Halloween Games for Adults & Christians-Fun Party Games & Activities + Ideas

What are the most common Halloween games and activities for adults? Are there specific Halloween games for Christians? Read on to learn the Fun, ESL, Drinking, Printable as well as Scary adult Halloween games. In addition find activities and games for Christians plus party game ideas and tips.

Halloween Games and Activities for Adults & Christians-Why ?

Halloween party games for adults may appear childish and sometimes silly. However, Halloween occasion should bring out total fun in adults just as it is with the kids.

October 31, is increasingly becoming popular and more celebrated every year. The party is getting bigger and bigger as the event penetrates even to the Christians. It is not just the fun but getting an annual opportunity to dress up in a themed costume and get the chance to socialise with friends and family. For adults this is a rare opportunity to play games of all kinds.

Some sections of Christians believe that this particular date is linked to paganism: closely associated with the devil and his evil works. In fact according to some the day is meant to glorify the dirty things of this world rather than the light of Christ Jesus.

To them the bloody costumes put on mostly in the party are enough proof to assert their point. Some Christian families find weird it to celebrate the occasion while others use the event to interact with their loved one and friends.

Those against it instead celebrate Church harvest festival that coincides with Halloween. Halloween is not meant for any evil intentions…it is just fun. Find out more reasons as to why you should celebrate Halloween

All in all Halloween activities should create fond memories for adults. Halloween is becoming a tradition and has been part of the culture and any resistance in having fun in Halloween parties is considered odd. How else will you make your kids happy during this eve?

Easy, Trivia & Fun Adult Halloween Party Games

Adult & Christian Halloween Games & activities. Fun Party Games + IdeasThis Halloween party make it one of a kind by incorporating easy but trivial games and you will be marvelled by the excitement of your guests. Unlike the kids Halloween party games, for adults play scary but silly to have fun themed up for the Halloween project. Here are some of the easy Halloween party game ideas for adults:

 Box guessing game

This is a much simpler game that does not need spending at all. In this game, one person/group is required to place an object. One person in the group is blindfolded and asked to stick his hands in the box to have a feel of the item and try to make guesses what the object is. A set number of guesses is determined to have some limits. The person scores once he makes the correct guess. The game is fun when items that feel gross or scary are used.

Play the relay races

This game too does not require too much of planning and preparations. You can make a choice of the kind of relay race you prefer to participate in. For instance, try the egg relay race. In teams, one person carries an egg from start to finish using a spoon and hands it over to his team mate. The fun comes from carrying the egg using a spoon NOT the hands. Just like in the normal races, the first team to finish wins and gets an award.

Ghost stories for adults

How would a Halloween party end without a good ghost story? This game aims at involving all the guests and see how creative they can be. Allocate each person one minute to contribute to the story more of like a passing it on game. The first person narrates the beginning of the ghost story, and then the next person adds to the story until it goes round.

Mummy wrap

It is kind of classic game that has been entertaining for adults particularly for Halloween parties. All you need is a roll of tissues for each group that will be formed. It is rather an easy task but full of fun. Set a timer and start the spinning of one person with the tissue from each group to turn them into a mummy. The team that finishes first is the winner. You can incorporate drinking to make it even enjoyable.

Free Printable Halloween Games Adults

Free printable halloween games for adults
Halloween Pumpkins

If you are looking for the best way to add some fun throughout the evening of Halloween party, you should try out some of the printable games available. Halloween does not just provide the perfect excuse to dress in craziest costumes but also play for fun.

Here is a list of some of the printable games

Halloween scavenger hunts

This game involves the guests dressing into their costumes and go out on search of tricks, treats and other hidden objects. Each team should record their findings with either a video camera or cell phone. To make it even fun have a set time to find out which team finishes first. Always award the best team for their superb or hilarious performance.

Halloween fear factor

Test your guest courage and how they can handle challenges with game. In a jar insert chocolate bars and fill it with insects such as beetle or cockroaches. Pair the guest in groups and set clock. The team that picks as many chocolate bars as possible in the jar under the set time wins. This game is fun as it tests the bravery of your guests.

Pumpkin Games

Jack –o-lanterns are the known symbol foe every Halloween party. Nothing makes Halloween party lively without incorporating a little pumpkin game for fun. This is the opportunity to test your guests carving or artistic skill with pumpkins.

Halloween charades

One of the favorite party games during Halloween is the charade. It easily blends with the theme of the party. Choose categories such as horror movies titles or scary songs and try to include a version Pictionary of Halloween.

Scary Halloween Games for Adults

If you are fun of horror movies then playing spooky or scary Halloween games should not be a problem. There are numerous of fun scary games ideas to bring fear out in your group for this Halloween occasion. Below are some of the scary games to play.

The Ouija Board

Play this famous game that has been in existence for over 30 years. How does it work? It is simple to use and play with lot s of fun but scary as well. All you need to do is to rest your fingers gently on the game’s oracle and ask the spirit around you to talk to you through the board. You need to concentrate hard and ask a question. Watch the Ouija reveal your answer in number or yes or no in the message window.

Murder Mystery Game

Play the murder mystery game and see how scary it can get. How is it played? It is simple, assign people roles .one person in the room is known considered as detective while another picked secretly is the murderer and pretends to be one of the guests. The mystery in finding the murder happens in pitch black room. The murder has to walk in the room and picks a victim who shouts out “murder”. The detective comes in and investigates the crime. Normally he has to suspect one of the guests as the murderer. If the correctly identifies the murderer the mystery is solved.

