Bikini Area Shaving-How & Best way to Shave Bikini Area-Razor, Cream + Tips

Bikini area shaving is one of the important parts of a great beauty regime. After all, who wants that excess hair in a perfectly shaped bikini region? It definitely mars the beauty of a slim and trim bikini line. So what is best way to properly shave the bikini area? What are the best razors and creams to use? Read on find out. In addition a find a video that will give more tips on achieve the best results.

What is the Bikini Area and why is Shaving Bikini Area important?

The bikini line or the bikini area defines the zone of a female’s pubic area that is normally covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit.

In regard to the context or shaving it is to be mentioned that any pubic hair visible beyond the area of a swimsuit is unwanted. Why? Simply because it looks gross and unhygienic. Quite obviously, it has to be shaved away or epilated.

With the help of the epilation or similar process, you can easily remove most of your pubic hairs. It helps you stay trendy by wearing the briefer swimwear and the thong, thus exposing a major part of the buttocks uncovered or exposed. Not only a clean pubic zone makes you look trendy, but also keeps you fresh and hygienic round the clock.

How to shave your bikini area- General ways to Shave?

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Quite obviously, shaving away the bikini hairs seems like a great option, but it comes with its own set of disadvantages. Sometimes, the hair follicle grows inside the skin instead of breaking out, thus leading to the growth of painful lesion. If not treated in time, they might grow into a serious infection. How is a guide to shave you pubic area in an to avoid these disadvantages.

Though it sounds quite normal, in reality shaving a bikini area needs several considerations. Here are  tips to help you shave it properly.

  1. Find the right razor

It’s important to find the right razor depending on the skin types. Explore the range at your local drug store. You can choose a small shaver, if you cannot manage with the big ones. Alternatively you can use a men’s beard shaving razor to remove the dry and rough hairs of this area.

  1. Start with trimming your hairs downs

Trimming the hairs with a trimmer or scissors help you shave the place without much hassle. Moreover, trimmed hairs are easy to be removed. However, be careful while trimming the region near labia. Slightly pull out the region before trimming the hair.

  1. Take a shower in a lukewarm water

Soak yourself in warm water to comfort the pubic region. Moreover, wiping it with a warm washcloth soften the region that makes the epilation much easier.

  1. Scrub the zone prior to shaving

Scrubbing removes dead cells and thus expose the soft areas, which makes shaving easier than ever. Moreover scrubbing removes dead cells and bacteria that are likely to cause skin disease.

  1. Apply a smooth shaving gel

Just immediately after the shower take a smooth shaving gel to further soften the region. Shaving without a lubricating gel or a cream is dangerous as I might end up causing red, bumpy, unattractive allergies all over.

  1. Soak the razor in water before applying it

A wet razor facilitates easy epilation without much hassle. Soaking the razor in warm water sterilize it and at the same time allow it to glide through the rough hairs smoothly.

  1. Long strokes in the direction of hairs

Keep in mind that the strokes have to be in the direction of hair growth. It will help making things smooth and effortless. Never move it in the opposite as it might cause unnecessary pain. Also, it won’t help in removing hairs properly.

  1. Exfoliate again

To deal with the rashes and skin infections, it’s important to exfoliate the region after removing the hairs. It will remove dead cells, left out hairs and thus, keep the zone properly hygienic.

Best way to shave Bikini Area Properly, Smooth & Without getting bumps +Tips

What is the Best way to shave Bikini Area Properly?

Shaving a bikini area takes a lot of consideration and a good deal of time has to be invested at the same. The above –mentioned steps will definitely help you get the perfect results, though a thorough watch has to be kept, in order to prevent the rash and growing bumps. Following a thorough shave, you are likely to develop bacterial infection, cuts, wounds and many such skin problems.

The ideal way is to use sterilized razors and antiseptic ointment, both before and after the shaving. It will help taking out hairs more efficiently and make the scenario even more attractive. This will also be considered as an excellent way to get rid of pus filled raised bumps or any other kind of skin disorders.

Bikini Area Shaving Video

Below is one of the best videos on YouTube explaining with illustrations  how to shave down there. It also offers nice tips if you want to achieve the best results.

Best Razors for Bikini Area-Electric Razor& Women’s

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of products that help in removing the hair right from the root and also prevent the faster growth of the bikini hairs. However, you must choose to stick with quality and branded products, as you are applying it right on your skin. If you are using razor, make sure that it is not damaged or rusted. Here’s a list of the best products of the league.

Best electric razors for bikini area shaving

  1. Panasonic close curves electric shaver
  2. Braul Silk Epil FG1100 Bikinihair Electric Shaver
  3. Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer
  4. Schick Quattro Trimstyle Razor & bikini shaver
  5. Cleancut PS335 T-shape personal trimmer

Best Shaving Cream for Bikini Area

Shaving creams are also becoming increasingly popular these days. Though a lot of manufacturers are launching shaving creams, the popular ones are given here:

  1. GiGi Brazilian Shave Gel
  2. The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream for Women
  3. Anti-Irritation Pre Shave Oil by Ritual’s Skin Care
  4. Hair Care Down There’s Ultimate Shaving Kit
  5. Norelco Philips Bodygroom
  6. Tend Skin

The hairs in the bikini line often create embarrassment, if not treated properly. But, following a safe and hygienic hair removal technique can keep you away from developing skin disorders. However, if it still continues to grow and there is pus filled bumps in the bikini line, clinical trials are important.



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