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When it comes to Halloween parties, there are more fun games for kids and teens than any other. While the adults may be present, keeping your kids and teens entertained should be important otherwise boredom may spoil the celebrations. If you intend to make the event memorable, you need ideas for the games and decorations for this important festivity.

Why are Halloween parties so popular? The mood for this season is usually scary and to have fun. Putting on a mask and dressing in the funniest costumes makes it even more interesting. But do you have the idea of the most interesting games for your teenagers and little kids? A memorable Halloween party should start from the early planning stages and all the way to spending the good night.

Halloween Games & Activities for Teens

As a parent of teenagers you might find it hard to keep your teenagers glued to one activity for long. The teenage age is full of activities and curiosity. In a bid to get your teens entertained all night long, you have to find the most exciting games. Below here are some selected games that you ought to incorporate in this Halloween party.

  1. Bob For Apples for Teens

Have your teens tried this game out? It is considered one of the oldest games played during Halloween parties but it is still popular even to date. Though some might find it childish but it is exciting and funny. How is this game played? It is simple; all you need is a big barrel full of water and apples.

The game becomes challenging but funny at the same time since it requires the teens to pick the apples up without using their hands. You may reward the best just to make it lively and thrilling.

  1. Halloween Plastic Wrap Mummy Race

Do your teens love races? If you have to play this game, then you have to be cautious to avoid physical injuries. So how is the game played? Form teams and select a leader or one person. Wrap the person with plastic from neck to toe. Once this is done, lower him carefully to the ground and roll him down a race course.

As soon as he/she gets to the finish line, immediately stand him up and remove the wrap. If you intend to have more and longer races, rewrap the next person from each team and race back. This game becomes more enjoyable as each member of the team gets wrapped and races to the end and back.

  1. Egg hunting during Halloween parties

It does not involve much but add superb feeling to the party. All you need to do is to fill plastic eggs or plastic pumpkins with candy. The game is enjoyable and fun when you hide the filled plastic eggs around the room or outdoors and ask the teens to search the eggs with flashlights. Place a reward and you will be marvelled at how fast the eggs would be found.

  1. Dancing contest for teens

All games that involve movement of the body are fun. Teenagers are sometimes hard to impress but if you understand their world it will make your Halloween party fashionable and distinct. It might require a little prior planning but this should be the climax of the party. Let the teens dance in their costumes and it should appear in the form of a contest where the best receives a prize. You may join them in the dance just to make the event lively.

  1. Murder mystery game for teen

This is another lively game for teens as it seeks to find mystery in murder. It requires a lot of planning and thinking but once well staged it can be fun and enjoyable. It resembles live actions of events. All you need to do is create a story with the casts (character) list and a solution to the murder mystery. The secret behind the success of this game is to hide clues from the guest such that it remains a puzzle for everyone. The fun comes from anxiety and speculations in figuring out the mystery behind the murder in the story.

Teens during Halloween

Teen Halloween Party Games

Halloween holiday should always be exciting for teens. Getting dressed up in costumes, hanging out with friends is never enough. In a bid to keep the holiday fun for teens, why not incorporate Halloween party games. Coming up with amusing games for teens is never easy. Sometimes it is beyond planning and entails creativity to match or exceed their expectations. Below here are some of the Halloween party games for teens.

  • Play Halloween fear factor. This game involves guessing. How is it played? It is fun since you have to blindfold the guests and instruct them to put their hands in a jar filled with something gross. While still blind folded ask them to guess what they just touched.
  • The bubble gum pie for teens. Try this simple but full of fun game. How is it done? Use a cream and inside insert a couple pieces of unwrapped bubble gum inside. Instruct the kids to only use their faces to find the bubble gum. The first kid to find the gum chews it and blow wins.
  • Pumpkin face game. Use jelly and apply on the faces of the teens. This game is exciting since it involves the kids covering their faces with more puffs. All they need to do is to pick as many puffs as possible with their faces and not the hands. Setting the timer for a minute or less makes the game interesting. The kid with more puffs within the set time wins.
  • Ghost bingo. This might involve improvisation a little bit. Instead of buying Bingo cards, try and make your own. You may use Halloween images on the cards rather than numbers as it is usually the case. For instance, insert images such as : black cat, a bat ,a scary witch ,dog etc. You can use candy or corn as markers and make draws to find out the winner. Whoever gets the Bingo, you may go ahead and reward. Lots of fun, don’t you think?

