Amla Juice Benefits for Weight Loss, Health, Skin & Side Effects

Amla juice, extract, powder are terms quite popular in Ayurvedic medicine. In this article, explore what amla is, how it can help in weight loss, health and skin benefits and how to use it. In addition, discover any possible side effects of this of amla.

What is Amla Juice, Extract, Powder & Fruit?

Amla Meaning, English, Scientific & other common names

Amla is a plant (tree)that sheds its leaves and fruits seasonally especially during autumn. The word amla literally means “sour”. The plant is commonly found in India.

The name of Amla in English is Indian Gooseberry or Emblic Myrobalan. It is commonly known as Amla in India. Individuals outside India commonly know Amla Amla asIndian Gooseberry.

The botanical or scientific name of amla is Phyllanthus emblica. Also emblica officinalis

In Sanskrit, the primary sacred language of Hinduism, amla is called by the terms Amalaki, Dhatri, Amalika, Vayastha, Sriphalam, Aonla, Vrushya, Dhatriphala

Other names of Amla include;

  • Amalakan
  • Melacca Tree
  • Amaliki

Amla Fruit and Plant Description

The name amla can mean a fruit or a plant(tree). Amla means both a tree and a fruit.

Amla as aTree/Plant

Amla is deciduous tree usually small to medium in size with a height of between 1m and 8m (3ft and 26ft. It has light green leaves and greenish yellow flowers

Amla as a Fruit

The fruit of the amla tree is called amla. The popularity of this tree is derived from the fruit itself.

The fruit is nearly spherical with six vertical furrows or stripes. It is light greenish yellow in color. It looks quite smooth in terms of texture. The fruit is quite fibrous. The taste of amla fruit is sour, bitter and astringent.

what is Amla? Benefits for Weight Loss skin Health & Side Effects
Amla plant and fruit

How harvest and eat Amla Fruit/Berry

Harvesting occurs in autumn when the fruit is thought to have ripened. According to fruitpedia, maturity of the fruit is indicated by change in seed color from creamy white to.

So how is the fruit harvested? You do not need special tools to harvest Indian gooseberry fruits. All you need is pegged bamboo or ladder and your hands. The ladder for climbing to upper branches bearing fruits and your hands for plucking. Simple!

How is the fruit eaten? In India, it is common to eat gooseberry steeped in salt water and red chilli powder to make the sour fruits palatable

What is Amla Juice?

Amla juice is the liquid obtained from or present in fruit amla fruit. As you will learn shortly, the juice is said to be a great source nutrients-minerals and vitamins vital for your general health.

What is Amla Powder?

Amla powder is the dust-like fine dry particles produced as a result of grinding or crushing dried Indian Gooseberry. It is usually sold as a beauty product

Uses and Benefits of Amla Juice for Weight Loss

According to a study published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology,  Amla juice is highly beneficial in losing weight. It has the ability to normalize your metabolic rate (poor metabolic rate is said to abruptly increase body weight) and can compensate the vitamin or nutritional deficiency.

In addition, it effectively deals with the presence of excess glucose in the blood, fatty liver and other issues that are most common obesity triggers. A few recent studies have also pointed out that amla juice has all the medicinal properties to fix these triggers.

Amla juice for weight loss, skin and health benefits
A glass of Amla Juice

How can gooseberry juice help you lose weight? What are the benefits?

Amalaki is considered as an amazing antidote for weight loss. In Ayurveda and Unani treatment, there’s a reference of Amla juice. Here’s how it supports your weight loss plan. 

  1. Reducing food craving- Amla juice keeps your stomach full with beneficial dietary fibre. Hence, you actually feel no craving for fast food and unhealthy snacking (these are highly responsible for increasing weight). Healthy habit triggers fast weight loss.
  2. Improving Digestion- The antioxidants tannic acid and gallic acid play an important role in improving digestion and relieves you from the diseases of digestive tract as well as constipation. A proper digestion means the food is not stored as fat.
  1. Improving metabolismAs mentioned earlier, poor metabolism is a dangerous obesity trigger. Amla juice helps in improving metabolic rate by providing an optimum quantity of fiber, vitamin C, carbohydrate and protein. It prompts protein synthesis and better metabolism, which in turn ensures quick fat burn 

How do you use or take amla juice for weight loss?

There are specific ways of consuming amla juice, when you want to get the weight loss benefits. According to experts, amla juice should be prepared in the following manner.

Start with removing the pit from Amla, cut it and mix it in a blender. Once it is done, squeeze the fibrous part to extract the juice from it. To preserve it you can store it in the refrigerator. Now add water in the juice. Make sure that the ratio of water and amla juice will be 3:1. Take it early morning on an empty stomach. The juice eases the bowel movement, and at the same time, strengthens your immunity and keeps you physically active. It flushes out all the toxins from the empty stomach and improves digestion. For best results drink it every day.

However, if you prefer consuming it with the fibre, eat the whole fruit everyday morning (only if you can tolerate that sourness)

How can you use amla and aloe vera juice for weight loss?

Raw aloe vera juice sourced from the plant itself is bitter in taste. Hence the experts always recommend mixing it with optimum amount of amla juice. It reduces bitterness and at the same time improves the nutrient content. It triggers healthy metabolism, which further assist in the process of weight loss. You can start off with two ounces of aloe juice, but gradually you should increase it to eight ounce to get the maximum benefits.

Amla  for  Skin Benefits-Juce and Berry

The analgesic properties of amla juice are extremely beneficial for skin and hair, says the experts of Centre for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) and the Institute of Science and Technology (IST). According to the pharmacological, Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin-C, amino acids and minerals,  which all promote hair growth and helps you get healthy skin. Following are is how Indian gooseberry helps you get a healthy and glowing skin.

