Fun, Interesting Brain Facts for Kids +Pictures of the Brain

Want to get facts about your brain? Not just facts but fun, amazing and  interesting truth about the human brain? These brain facts are not just for children or kids, adults can as well enjoy reading through. In addition, find wonderful images/pictures of the brain. Keep on reading for more.

Interesting and Fun Brain Facts for Kids

The human brain is like a powerful computer that controls how people move, think and react in various situations. It is the control centre of the entire body and it sits right in the skull at the top of the spinal cord. Inside the skull, the brain floats in a cushion of cerebrospinal fluid that protects it from infection and physical impact. How it works offers many interesting brain facts for kids to learn about.

Here are  interesting and fun brain facts for kids as confirmed by scientists and doctors

  1. Physical characteristic of the brain.

How does the brain look like? Well that was a question to get you started. Your imagination on the brain appears is already stimulated…

Picture of the Brain

A huge grape fruit is what the brain size can be compared to, however the brain appears like an outsized pinkish-gray walnut. It is three times bigger than that of a chimpanzee weighing about 1 pound at birth, 2 pounds at school going age and 3 pounds as an adult. Now, these should very be interesting brain facts for kids to try and picture out an image of the brain.

According to the National Geographic, some animals like the elephants, dolphins and whales have larger brains but the human brain is more developed and packed to capacity. This is an amazing brain fact, isn’t it?

Even more puzzling are these brain facts for kids to learn about;

  • the brain is 75% water,
  • it’s the fattest organ in the body, and
  • it feels no pain because it has no pain receptors

Bottom Line: The brain is one of the biggest organ in the body and most unique in its formation since it does not have muscles or bones.

  1. Brain function: What are the different brain parts and their functions?
Picture of the brain parts

Fact: The brain consists of three main parts and their functions are;

  • Cerebellum: controls and coordinates movements of the muscle, for instance, working.
  • Cerebrum: receives messages of sight, taste, touch, hearing, speech, intelligence, personality and learning.
  • Brain stem: controls the automatic systems of the body like breathing and heartbeat.

The brain uses about 20% of the total oxygen in your body. It can live for 4-6 minutes without oxygen, there after it begins to die. It is important we stay in areas of enough oxygen.

Bottom Line: your brain collects and sorts all information. It thinks, remembers, creates and compares, solves problems and coordinates all actions at the same time.

  1. Developing brain

At birth the brain contains majority of the neurons (brain cells) for the rest of our lives but stops growing at the age 18. Other interesting brain facts for kids are:

  • Always consider speaking and reading audibly or loudly  to young children because it stimulates development of their brain .
  • We have 5 (five) recognized methods of perception, or sense: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. Do you know which one develops first? Do no think too think too much…It is the sense of touch! Cheeks and lips of a fetus can feel touch at about only 8 weeks.  The rest of the body experiences feel at around 12 weeks.

Bottom Line: at birth the brain is usually very much developed at it is already carrying out sophisticated functions.

  1. Dreams and sleep

What happens in your brain when you are asleep? Here are some of the most puzzling brain facts when your asleep and dreams.

  • You might not remember them in the morning, but everyone dreams an average of 4-7 dreams per night, including blind people.
  • If you don’t write down your dreams immediately you wake up, half the dream will be forgotten after 5 minutes.
  • Usually, you are not dreaming while snoring.

Bottom Line: dreams are just visual images but the nature of dreams of blind people is dependent on if they were born blind or if they lost their sight later in life.

  1. Famous brains
  • London taxi drivers are famous for mastering all the London streets, they boast larger than normal hippocampus, more so drivers who have been in the job longest. This confirms studies that suggest that as people memorize more and more information, this part of their brain continue to grow.
  • Daniel Tammet is another famous brain. He suffered from epilepsy (a condition which disturbs the  activity of nerve cell in the brain resulting to seizures) at the age 3. Despite the disorder, he turned out to be a genius and has been able to carry out beyond belief mathematical computations. He is said to be knowledgeable about of not less than seven languages. Interesting enough, his own language is in the making!
  • Last but not least, Ben Pridmore is a world champion in the act of memorizing or remembering. He is to have remembered 96  events of history in less than five minutes. Yet more amazing, Pridmore memorized a single, rearranged deck of cards in 26.28 seconds.

