Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids-Why Observe Safety Tips

Observing Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Teens is a prerequisite for a happy, successful and less harmful All Hallows Eve. You might want to learn more about Why Kids  should Observe Halloween Safety Tips and Fundamental Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids and Teens.

Why Should Kids and Teens Observe Halloween safety tips?

What are the reasons as to why we should keep All Hallows Eve safe? Are there any benefits, advantages or pros of observing safety? What are the dangers or disadvantages of not observing Halloween safety tips for kids and teens? Generally,it is highly important to observe Halloween Safety Tips ,especially Trick-or-treating Safety Tips for kids and Teens. Some reasons as well benefits to observe safety tips during Halloween include,

Halloween Trick-or-treat Safety Tips for kids
  • To avoid hurting yourself.
  • To avoid being poisoned by strangers.
  • To avoid being kidnapped by bad guys out there.
  • To ensure safety of our little brothers and sisters.
  • To avoid being hit by a car in the street roads.
  • To avoid injuring our pets especially cats and dogs
  • To trust from your parents or guardians

At the same time, of course there are a couple dangers or disadvantages associated with not observing Halloween safety tips. Some of these dangers include;

  • Poisoning of yourself and your pets which may lead to severe illness or even death.
  • Accidents on the roads
  • Being taken to jail especially if you misbehave
  • You may get lost or someone will kidnap you forever: you won’t see you family again.

Halloween Trick-or-treating Safety Tips For kids and Teens

Are you a kid or a teen? You have already seen why it is important to observe safety during All Hallows Eve. Below are several fundamental Halloween safety tips for kids you are supposed to observe while at home or out there when trick-or-treating with your friends. You do not want to ruin all the fun this night! Do not be surprised to realize that a couple of these tips are things you already or  you should know without being told.

  • Do not go into a stranger’s house or even ring their door for treats unless you are with your parents, guardian or an adult and they allow you. Be careful because some people are not kind to children. They might be dangerous. Always make sure that your guardian, mom, dad or elder brother or sister can see you when you go out trick-or-treating.
  • Do not stay out until it’s too late. If you parents give you a curfew, be home when they say. Your parents are caring; you don’t want to lose the trust they have in you. In case there is something or a problem that will make you return home late, call them and let them know.
  • Take care while crossing the street. Look in both directions and ensure that there are no vehicles coming. Avoid the habit criss-crossing side to side through the street. Maintain one side of the street, and if necessary cross to the other side then start. Always walk on the footway or pavement whenever possible. Alternatively, you can stride on the side of the road facing the flow of traffic only if If there’s no footway, pavement or sidewalk. Also keep away all other things such as electronic devices so that you concentrate on the road and cars or simply to stay alert.

    Kids Crossing the Road
  • In case you are accompanied by your little brother or sister, take their hand and help them cross the street too. Watch out for stop lights, wait until the cross walk light tells you that it’s okay to cross, but still check before you cross, look both ways. Also walk your younger siblings to the door to receive treats.
  • If you are an older kid or young teen, and going out with friends, let your parents know the exact places you will be going to at all times. Also let them know who will be accompanying you to those places so that in case of anything, they will be able to find you easily.
  • Are you driving your friends to a Halloween party? Check and ensure that you have enough gas to get there. If gas runs out, you will be left out a lone in the dark street.
  • Halloween is not a day to hurt and torture animals such as black cats! You should never hurt a helpless living thing. Hurting animals is never acceptable behavior and it is illegal and punishable by law.
  • While out trick-or-treating, do not throw eggs or any other object at cars and houses. That is vandalism and it is not allowed. If you get caught you will have to clean it up. You can also be arrested and punished as a juvenile. If possible, carry with you a mobile phone. It can help if you are caught up in a problem or an emergency.
  • Do not visit houses of people you don’t know or strangers. Make sure that all the houses you visit are well lit.
  • Do not give candy to your dog or cat. Candy is dangerous to pets and may cause serious illness or even death.
  • At all times, ensure to walk or travel  in cluster at least three persons and each group should have a trusted adult, sibling or guardian or care giver.
  • If you are allergic or sensitive to some substances, ensure that individual who is giving out is aware of this condition.
  • Strictly never attempt to consume any of your treats beforehand you get home. Once at home let your parents examine through the treats with you – just to be certain they are safe to eat.
  • Always ensure that your costume fits you properly to prevent trips and falls. Do not wear over-sized shoes, shoes with high heels,  large and unfitting capes and long dresses.

If you observe these simple Halloween trick-or-treat safety tips for kids and teens, you will be assured of a better and clean fun during this holiday. Let your parents know  that you are responsible children and this will make them trust you for many Halloweens to come. Your parents will also be happy and proud of you. Could you be having any other Halloween Safety Tips for Kids? Please do feel free to share it in the commenting section.

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