Why do we Celebrate Halloween? What Countries, Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Why do we Celebrate Halloween or Why is Halloween Celebrated? What Countries Celebrate Halloween? Are there Countries that don’t Celebrate Halloween? Why do people celebrate Halloween? Do Christians, Mormons and Muslims Celebrate All Hallows Eve? Keep on reading to find out more plus how October 31 is celebrated in America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Germany and France

Halloween Celebration History and Origin

To be able to answer the question ‘why do we celebrate Halloween’ lets us dig into some little history. Each year on 31st October All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated around the world. This is just a day before All Hallows’ Day, also known as All Saints’ Day in the Christian calendar.

Celebration of Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival knowWhy celebrate Halloweenn as Samhain. This festive marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark and cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. It is most likely this reason that the Celtic folks believed that the spirits of those who died the preceding year walked aimlessly in the streets and villages at the night of Samhain

This holiday was celebrated with huge sacred bonfires aimed to discourage the dimming Sun from vanishing. People danced round bonfires to keep evil spirits away, but left their doors open in hopes that the kind spirits of loved ones might join them around their hearths. The villagers dressed up like witches, ghosts and goblins, to avoid being possessed by the unfriendly spirits. Also, gifts and treats were left out to pacify the evil and ensure the following years crops would be plentiful. This custom evolved into trick-or-treating…This explains why Halloween was celebrated back in the days. Below is short video form history.com highlighting on the history and origin of Halloween

Why do People Celebrate Halloween? Why do we Celebrate Halloween Today?

Leave a lone history…why do people celebrate Halloween? Why is Halloween Celebrated in  the modern times? Following are of the reasons why we should Halloween .

It is Fun

We should celebrate Halloween because it is fun not only for kids but also adults. Halloween activities such trick-or-treating, bobbing of apples, dressing in scary and spooky masks, watching All Hallows Eve horror movies or films are fun.

A Day for Generosity and Kindness

Are you the type of an adult who is always mean? They say opportunities are rare but that’s not true in this case. Halloween brings the greatest opportunity to show your generosity and kindness! Give out candy bars to your neighborhood. Also help kids on the streets,  be watchful while driving etc. All these are acts of kindness. By doing this, may be people will get to know you and may be offer to provide some help to you in the future.You never know what your little acts may earn you.

Free Candy

This is one of the top reasons as to why we (kids) should celebrate Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t love free goodies, not to mention candy? Well, this is the day, especially if you have been missing candy. During All Hallows Eve, there is plenty of free candy. Some companies or  individuals have even gone a mile ahead by providing free shipping. Well, you certainly see the aforementioned generosity  in action.

We are Intrigued/Charmed with the Scary and Mysterious

Regardless of All Hallows Eve outwardly being preoccupied with goblins, ghosts and ghouls, it displays how the modern society is charmed with all things frighteningly suggestive of supernatural. Attention to the supernatural or mystic in the last couple of years has grown to high levels. This is all evidenced by the  acts of continuously watching horrifying, thrilling, creepy or dead scary television series, videos and clips (from online video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo) that  reveal the ghoulish or horrid  side of the paranormal. Thus, celebrating Halloween is a means of satisfying the curiosity as we have fun.

Halloween is the Kid’s Favorite Holiday-Children Love it

Children adore scary and mysterious stuff. If you are interested in understanding that children  possess a insatiable craving for ghosts, zombies, demons, ghouls,  and anything that is creepy and fantastic watch kids’ television or walk to the nearest library in the place you stay and have a visit to the children’s unit. Be sure to support your kids in planning and preparing for this celebration…they will appreciate it for sure.

Being frightened is Fun

Think of the Halloween haunted houses, think of people running around in scary costumes and masks, and think of the almost realistic creepy decorations…all scary but fun at the same time. What makes it fun and interesting is when you know that as much as it is scary it really won’t harm you or your little ones. Individuals enjoy being scared and there’s a real adrenalin kick out of being frightened, but you then laugh about it thereafter.

A Chance to have a Feel of the Supernatural

You have read books or watched movies about witches, ghosts, monsters, the devil, hell amongst other creepy supernatural beings. Reading, hearing or watching isn’t enough. Why don’t you add more fun to this experience by visiting haunted houses or by dressing up like a monster, demon, witch or ghost? At least, once in a while have a ‘real’ feeling of the paranormal or ghostly by participating in  Halloween celebrations this year.

Halloween is a Money-maker

Some folks, candy industry owners in particular, should celebrate Halloween the loudest. Why? Halloween is $6 billion industry. It is estimated that in the United States alone Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually! Although this kind of celebration is somehow indirect, it deserves a mention and it contributes a lot to the question, why do we celebrate Halloween.

What Countries Celebrate Halloween? USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan etc.

Which countries celebrate Halloween and  what countries do not celebrate Halloween? How does Halloween feel like in America, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and France? Keep on reading to find out.

Halloween in America

Halloween is most popular in USA. Some sources say it is the second most popular Holiday in America. Find out more here on the history of Halloween origin in America. So, what is so good about celebrating October 31 in America? As usual, October 31  is celebrated by kids’ trick-or-treating, wearing masks/costumes or hosting costume parties, paying  haunted houses a visit, watching horror movies or films, carving lanterns out of pumpkins, playing Halloween themed games etc.

Halloween in Mexico

Does Mexico celebrate Halloween? What is Halloween called in Mexico?