More Halloween Activities for Teens

There are a lot of activities to engage your teens for this Halloween holiday. If you have to involve teens in either indoor or outdoor activities, you should find those that will not only challenge them but also bring good times and humour as well. Below are some of the activities for teens during Halloween party.

  • If you have a small swimming pool, fill it with water. You can place small marbles at the bottom of the pool. This is not ordinary fishing but instead ask your guest to fish with their feet. To make it more enjoyable, blindfold them and let them fish as many marbles as they can. You can set a timer as well just to thrill the event.
  • Play the LCR. Another way to engage the teens is to group them and ask them to play the LCR (a popular dice game). It is an interesting way to mentally involve the teens. It is simple, it entails finding which number is L, C and R.

Best Ideas for Teen Halloween Games & Party Games

Are you planning to have the coolest Halloween party ever? It is simple; every parent would wish to have his/her teens entertained in any festive season. In preparation for this special occasion, you need to have the best ideas to make the event more glamorous. The Halloween party ideas below are great if you intend to make this event unique.

  • Choose costume that makes the party fun. If you intend to have a cool party, start with the costumes. You will be surprised with kind of costumes teens will wear. If possible award prizes for the funniest and craziest.
  • The venue of the party should be appealing. Teens associate well the kind of the environment they are in. You may be forced to spend a little on decorations. For a lively venue, play some fun Halloween party songs and music in the background.
  • Keep in mind of the food too. Do not forget you are handling teens. If you have to keep the teens for long and probably late in the night, remember to have enough snacks including some refreshment drinks. Always keep in mind of your guests and determine what they will enjoy on that particular day.

Fun & Free Party Games for Kids & Toddlers

As a parent you would always want to have your children enjoy every moment of their life as they grow. There are lots of mind tickling games for fun that will keep your child happy always. In fact for toddlers you do not have to award prices .it is very simple at that tender age, the objective is fun. Here is a list of some games for little toddler to play.

  1. Passing the ball.

Kids are known to be notorious and they will destroy anything placed in front of them. Passing the ball kind is fun. Make the kids pass a plastic ball around from one kid to another. This game is incorporated with music and whoever has the ball once the music stops leaves the loop and picks a price from a bag. Kids are full of envy; this game ensures that each kid is awarded by the end.

  1. Musical statue

This is another interesting game since music is accompanied to it. All you need to do is to play some music and kids dance to it. When the music stops they should freeze. The aim is to find the one who responds fast get an award and then sits down. Meanwhile the game continues until all the kids are priced.

  1. halloween-activities-for-kids-toddlers-bursting-balloon
    Bursting Balloons

    Busting a balloon

This is the simplest game on earth but very popular among the kids. At some point of growth, we have all been there. It brings joy and laughter since it involves popping balloons. The pop sound made by balloons adds fun to the game.

  1. The button-button game

It is quite simple but well worth it. The kids sit on the floor of a room. It is commonly played during birthday where the birthday child leaves the room. As the parent, hide a button in the room and ask the kid to re-enter and ask him to find the button. The other kids tell birthday child whether he is close to finding the button or not-hot or cold. This game continues until every kid has a turn.

October 31 Indoor Games for Kids & Toddlers

If you intend to monitor the movement of the kids then playing indoor games might be the best solution. Here are some of the indoor games for kids and toddlers.

  1.  Hot potato game

Assemble the kids and form a circle with one of the kid sitting in the middle as the leader. The leader should have his eyes closed and tosses the “hot potato”-a plastic ball preferably or small soft object-to any kid in the circle. Whoever catches the ball must pass it quickly to the next person. The leader should randomly mention the word “hot potato” and whoever is left having the object has to leave. To find the winner, the game has to continue until we have one kid left.

