Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids-Girls & Boys + Non/Not Scary Ideas

What are the best scary Halloween costumes for kids – girls & boys? What are the best ideas, suggestions and tips that will make this  Halloween costumes dead scary, memorable, and intriguing?  What if your kids are terribly sacred of creepy costumes? What are the available non or not so scary Halloween costumes for your children? Find out more…

 Why do You need Spine-chilling Halloween Costumes?

What would Halloween be without scary costumes? Kids, both boys and girls, would love to celebrate something in a joyful and exuberant way if the memories have to stick in their minds for long. As you may be aware, All Hallows Eve is the day before All Saints Day. On this day, it was believed all souls, good and evil can move from their land into ours. This tradition of wearing ghostly disguises was for two reasons.

  • It was hard for the real ghosts and demons to differentiate you from them and that would make you safe from being attacked or killed.
  • If you could look scarier than the evil spirits and ghosts, you will be able to frighten them away.

Being in a horror genre outfits such as ghosts, zombie, monsters and vampires make the kids look impressive and become the talk of the town.

Scary Halloween Costumes for Girls

There is variety of scary Halloween costumes for girls. Here are just a few that are more than interesting.

  • Sassy Victorian pirate costume: Why should you get it for your daughter? In this scary costume, she will look like a real fearsome pirate; she will be the captain of her imaginary ship dressed in this costume.
  • Skeleton girl dress costume: this costume takes the form of a skeleton showing rib bones and certainly gives you an overall skeletal appearance.
  • Zombie southern Belle: if you want your daughter to look like a real zombie, then this is the perfect costume for her. She will be the sweetest corpse around.
Scary Halloween costumes for Girls -Kids
Zombies Southern Belle, Skeleton Girl Dress & Sassy Victorian Pirate scary costumes for girls
  • Black and purple zombie streaks wig: with this kind of costume for the head alone, you look like a bruised dead person kid rotting.
  • Girl’s tween sassy spirit costume. Your daughter will look like a spirit that has just crawled out of the tomb!

Scary Halloween Costumes for Boys

Boys too look for horrifying characters in their Halloween outfits. Serious shopping; you will find horror Halloween costumes good for boys ranging from skeletons, monsters zombies and werewolves. Even headless horsemen are featured. Here are some of the most interesting boys’ costumes ideas for Halloween parties.

  • Skeleton zombie costume: This will make your son look like he is wasted away, dead and flesh rotting showing open ribcage and rib bones. The costume portrays a skeleton coming your way with open eyeball sockets. This little scare will get your blood pumping.
  • Werewolf costume: Does your child like animals and their fearsome nature? When your son is dressed in this costume, it brings the animalistic style, showing large bloody canine teeth, with enormous hairy ears. Scary, isn’t it?
  • Boy’s headless costume: You probably want your son to freak out all his friends; in this costume, he will appear as if he is holding his decapitated head. It has a black robe and bloody knife probably one used to slice off the head from the body. Your son can wear this outfit to a Halloween party and he will be memorable.
Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids- Boys
Werewolf, Skeleton & Headless Boys’ scary Costumes
  • Boys screaming bleeding ghost costume: The highlight of this outfit is the pump and fake blood, which allows your son to spray blood on the white mask. Scary, isn’t it?
  • Zombie doctor child costume: This one has a zombie mask that is rotted, bleeding skin and an open mouth with bloody gums and a few missing teeth. A torn and worn out shirt shows a chest displaying ribcage bones. Completing the outfit are bloody gloves, surgical mask and a cap. Your son will look even more terrifying in this costume.

Non or not so Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids + Ideas

Are your kids dead scared of the spooky, creepy, horrifying, ghostly or super scary Halloween costumes that you have already seen above? If yes, this section takes care of that- Non or not scary, frightening or simply friendly Halloween costumes that will make the whole event less scary.

Generally it is normal to be scared during the whole festival of October 31. The fear is termed as samhainophobia.
There are number of not so scary Halloween costumes as you will learn shortly. However, you can still do away with the fear of Halloween without getting the non scary costumes. So how do you go about it? Following are some not so scary Halloween costumes ideas for kids or parents
Regular Visits to the Costumes Store.
Take a walk into the costumes store where your kids will not just see but also touch and get acquinted to almost all sorts of costumes. Why? this will make the children learn that the costumes are just inanimate objects…they are empty, have no life, cannot move and are harmless.
Teach your kids not be scared of something that is not real.
Well this is a life time teaching. It is even common for adults to worry about things that do not exist. May be by teaching your kids not to be afraid of fake or not-real things or objects will help them grow fear-free.
You can too create your own costumes at home.
Ensure you involve your kids in the whole process. Obviously they cannot be afraid of what they done themselves.
You already have the ideas. What if you are considering to buy non or not so scary Halloween costumes?
Here are sample non scary costumes with pictures for your kids this Halloween.

  1. Boys Wolverine Origins Halloween Costume
  2. Boys indian Halloween Non scary Halloween Costume
  3. Girls Cowgirl Cutie Halloween Costume
  4. Girls My Little Pony Star Song Halloween Costume
  5. Star Wars Boys X Wing Pilot Halloween Costume
Non or Not so Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids Pictures

All the costumes can be found at

Boys / Girls Non-Scary & Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has always been the most favorite and a unique holiday .You certainly need ideas on how best to source for the scary costumes for your son or daughter in order to match your needs and specifications. The ideas should be helpful if you intend to make homemade scary costume that is ideal for your boy or girl.

Boys Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

Here is what you need to know.

  • Size: It is important to choose a size that fits your son perfectly well; you can shop for Halloween costumes in numbered sizes, as well as standard small/medium/large sizes.
  • Type: boys naturally would love costume that resembles characters from television shows, such as superhuman.
  • Classic/ original: you need to select a costume that will put your family in the Halloween spirit; boys prefer masquerading as monster, ghosts and skeletons.

Girls Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

In choosing a Halloween costume for girls, it is important to choose one that excites her. Now that you have the information on scary Halloween costume, you should find it helpful to find a unique costume for your child. Here are a few ideas on that.

  • Size: you need a diverse selection that fits the girl to ensure satisfaction for the princesses and zombies of any size.
  • Character: your girl would love to resemble a character that she can relate to, especially those in television shows, books and movies.
  • Use: your kid ‘s Halloween costume for trick –or-treating should be comfortable enough for walking and warm enough to beat all weather especially if it is cold.
  • Quality vs. price: higher prices do not necessarily mean a better quality costume. You should consider one that is pocket friendly.
  • Do you want a classic costume or something more original?

Dou you want to make the Halloween party for your girl nostalgic? You might consider traditional Halloween costume figures. Little girls like to imitate monsters, zombie, ghosts and skeletons and be sure to put your family in the Halloween spirit.

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