Benefits for skin

  1. The antioxidants of amla juice fight against free radicals and prevent skin ageing
  2. Consuming amla juice every morning cleanses your bowel and toxins from your body. Thus you get rid of pimples and acne
  3. The Vitamin C of amla helps reducing pigmentation and rashes.
  4. Amla juice also acts as a great toner

Amla Juice Recipe-How to Prepare Gooseberry Juice at Home

Other Health Benefits of Amla -Diabetes & Cholesterol

Amla and Diabetes

According to Biomed Central (BMC), the leading scientific publisher (focused on alternative and complementary medicine) based out of the United Kingdom, Emblica Officinalis brings exceptional benefits for the diabetic patients. Here’s a look into it.

  1. Being a low-sugar and fiber-rich fruit, it stimulates the secretion of hormone insulin in the body itself, which surely reduces the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. It significantly reduces blood sugar level and thus the glucose in body turns into functional energy, which further strengthens metabolism.
  1. The chromium in Amla has a therapeutic value for the diabetic patients. It promotes the growth of Beta Blockers that improves cardiovascular health and reduces LDL cholesterol content in the body.
  1. The antioxidants in amla helps reducing glycosylated haemoglobin, serum level of cretinine and hiobarbituric acid-reactive substances levels, which are oxidative in nature. For the diabetic patients, gooseberry also reduces albumin level.

Amla and Cholesterol

Research has confirmed that amla plays a vital role in reducing cholesterol levels and supporting heart health. The fruit extract, as you have already learnt, has been found to contain potent antioxidant effects which are good your wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Amla Juice with Honey & Turmeric

When combined with honey, amla can be used to treat cold and cough at home.

The combination, according to studies, is also said to an eye care solution. It improves nearsightedness and cataracts, while reducing intra-ocular tension. This mainly due to the Vitamin A carotenes in gooseberry.

Honey, turmeric and amalaki juice combo is useful in curing Paittika type of Dysuria. It will help in balancing Pitta- EasyAyurveda.

When combined with turmeric, amla juice the following benefits

  • Helps in controlling diabetes
  • It helps in relieving sinus problems

Other Health Benefits of Alma (Juice & Extract)

Protects your liver: Studies have proved that amla has properties that protect the liver from oxidative damage caused by chemicals or alcohol.

Amla juice keeps you young. Extract from amla is a rich source of vitamin A, a vital vitamin in the production of an anti-ageing compound called collagen. Collagen keeps you skin looking young and elastic

Helps protect you from Cancer due to its antioxidant properties that aid in fighting harmful effects of carcinogenic chemical in the body

Helps Stomach problems(Digestion)- The anti-inflammatory properties, fiber, polyphenol and water content of amla make it a great cure for an upset stomach.

Amla juice for sore throat-When mixed with some ginger, amla juice offers fast relief from a sore throat and cough

Amalaki Side Effects-Bad Effects, Demerits of Gooseberry Juice, Extract & Powder

However, it’s also true that amla can have adverse effects on the body, if used beyond the specified limit.

Bleeding disorders-Amla might increase the risk of bleeding or bruising in some individuals. As WebMD, notes, if you have a bleeding disorder, be cautious while taking amla especially during or after surgery. Cease intake of Indian gooseberry at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Liver disease: It is thought that taking Indian gooseberry with ginger, Tinospora cordifolia, and Indian frankincense might make liver function worse especially in people with liver disease. However, it is not clear if amalaki on its own can have these effects the liver.

Diabetes. As aforementioned, Indian Gooseberry, especially in the raw form, is a good antidote for diabetes. However, if you are on medications meant to treat diabetes, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking the fruit or any product or supplement associated with the fruit. The explanation? Amla is known to lower the sugar level in the blood, which might disrupt the impact of the anti-diabetic medications. This in turn can subject the patient to hypoglycemia.

Side effects of amla during pregnancy

Usually this winter fruit comes with the least side effects, but, if you are consuming it excessively, it can trigger blood pressure and hyperacidity during pregnancy. Raw amla juice should be strictly avoided.

Also, you should avoid it if you are suffering from cold and diarrhea during your pregnancy. Even a least amount of amla juice will cause adverse effects.

There isn’t suffecient first-hand information about the safety of taking Indian gooseberry as medicine during pregnancy or breast-feeding but this does not mean you have to try too much of it.

Amla Juice Side Effects

  • Concentrated amla juice side effects

A concentrated juice of amla on a regaular basis can trigger hyperacidity. Excessive amount of Vitamin C can upset stomach instead of cooling it. Being a natural coolant, amla juice also triggers cold and coughs if consumed in excessive quantity. The diuretic nature of amla also reduces weight drastically, when taken beyond the prescribed limit.

  • Side effects of drinking amla juice daily/everyday

A specified amount of amla juice diluted with water is good for daily consumption. In fact clinicians and dietary experts prescribe this. However, the intense juice in excessive amount triggers various side effects and sometimes reverses the benefits. It dries up skin and hair and triggers constipation. Also, it is bad for diabetic patients.

  • Side effects of drinking excess amla juice

As mentioned earlier, excess amount of juice can reverse the effects. In hypoglycemic people, it worsens the health conditions. Moreover, the higher level of sodium has adverse effects on the kidney and increase blood pressure rapidly. The excess juice can transport Vitamin C in abundance which will trigger a burning sensation during urination. It is highly unfavorable for people with heart ailments.

There’s no doubt, Amla, be it the fruit, juice, extract or powder is important for your overall health. It has the ability to help your weight loss routine. At the same time, it is beneficial for healthy skin. But, on the flip side, there’s a different story. Indian gooseberry works best only when it is consumed in specified amount. Excess of it can reverse the effects, causing serious ailments.

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