I want to Lose Weight Fast – No Exercise, Safe Pills/Supplements, Plans/ Programs Tips

I want to lose weight fast… What pills and supplements are safe for me? Being overweight can cause you a lot of health problems as well as esteem ones. While exercise is said to be the healthiest and most natural way of shedding off those extra pounds quickly, it is not the last method. It is possible to lose weight fast with no exercise. Let’s find out how.

Diets, weight loss regimes and plans populate the market of health and fitness shelves. Diets are being sold everyday, people are being disappointed everyday to the extent that some of them go for surgical fat reduction methods such as liposuction. The sole aim of this – to lose weight overnight or at least in a week. But is it really possible to cut down the amount of fat and muscle mass that makes you look overweight in a short period of time?

I want to Lose Weight fast: How Possible is it?

According to Medical News Today, “It is possible to lose weight quickly. But not so fast that you become malnourished or drop out” so soon and embark on unhealthy diets that will put you back into the vicious cycle of crash diets.

Cutting down on the amount of calories you eat everyday is definitely how to lose weight fast without exercise. However, experts such as Kelly D. Brownell, a renowned director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity of Yale University warn that crash diets can easily get you into the vicious cycle of crash dieting and high food intake afterwards that will make you gain weight in the long term. The recommended approach is to use healthy approaches. So, what are the easiest ways to lose weight without exercising?

Easy Fast Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise

Losing weight gradually at a rate of 1 to 2lbs a week is the recommended “healthy way” to do it. However, for a bride looking to look good and fit into her new wedding dress for her big day in a month, or a boxer who wants to attain a certain weight recommended for his or her upcoming boxing match or risk being disqualified, this rate of shedding the extra pounds just doesn’t cut it.

Luckily, there are easy and fast ways to lose weight without too much dependence on exercise alone. Skip the fad diets because they are not only unhealthy but they will eventually make you overweight when you start to compensate for the food your body is being deprived. Here are safe ways that can give you healthy results.

  • To lose weight faster, eat less than your body requires in calories per day. The purpose here is to make your body burn more calories than those you ingest every day. For example, if you burn about 700 more calories than those you eat, you will be able to lose approximately 5 pounds in a few days without the strain of workouts.
  • Weight is not all about muscle mass and fat alone. Extra fluids in the body also contribute to your weighting a little bit more than you should. Michael Dansinger, MD of the popular show, The Biggest Loser points out that reducing sodium and starch intake will help you “reduce fluids and fluid retention, which can result in up to 5 pounds of fluid loss” without exercise.
  • The Cosmopolitan Magazine also gives its own tips for fast weight loss, and most notably they recommend that you ban certain drinks such as fruit smoothies, energy drinks and even light beers. The reason behind this is that each serving of these drinks contains at least 100 calories. Now, 100 calories worth of food would satisfy you better than these drinks, which means that you are likely to take in more calories if you prefer these drinks. Instead, drink mainly water. It has zero carbs, zero calories and little to no sodium. It also jumpstarts the body’s metabolism.

Of weight loss within a week or a day, there are a lot of tweaks you can apply on your meals to help you with the course. Most of them will include dietary modifications and short-term lifestyle changes as well. Here are more tips and facts to lose weight fast with no exercise.

Lose Weight Fast no Exercise Tips and Facts

Lose Weight fast-No Exercise

The main culprit to too much weight is habits especially with food and television or movies. Most women and men easily fall into the temptation of eating fast foods while on the couch watching television, or on those frequent night outs and parties. Consider using the following tips if you want to shed off 10 pounds or more in a week or so.

  • 3500 calories equal one pound. That is a fact; and what does it mean? It means that weight loss is a business of simple mathematics of addition and subtraction. Misinformation is the main reason why most people don’t manage their weight well. Therefore, find out how much calories your body burns and how much of those you take in every day. Keep subtracting about 3500 calories to lose more lbs.
  • Dansinger also recommends that for rapid weight loss with no exercise, the tip is to eat more whole fruits (not juices), egg whites, soy products, shell fish, veggies and 95% lean meat.
  • Avoid emotional eating, or eating because of you are bored. According to GoodTherapy on facts established about weight gain and loss, eating when bored has been established as the most common type of emotional feeding which comes with problems of weight gain. Stress, anxiety and depression are likely to accompany the pressure of losing weight in time. Ensure that you can manage the temptation to bite a snack.

Lose Weight Fast Safe Pills /Supplements and Plans or Programs

Men’s Health acknowledges that diet pills and supplements can be the quick fix you are looking for to lose weight fast. However, they quickly warn that such quick fix programs, supplements and plans can come with side effects.

Most rapid weight loss pills are appetite suppressants. Pills such as Orlisat and Sibutramine have been recommended by the UK’s authority health organ NHS according to this article on safe diet pills. Be warned of over-the-counter pills and quick weight loss supplements and programs though.

In June 2012, the FDA said yes to the first weight loss pill after 13 long years of waiting. Lorcaserin, being marketed as Blossom has a success rate of overweight people losing about 5.8% of their body weight on finishing its program, which corresponds to an average of about 12.7 pounds.

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