Body Parts

It is one of the scary games to be played at the Halloween party by adults. It is a story telling game of ghost that involves a dead man whose body has been cut into pieces. You can use different food pops like the fruits (grapes) for eyeballs and probably spaghetti for brains. While telling the story you get the guests touch the food pops. It is always fun to play the game in a dark room.

Bloody Mary Prank

Are you familiar with Bloody Mary story? To play this game you need a mirror and dare take the Bloody Mary challenge. This is a story of a woman whose child was kidnapped. She took her own life after she was wrongly accused of killing her own child. Her ghost is said to appear in mirrors. It is believed if you summon Bloody Mary she will be angry and take a revenge on you. You can play this game with your guests. Most of the prank used is to have one of you hiding in a room wearing a scary mask ready to jump out.

Scary & Drinking Halloween Games for Adults Only

Halloween Drinks

Make your Halloween party unique beyond the costumes and candy. For adults, this should be the time to get loose and little crazy. Try out some drinking and scary games to add spur to the celebrations.

Scary Movie Drinking

Find a collection of favourite scary movie and pick one. To make the watching interesting table some rules for drinking. For instance, you could take a drink every time a person in the movie is killed.

Name A Bone

This should be fun way of treating your guests. You can buy a model of human skeleton. This is probably time to test how well your guests understand human anatomy. Each time a person makes incorrect answer to bone labelling he is required to take a shot as a penalty.

Monster Mash

This game is fun and scary at the same time. It will involve counting and drinking altogether. The players need to count from one to ten only that they have to shout out “monster” on numbers divisible by two and mash on numbers divisible by three. The trick is to find who messes up the count. Whoever does that has to take a drink.

Halloween Games for Adults at Work & Online

Halloween is one of the days that has not been considered as a national holiday but that should not let you miss the fun of this day. At work as an employee you can as well play some online games and feel even motivated.

The skeleton cannon

This game is interesting but I must warn you, it is addictive and might make you unproductive at work. This game gives you a chance to shoot at a skeleton out of cannon. The far you shoot the skeleton from the cannon the more you score points.

Halloween Hangman

It is another fun and scary game to enjoy online. It is classic game that can get you into the spirit world. It entails a wisecracking skeleton. The more you play it the more you enjoy the game.

Graveyard Golf.

This is another great online game for you that will keep you playing all day long. It mimics the real golf course with all 18-holes. The aim is to try and sink the ball into the holes in a few strokes as possible. The background (graveyard) environment keeps you in the spirit world.

Pumpkin Toss

How fast can you be when it comes to playing games online? The pumpkin toss tests speed and accuracy. Throw as many pumpkins in the holes under the time set to score more points. There are bonus holes that you should aim to score extra.

Other Fun, ESL Halloween Activities for Adults

It is important to make it straight on the fames that are just meant for adults. These games are not recommended for the younger crowd.

Fun Halloween activities for adults

Here are some of the fun games only for the adult.

  1. Halloween Movie Trivia

To make this Halloween party for your guest lively, focus on the horror movie trivia. All you need to do is to print movie trivia sheets and make sure each guest has it. You will be surprised to see how much or less your guest know about the scary movies.

  1. Pass It On Ghost Story

Sometimes keeping your Halloween party simple will save you the hustle and cost. Gather your guests around in a circle probably in your living room and take turns to narrate scary tales. On e person starts a section of the story and pass it on to the immediate person.

Esl Halloween activities for adults

Halloween provides an opportunity for those adults living in the U.S to improve their learning, listening and speech skills. As a teacher, you need to prepare ahead of time t o make the students understand that it is not just an American holiday but found across universe.

The activity:

  1. Give a brief history of Halloween

Talk about the history of Halloween to student. Do they celebrate it or is it new to them? by allowing to share with the rest of the class ,you will realise there could be diverse response to your request.

  1. Traditional Props

In most Halloween parties, the most commonly used props are apples, pumpkins and cornstalks. It is therefore to introduce these to them by explain what they symbolize.

  1. Provide Vocabulary

This is an important activity NOT to be ignored. While you provide the students with new words that are associated with Halloween, help them get their meaning. It is important to discuss how words over time.

  1. Involve the students in creative writing

After the vocabulary session around Halloween, ask to come up with their own piece of haunted, scary or funny tales. Insist to use the vocabulary words learnt. By the end of the lesson the student should have a clear picture of what the celebration of Halloween is all about.

Religious/Christian Halloween Activities, Games, Crafts & Ideas

Although Halloween is one of the most popular holidays, it is not common among some Christians. Why? It presents a challenge and controversy for some Christian families.

Bobbing for apples

Here are the Halloween games for Christians

  1. Tug Of War

It is one of the classic games still played to date. Most Christians would prefer to play this game as a way of socializing with fellow Christians or family members.

  1. Costume Contest

This game gives kids a chance to showcase their best costumes in different categories like the prettiest or cutest.

  1. Bobbing for Apples

It is one of the favourite games played in most Halloween parties. In a bucket full of clean water place apples and one by one the guests get the chance to grab an apple with their mouths.

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