing. This makes it to turn darker than the entire skin. Ingrown hair scars can affect any part of the body that has been shaved or tweezed or waxed. The parts include the beards, the bikini area, the head, the neck, legs, pubic region, chest, armpits, stomach nose among other places are shaved.

Ingrown hair scars cause the skin to discolor hence spoiling ones look. The black marks or the pink or even the reddish marks may be very conspicuous making you to be uncomfortable. The marks to some extent may not only affect the physical appearance of the person but also his/her self-esteem because he/she may feel unattractive.

Do the ingrown Hair bumps go away on their own?

The ingrown hair scars sometimes fade away on their own, depending on your body mechanism of healing or your age. When you advance in age it affects how your body operates in many ways one of them being the healing proc3ess of your body becomes slower.

How long does it take for ingrown hair scars to go away?

They may take a long time if the ingrown hair was deep and infected or they may take a short while if the ingrown hair was not severe. For other people the scars do not go away on their own whether they were not severe or severe. The scars remain the same as the size of the ingrown hair or may appear to be bigger than the ingrown hair that was there.

How to get rid of Ingrown Hair (Razor Bump) Scars-Bikini, Legs, Stomach, Chin & Black Skin

Ingrown Hair Scars Under Chin
Ingrown Hair Scars Under Chin

There are a number of ways you can get rid of the ingrown hair scars ranging from home remedies, creams and medications from the doctor. The choice is yours on the method that you may wish to use to remove the ingrown hair scars.

Scars on the bikini line are a big obstacle to the women around the summer season. The scars spoil the appearance of the flat tummy that you have struggled to achieve for a long time so that you can be in your bikinis. You can minimize the chances of having ingrown hair scars by

  • Avoiding too tight clothes.
  • Make sure that you clean the bikini area properly before you shave because sweat and dirt clogs the pores causing ingrown hair to occur.
  • If you are shaving with a razor, use a single edged razor and avoid repeating where you have already shaved.
  • Exfoliate the skin so that you ensure that the pores are not clogged which may result to the ingrown hair occurring and scars forming afterwards.

Lemon is a very good remedy for clearing out the discoloration formed by the ingrown hair. Lemon is a natural has bleaching property it also exfoliates the skin and is an antiseptic. Apply lemon juice on the scar it will help to eliminate the discoloration and ensure that you bring back your even skin tone before the ingrown hair scars.

Baking soda is a natural remedy that has been known to eliminate any kind of dark spots and the ingrown hair scars are not exceptional. Take 3 teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with 1 teaspoon of water to form a thick paste. Apply it on the scars once every day for about a week and the scars will fade away.

For the ingrown hair scars on the legs, stomach, chin can be eliminated easily using home remedies. So you don’t have to bear with the ugly marks that spoil your skin making it to have unbalanced skin tone.

Vitamin E oil is good in clearing the spots that that are formed by ingrown hair. Vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties that help in the healing of wounds and reduce waste substances in the tissue. This property allows it to be able to heal the skin and recover the even skin tone by removing the dark marks. To eliminate the ingrown hair scars,

  • Extract vitamin E from 3 capsules
  • Apply the oil on the scars after cleansing your bikini area
  • Leave it to stay overnight
  • Repeat this daily

Honey alone or mixed with other remedy can be a wonderful remedy for the dark spots on your bikini line. Honey is an antiseptic and has lightening property that enable it to bleach the spots have been darkened by the ingrown hair. Just make sure that you apply the remedy on exactly on the spot. Apply honey once every day after you have cleansed your bikini area and let it sit in for 1 hour then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Honey can be mixed with lemon juice.

Apart from apple cider vinegar being a good remedy for ingrown hair itself, it is also a perfect remedy for the ingrown hair scars. Take few drops of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with an equal amount of water. Apply it once a day for a period of 1-2weeks on the scar after you have cleansed. Let it settle in for a period of 1 hour then rinses it off. After one week the scar will have faded away a great deal.

Ingrown Hair (Razor) Bumps Scars Treatment

There are those scars that don’t go away because they are very deep mostly because of the severe infection that made the ingrown hair to be very deep. If you have this you are advised to see a doctor for prescription on the suitable medication for the type of scar you have. You can also go for professional treatment if your skin is very sensitive and can easily react negatively. The doctor will examine your skin and know what will favor your skin and remove the ingrown hair scars.

How to fade / Lighten Ingrown Hair scars- Removal Creams: Melarase & Ambi fade

Melarase cream has been advised by doctors to lighten the blemish that has been caused by the ingrown hair. How does this cream work? Melarase balances the amount of melanin produced for the skin and reduces pigmentation. Melanin is responsible for the scars darkening or being very light because. When you are injured the skin produces more melanin resulting to the scar darkening or less melanin resulting to the scar being light.

Due to the melarase properties, the dark scars are lightened and in the process an even skin complexion is achieved. Melarase is mostly recommended for the severe cases of ingrown scars that is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. One of the main advantages or pros of melarase is that it is free from hydroquinone that is said to be harsh to the skin.

Ambi fade on the other hand contains 2% of hydroquinone. 2% of hydroquinone is the maximum quantity that is supposed to be in a product over the counter and 4% for prescription. More than maximum is said to be harmful and harsh to the skin. This product also regulates the amount of melanin produced and reduces pigmentation. Application of this cream on the scars will gradually fade them away giving you that attractive, beautiful and flawless skin back.

Ingrown hair lighten/fade Creams- Ambi & Melarase
melarase & Ambi Creams

Tips to prevent/stop/avoid Ingrown Hair (Razor) Bumps Scars/Marks

To prevent ingrown hair scars avoid picking the ingrown because this way you interfere with normal healing of the skin. You may also the risk of it being infected if you pick the ingrown hair making it to scar after the ingrown is gone.

Avoid waxing on your own and let a professional wax you. This is because if waxing isn’t done well it may cause hair breakage that will cause deep ingrown. This type of ingrown hair causes deep scaring that is very hard to eliminate.

Cleanse the skin before shaving to eliminate the sweat and dirt that may clog the pores. Dirt and sweat causes ingrown hair that may result to scars afterwards.

Regular exfoliation of the skin ensures that the pores are not clogged. Exfoliation of the skin ensures that the skin balance is maintained hence the PH of the skin is maintained hence the risk of the ingrown hair scarring is minimized.

If you are shaving using a razor ensure that it is a sharp single edged razor and avoid repeating where you have already shaved to avoid shaving too close to the skin. This will reduce the chances of having ingrown hair that may result to scars after the ingrown hair has healed.

If you don’t know how to deal with the ingrown hair ask for advice from professional because if you handle it wrongly it may result to scarring ar increase the scar if it was already there.

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