Gain Weight Diet /Meals for Men, Toddlers& Women-Foods to Gain Weight

For those on the weight gain mission, there are many ways to go about those extra pounds that you want so much. From healthy eating, muscle building and supplements. Most people view intake of healthy foods as a slower option. In this article, read on foods to gain weight fast for men, women and toddlers. Also check out our healthy gain weight diet plan to help on your journey to those extra pounds.

Gain Weight Diet  Meals and Foods

As skinny as you might be, good eating habits still play a role in healthy weight gain. You should always focus on foods that are rich in minerals, nutrients, vitamins and high calories. According to American Dietetic Association’s Escott Stump, “Start with nutritious foods and then wherever you can, enrich the foods with additional ingredients like yogurt, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats.”

Nutritionists recommend that if you want to gain weight faster the ‘food way’ you should increase your intake from three to six times a day. At least three of these meals should be inclusive of, vegetables, protein, fat and starch. This should be able to give you a pound a week.

What are the Best Foods for Gaining Weight?

To gain weight, stick to high calorie, nutritious foods. Keep off junk foods as this might end up making you skinny fat which night lead to other health complications. You need 3500 calories to gain one pound which might sound like an eternity to achieve.

To gain extra pounds fast:

  • Eat larger portions of foods than normal
  • Eat frequently with at least three major meals and three snack sessions
  • Focus on high calorie nutritious foods
  • Indulge in beverages such as water, smoothies and fresh fruit juices
  • Do not forget healthy oils and fats
  • Workout to increase your appetite

Healthy Snacks to Gain Weight

Healthy snacking to gain weight can be very difficult. Some people might be worried that snacking in between meals might interfere with intake of full meals. However, studies show people who added snacks to their meals were able to see a positive change on their weight count. Try including nutrient rich snacks such as nuts and dried fruits to your diets to add on your caloric intake.

Here is an example of a snack plan effective for weight gain.

Mid-morning, cup of juice, nuts and raisins

Mid-afternoon, cheese, crackers and a cup of whole milk

Evening, raisin bread, peanut butter plus a cup of chocolate milk

Foods to gain weight

It is easy to come up with a snack plan if you choose from the following healthy snacks.

  • Whole fat dairy products such as milk and yoghurt
  • Cereals
  • Nuts and seeds, groundnuts and pumpkin seeds are great for weight gain
  • Crackers and bagels
  • Chocolate bars and low fat granola
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Tuna/ salmon and chicken
  • Peanut butter spread on bread for an extra 192 calories
  • Butter and cheese, take these in moderation as too much is not good for your heart
  • Pasta, serve this as a base of a healthy high calorie meal

Fruits to Gain Weight

When gaining weight, healthy eating is not complete without a thought on fruits. They are rich in nutrients and help supplement high calories from other foods. Fruits should be taken as additional snacks or with major meals and not as replacements. Fruits such as mangoes, pineapple and papayas are full of natural sugars and high on nutrients.

Dried fruits are higher in calories than fresh ones. You can add raisins to cereal, oatmeal or salads.

Fruit smoothies, try those without any added sugars to avoid crashing on high calories without nutrients.

Avocados are high in mono saturated fats which are heart friendly. One big fruit contains up to 200 calories. You can make healthy guacamole which is a plus on your weight gain program.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates. One banana contains up to 100 calories

Vegetables to Gain Weight

Gaining weight on a vegetable diet especially for vegetarians can be quite tricky. It is much harder to gain weight on vegetables than other foods. This is so because they consist mainly of water and fiber. Other than beans and other legumes, they are low on calories. High fiber content also means that you get full quickly decreasing the likelihood of consuming enough to add on weight.

Best Foods to Gain Weight

Due to the little counts of calories on vegetables, one will have to consume large servings to in a day to add on to weight. That is why, nutritional recommendation requires you to include vegetables as part of the larger meal that contains other foods high in protein, fat and calories. Vegetables high on starch such as potatoes and corn have more calories than watery vegetables like cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower.

  • A cup of mashed potatoes or fried chips in moderation can help add weight. Potatoes are rich sources of carbs. Try them grilled or baked for faster weight gain
  • Boiled yellow corn
  • Beans are a good protein substitute for vegetarians. Go the soy way for added benefits
  • Baked winter squash
  • Taro and burdock root
  • Plantains and yams
  • Lentils, zucchini, carrots and cucumbers

Other Weight Gain Foods

Other than healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables include healthy oils such as olive and canola oils for healthy weight gain. Bread variants, red and white meats are major additions when it comes to high protein, high calorie diet.

Specific Weight Gain Diets for Men, Women and Kids/ Children

What is best weight gain meal diet plan for men, women and kids or children? What foods should be included in this diet? Read on to learn more.

Weight Gain Diet Men

Eat right foods based on high protein, high calorie and high nutrient content. Do not wait to feel hungry for you to eat. Plan on five to six meals in a day. Do not forget to drink lots of water to help digest the food. Men can also choose to gain weight on building muscle. Work out specific muscle groups. Always exercise caution not to cause injury. Take a protein rich drink or fruit after each work out. Here is a sample of weight gain diet for a man looking to weigh 81kg from 60kg

  • Breakfast: 100g oats, 50g raisins, 1scoop whey
  • Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
  • Lunch: 200g white pasta, Bolognese sauce, parmesan cheese
  • Snack: 100g mixed nuts or 1 liter milk or tuna sandwich
  • Post workout shake: 1.5scoops whey, 60g oats, milk, banana
  • Dinner: 200g white pasta, Bolognese sauce, parmesan cheese
  • Pre bed: cottage cheese, berries, flax seed, fish oil

Weight Gain Diet for Women

  • If you have problems with low appetite, try eating small frequent potions spread out during the day.
  • When on major meals of the day, go for foods highest in calorie before your stomach is full
  • Instead of water, choose to take, 100% fruit juices and smoothies
  • Make healthy fats and oils part of your snack routine
  • Yoghurt, cheese and ice cream are good for snacking and deserts
  • Regular work out not only helps you build some muscle, it helps increase your appetite too

Weight Gain Diet for Kids, Toddler or Babies

How do you get underweight children to gain weight or how can you help underweight kids gain weight? What are the best foods for underweight children?

For children, it is advisable to smaller frequent meals that have lots of nutrients. Here are foods very essential in weight gain plans for kids, toddlers or babies.

  • Dairy products are a good source of protein and calcium, milkshake, light cream or whole cream can be a good choice.
  • Peanut butter on bagels, pancakes and biscuits make a healthy breakfast. Spread on fruits and vegetables for a crunchy snack. Use butter and margarine in mashed potatoes, pasta and cooked cereal.
  • Add small pieces of meat to pasta and soups. You can put extra on sandwiches for snacking.
  • Eggs on casseroles and French toast are good for breakfast.
  • Fruit shakes and smoothies

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