  1. Halloween-Indoor-Games-for-Kids-Toddlers
    Kid enjoying bubbles

    Let the kids enjoy bubbles

All you need is a jar and pieces of straws for each child, some washing soap and water. Place a small amount of soap in the middle of the jar and pour little some water. Gently mix until some suds form. The kids can use their straws to draw the soapy water and make them blow gently. This should bring more fun as some cheeky kids will make sure they have massive bubbles.

  1. The name game

Form a circle and pick a kid to start off the game. It is fun as it helps the kids to engage their minds a little. While the rest sing and dance, the one in the centre says his/her name for some seconds then picks another until each get a turn.

  1. Balloon relay

All balloon games are exciting and fun. It is always to play but at the same time enjoyable. All you need to do is fill the air with balloon, set a timer and instruct the kids to run for them. Whoever catches more than the rest under the time set is of course the winner.

Halloween Activities for kids-Crafts, Coloring, Art & Decorations.

Halloween activities for kids are meant to bring hours of fun for them and their parents too. This is the time to teach your kid a little of crafting, art and how to make scary decorations. Kids will have fun if they are involved in making some art too.

Halloween colouring pages for kids Activities

Kids are good at creating their own imaginative paintings and designs. Encourage them to draw, write and colour but keep in mind the Halloween theme. Here are some of the colouring pages.

  1. Skeleton colouring pages

You can print out this skeleton image and pin it on a board. Instruct the kids to colour the image using a sequence of numbers. The colouring practise is fun.

  1. Ghost colouring page.

You have to find a collection of ghost colouring pages. They include: baby ghost, dapper ghost, ghost frame etc. They should be simple with easy guidelines for the younger kids to follow.

  1. Monster colouring pages

You can divide the kids into groups or as a classroom and pick various monsters colouring pages. If the task becomes too hard for the kids, instruct them to colour in sections for each group. The monsters colouring pages include; Frankenstein, Loch Ness monster colouring pages etc.

Halloween art & Decorations activities

Decorations and art themed activities are fun for kid to do while at home. As a parent you would love it when your kids are engaged in some meaningful projects while you sit and give directions. Here is one of the selected activities.

Make Halloween paper chains

To add some decorations in your house during Halloween party, you can use papers as a form of art for your kids

What you need:

  1. A large sheet of paper
  2. Pairs of scissors
  3. Paper chain printable (Free)
  4. A print out of the chain template

Steps to follow:

  1. Make a choice of the paper shape you want to make such as: bat, spider dog or cat.
  2. Using a pair of scissors cut roughly around the shape and place on the extreme end of the piece of paper.
  3. Do not cut two sections of either side of the paper. Usually the printable shows them as dotted line .This is to make sure the chain is not broken at some point-watch the video-.
  4. Once you are done with the above step, fold the rest of the paper using the first fold as a guide. Make sure you have about four or five layers beneath the initial layer.
  5. Repeat step 3 and remember just to cut around the edges.

If you successfully followed the steps above, open out a whole chain of the shape you selected. This is fun, isn’t it?

Printable & Online Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween activities should capture the imaginations of kids and add fun to the whole event. Explore some of the online and printable activities below for your kids.

Printables for Halloween

Halloween printables

Some of the Halloween printable includes:

  1. Halloween Bookmarks

They are fun little printable for giving –away. You can wrap them with some sweets to give to the kids as soon as they come for the party.

  1. Halloween party invitation.

If you want to create a good impression to the kids, you can use printable Halloween invitations to welcome the kids or probably as thank you.

  1. Halloween certificates

Try and include certificates in your Halloween party for the kids. This can take the form of appreciation for the best costume, congratulations or for the overall good work. Kids would love it if they are paraded and in turn awarded.

Preschool &  Kindergarten Halloween Activities

There are so many Halloween activities to do with the preschoolers and kindergarten. It could be the costumes, treats or just decorations. If you intend to put a Halloween theme for this category of kids, here are some of the best crafts, games and art.

  1. Engage the preschoolers in Halloween songs
  2. You can also involve them in colouring pages
  3. Let them learn how to carve using a pumpkin

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