Bottom Line: human brain is so complex that doctors and scientists have not yet fully understood it but they are still conducting research and studies on it.

  1. Moments in history

Evidence by archeologists shows that in 2000 B.C primitive brain surgery was done by drilling a hole in the skull.

As part of studying human behavior, a rhesus monkey was first sent into space in 1959.

  1. Brain psychology

These are brain facts  that you to practically test out at home

  • You cannot tickle yourself. This is because the brain can distinguish between self touch and unexpected external touch.
  • According to studies, some people are naturally more active than others and this explains why getting out to exercise is more difficult for some and easier for others.
  • Compared to men, female are said to have a habit deciding slowly(take longer period to decide)  but interestingly, the the chances that they will to their decisions are high while on the other hand men are known to have a tendency   to change their mind once or twice after making  their minds up.
  • There exist a strong connection between the body and the mind. More than half of the total visits to the medical practitioner for ailments linked to the body are attributed to psychological issues.

Other Interesting and Fun Brain Facts for Kids

  • We should always learn new things because it helps the brain to change and improve very quickly. Studies indicate that juggling can change the brain in as little as seven days.
  • Laughing at a joke requires activity in 5 different areas of the brain thus keeping us alert.
  • Yawning improves blood circulation in the brain keeping you awake and attentive.
  • Even more fascinating about these brain facts for kids is that there exists a brain bank in Harvard where more than 7000 human brains are stored for purposes of research.
  • Humans experience an average of 70,000 thoughts per day.
  • The left side of the brain is usually better at problem solving, mathematics and writing while the right side is better in creativity and helps you to be good in art or music. These are fun brain facts for kids to understand which side of our brain is more active in relation to what we are good at.
  • Aristotle, a notable scientist in the past, wrongfully thought that the brain functions were in the heart.
  • Most weird of all these brain facts for kids is that if you were to commit man-eating (eating flesh of humans), you are likely to contract linked to the brain. However, within the human body are  genes that shield the brain from such diseases.
  • Your brain has around 100 billion nerve cells
  • The front of your brain is larger than that of any other animal in the world, even larger than that of a dinosaur!

Facts about the Human Brain-Looking after your Brain

Although your brain is protected inside your skull, it could still get damaged if your head is hit hard or bumps onto something hard. Furthermore, unlike a cut, broken bones or bruises that can heal and mend, your brain cannot repair itself or be repaired by doctors if it ever gets damaged. These are some helpful brain facts for kids to know on how to take care of their brain.

  • Always wear a helmet while riding bicycles or motorbike/scooter or even on a skate board.
  • Remember to always wear a helmet for sports where you could be hit or fall, for instance, baseball, ice hockey or horse-riding
  • Avoid engaging in potentially dangerous activities, like diving in waters you don’t know how deep they run because you could easily hit your head hard on the base.

You can also help your brain by;

  • Eating healthy foods like fish which is rich in omega oils and fresh vegetables.
  • Exercising your brain by solving puzzles, brain teasers and learning new things to improve on the brain capacity.
  • Having plenty of sleep helps in consolidating all your memories from the day.

Brain Images: Photos/ Pictures of the Brain

Well, you already have the facts about the human brain. Why not have look at images or pictures of the brain? Below are some…

Image of the brain-Side and Front View

Picture of the Brain-Real

Fact-Real Brain picture[Left]

When looking for most amazing body parts to learn about, you will find a lot of interesting and fun brain facts for kids learning purposes. In our everyday lives, it allows us to do activities both voluntarily and non-voluntarily.



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