Mexico does celebrate Halloween. Dia de los muertos or the Day of the Dead is what Halloween is called in Mexico. Dia de los muertos in Mexico starts all the way from October 31, November 1st to November 2nd.  There are two very special places where this ritual is specially impressive: Mixquic, a small town in Mexico City, and in Janitzio, a charming little island in the state of Michoacan. Kids still trick-or-treat, but are rewarded with candy skulls.

Does Canada Celebrate Halloween?

Does Canada Celebrate Halloween
Halloween in Canada

Do Canadians celebrate Halloween? Halloween is celebrated in Canada on or around October 31. Some folks put a lot of effort into decorating their homes, yards and drives. Dressing in costumes and trick-or-trick are common activities here. One thing that stands out here is Canadian tradition of “Trick-or-Treat for Unicef” for the children. However, this day is no public holiday. Schools, organizations, businesses, stores and post offices are open as usual.

Does Australia Celebrate Halloween?

The Australians also referred to as ‘Aussie’ and ‘Antipodean’ have not been left behind either. They celebrate All Hallows Eve in full swing. On the Halloween night, Australians leave food and light a lamp on the dinner table to greet souls of the dead. Other common Halloween activities are performed here too.

Do Japan, Germany and France Celebrate Halloween?

The Japanese started celebrating Halloween not very long ago. Japan’s Halloween is largely influenced by  America’s pop culture. Halloween activities and stuff are usually observed in many locations, and areas like Tokyo Disneyland . The dressing in sophisticated costumes at the night of this day has become a common practice.  In two places named Kobe and Osaka, October 2012, it is estimated that  nearly 1700 persons wore costumes to participate in the Halloween Festival. Kawasaki Halloween is Japan’s most famous  event of its type. It is to feature a parade of 3,500 costumed members.

Does Germany celebrate Halloween? Since the 1990s, Halloween celebrations have been gaining popularity in Germany. The All Hallows Eve that is celebrated in Germany is said to incorperate US culture. The German keep away knives during Halloween. Find out why here.  Süßes oder Saures is what Trick or Treating is referred to by the Germany Hallowen enthusiasts. It is a popular practice has in some places such as the neighborhoods of Dahlem  in Berlin

In France, Halloween is considered as an American holiday though it is gaining popularity year after year.The French do not associate it with remembering the dead. About.com has a good information on how Halloween originated and is celebrated in France

What Countries Do Not Celebrate Halloween?

As per this writing there is no clear information on the countries that absolutely do not celebrate Halloween. However, it is absolutely clear that majority of the countries (especially the western) do celebrate Halloween. Some have said that countries like India do not celebrate All Hallows Eve but the information that supports this claim is not very clear. On the other hand some see certain similarities between Druidism and the religion of India.

It has been  stated that Islamic countries do not celebrate Halloween.  More than half of these countries are found in South and Southeast Asia. According to Wikipedia, thee largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia. There is at least some information to support the idea that Muslim dominated regions  do no celebrate Halloween.

So, why can’t muslims take part in the October 31 celebration? Because practices or rituals of Halloween, which the muslims consider as shirk or forms of idolatry, are centered on either Christianity or prehistoric pagan traditions. All Muslim-based celebrations need to honor and uphold the Islamic faith. Pagan rituals, spirit world and divination means going away from Allah.  Check teachings from the Quaran, (Qur’an 5:104 and  57:16)
However some allow their children to participate in Halloween festival on the basis that it is a form of fun…innocent fun to be precise[about.com]

Do Christians, Mormons & Muslims Celebrate Halloween?

Do Christians Celebrate Halloween?

All Hallows Eve: Is it a Holiday, Holy Day or just another ‘Evil’ Day? Why should Christians celebrate or not celebrate Halloween? To understand this, you need to learn more about the origin of Halloween and influence of Christianity on Halloween.

A Christian Praying

Is it a Sin to Celebrate Halloween?

Why do some folks consider it a sin for Christians to celebrate Halloween? According to the United Church of God, celebrating Halloween is Evil, because of the demonic symbolism and divination associated with it. They claim that it is wicked not to avoid practices that pertain to evil spirits, God warned ancient Israel to avoid any kind of occult practices: “There shall not be found among you anyone who … practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord ” (Deuteronomy:18:10-12).

Some folks have mocked the likes of the people who say celebrating Halloween is a sin. They say, Halloween being a day to celebrate witches, ghouls, ghosts, goblins, death, decay, murder, and many other such things doesn’t mean that Christians should be scared and run away. It is stated nowhere that Christians should run away and hide from death and darkness. Bible calls upon christians to be lights in the darkness, and to bring life and healing to those areas which are full of death and decay.

Do Mormons Celebrate Halloween? Mormons are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(LDS). Some Mormons do celebrate Halloween while others do not. It  is one’s choice to celebrate or not to. However, it is estimated that majority of the Mormons do celebrate Halloween. Congregations often hold Halloween parties or Harvest Festivals the week preceding Halloween.  ‘’I think celebrate may be too strong of word for many of us, but most LDS  families happily participate in the family-oriented aspects of Halloween’’,Mormon woman.

Muslim women

Do Muslims celebrate Halloween? As aforementioned, majority of the Muslims do not celebrate Halloween because it is not based in the Islamic faith and religious way of life. They argue that Halloween is is a cultural holiday, with no religious significance. However it has been said that some do celebrate, they say its just harmless fun to dress up and get candy.

Finally, why do we  celebrate Halloween? What is your opinion as to why we do celebrate October 31? What is your stand about countries that or people who celebrate or do not celebrate  Halloween? Do you celebrate or not celebrate Halloween? Please share your views in the commenting section below, or simply spread the word to your friends and family using the social icons below.You are already appreciated.

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