Running for Weight Loss (Running to Lose Weight) – Plan, Schedule & Tips

Running is a great way to lose weight for most people. In this article, read on for best plans and schedules for weight loss and tips for running to lose weight fast. If done the right way with consistency, it is a sure way to lose some pounds especially if you are overweight. This makes it a little better for those who would not consider eating less to lose weight.

Running  for Weight Loss- How does Running to Lose Weight Work?

How does running for weight loss work? What are the benefits of losing weight by running?

For most people, weight loss and getting into great shape is their source of motivation. It is very normal for one to be curious how this will work for them and at what rate. We answer some of the most asked questions on what running really is and how it works to lose weight. Also, check out what other benefits you will get while trying to lose weight by running.

Any exercise is a good way of burning calories but none of them can beat running. It is a very efficient way to burn a considerable amount of calories. You can do this with or without dieting. However, both give your weight loss program a great boost. This get you closer to your goals faster and with more benefits. According to, “A 150-pound person will burn approximately 100 calories per mile when running.”

Running-for-Weight-Loss-Plan-Schedule-TipsHow to Lose weight by Running. Running  for Weight Loss Questions and Answers

Running for weight loss question #1-  How much weight will I shed in a week?

While this is as easy as it sounds, it is important to remember that patience and consistency are key. The ideal weight one can lose in a week by running is 1- 2pounds. The amount of weight lost also depends on how fit you are when beginning the program. Effective exercise plan and good nutrition is a definitely a promising way to lose more. Remember that the more you run, the hungrier you will feel. So, keep a balance between weight lost and health gained by eating healthy nutritious foods.

Running for weight loss question #2- How many calories will I burn?

The amount of calories burned varies from one person to the other. This also depends on each person’s starting weight. Heavier people tend to lose weight faster than those who are lean and trim. They tend to see more drastic results. It might take up to two months to start seeing physical change but there will be definitely a change in how one generally feels.

Running for weight loss question #3- Running vs dieting, which is better?

According to Shawn M. Talbott, a nutritional biochemist, “……..weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. An analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart. On average, people who dieted without exercising for 15 weeks lost 23 pounds; the exercisers lost only six over about 21 weeks. It’s much easier to cut calories than to burn them off.”

Running  for weight loss question #4- How long does it take to see the results?

Unfortunately, there is no precise answer to this question. Most give at least ten days to see changes. But given different bodies react to work out differently it is hard to depend on such a rule. Training factors such a type of workout, intensity and consistency greatly influence how much you lose in what amount time.

If you are already on a running weigh t loss program, you will be glad to know that there are lots of health benefits to gain while you shed some pounds.

  • Slow the effects of aging
  • Better looking skin
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps maintain healthy weight gained
  • Good and jovial mood
  • Healthy joints and strong knees
  • More sensitivity to bad eating habits

A good Running Weight Loss Plan, Program or Schedule

How much do I need to run to lose weight fast?

Different weight loss programs have come up with laid out plans to help you lose weight in the shortest time possible. The most important thing that many experts will advice is a good workable routine in combination with eating right. Do not think for any moment that running to lose weight gives you the liberty to eat all the junk there is. Count calories and implement portion control to your diet.

On how much you need to run to keep weight, here are some very important aspects you should consider.

Running duration

It is recommended that dedicating 45 to 60 minus of your day to being active can greatly help boost your weight loss plan. Try to be active during the day. Take the stairs and walk around rather than taking the lift and just sitting throughout the day.

Running interval

Running intervals are very important. According to, “Interval training will help you start your runs faster, finish strong, burn more calories and run at a faster pace overall. You should incorporate enough speed work into your training to help you meet your running goals, but avoid incorporating too much as this can lead to injury.”

Strength training

Cardio and dieting will help you shrink up and lose on fat. For most people, strength training is not a primer. This helps increase muscle mass that plays a big role in weight loss. Bigger muscle mass will burn calories at rest than smaller ones. Try strength training three times a week. This might help you lose as much weight if not more.

What is the Best Running Schedule for Weight Loss?

Running is an integral part of most weight loss programs. Most recommend that you alternate between going as fast as you can and short periods of recovery to avoid injury. Start at about 50% of your maximum speed en gradually pick up to about 70%. The brief breaks help you gain strength and speed.

  • running-to-lose-weight
    Running to lose weight

    Warm up

  • Time yourself
  • Run while straight up
  • Allow yourself time to recover
  • Increase gradually
  • Remember strength training

Here is one of the best running schedules to lose weight fast.

  • Work out between 10 to 40 minutes
  • Easy training should be less than the hard training
  • Hard training should last for the first 2 minutes
  • Do high intensity intervals work out 3 days a week
  • Do not forget muscle building and toning

Running Lose Weight Tips

Running is not as easy as dieting when it comes to weight loss. You will realize that the less effort, the less and slower you shed weight. Experts suggest that a combination of running and dieting gives better and faster result that either of the two. Keep in mind that each one of them has their own benefits. For best results while here are some simple to go tips to help you while running to lose weight.

  • Eat healthy and do not skip meals
  • Follow a schedule
  • Run regularly, at least every other day
  • Give yourself time to adapt
  • Be patient
  • Be consistent

Running weight loss-How to lose weight by running…have you tried this method of healthy weight loss? Did it work? If you have not tried it, please give it a try and do not forget to share the results in the comment section below. Likewise do remember to share it with your friends…

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