10 Scary Halloween Facts + Pictures, Music & Sound Effects-What is Fear of Halloween?

What is fear of Halloween and what is it called? What are the most scary or creepy Halloween Facts,? Fear of Halloween is usual phenomenon on October 31. Read on to learn more about the fear of Halloween  and what it is called and the most scary, spooky or creepy Halloween or October 31 facts with pictures, music and sound effects video.

Fear of Halloween

Halloween is a dark festive with Pagan roots. You might want to learn more about what is the origin of Halloween is when, where & how  Halloween Started. There are more reasons as to why people celebrate Halloween. To some individuals, it symbolizes a mockery of Christian values. Some folks see it a way to mock the devil too.  The modern-day rituals of All Hallows Eve may seem harmless and playful to many. To those who appreciate the element of gothic fantasy and the make-believe that Halloween brings, the holiday is a welcome break from reality. Learn more about Halloween interesting and fun facts for kids and adults.

There are those who fear this day and they actually see no fun in the whole thing of October 31. So, what is fear of Halloween? The fear of Halloween is just the idea of being scared of Halloween its related rituals. What is the fear of Halloween called? Fear of Halloween is called Samhainphobia. What are causes of fear of Halloween or Samhainphobia?

Fear of Halloween-Scary Facts about Halloween

More often than not, Samhainophobia is said to affect children as compared to adults and this is attributed to the creepy All Hallows Eve rituals that kids don’t know and understand fully. For instance, children believe that ghosts exist, and Halloween is when ghosts are the most active as some kids believe. Another cause of samhainophobia is watching horror films associated with Halloween, such as the brutal holiday-themed film Halloween.

Scary rituals associated with Halloween, including ghosts, witches, cats, and cemeteries,can cause panic. Many sufferers are unwilling to celebrate Halloween, including unwilling to go trick-or-treating, and get more anxious as Halloween approaches.

Symptoms of Samhainphobia

Symptoms of fear of Halloween vary among sufferers. They include, trembling, inaudible speech,   fast or slow breath,  dizziness, uneven heartbeat, and a of feeling awfulness. Other samhainophobes may perhaps  claim to suffer from the fear of the dark which is known by the name Nyctophobia. This is because darkness or creepiness is part of Halloween rituals

How to Treat Fear of Halloween

Samhainophobia can be treated by avoiding getting into contact with things that trigger the fear itself. Samhainophobes who couldn’t soothe themselves may need professional treatment. Treatment options include counseling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

10 Scary or Creepy Halloween Facts

What are the most scary or creepy facts about Halloween or October 31? If you the kind of a person who has fear for Halloween then it won’t harm if you called yourself a samhainphobe! If you are not samhainphobe, go ahead and learn more about some scary Halloween facts.

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #1

Halloween is the deadliest night of the year according to AAA’s statistics. Kids are more than twice as likely to be killed in a pedestrian/car accident on Halloween than on any other night. The main cause of these accidents is drunk drivers on the road as well as children darting across the streets in costumes and masks. Parents or guardians are advised to make sure their kids are visible, coach them on road safety or accompany them if possible. These treak-or treat safety tips can be helpful for  your kids. For parents and guardians learn more about Halloween driving and road safety tips.

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #2

Halloween is possibly a cat’s worst Day of the year. In fact, adoption of cat, black cats in particular is never allowed at hallows eve. Not allowed by who? Animal shelters who fear that these beautiful creatures might be sacrificed. According to the Huffington Post, one such animal shelter is the The Cats’ Cradle in Morganton, based in North Carolina. Whether the cats are actually sacrificed or is not very clear.

Black cats are most at risk for pranks and cruelty due to their drawn-out association with evil spirits. The Humane Society has always advised pet owners to keep them (pets) indoors to protect them from becoming victims of candy-fueled mischief. Although many people probably don’t believe in black cats’ evil connotations these days, Halloween can revive old superstitions. You might want to learn more about Halloween common dangers to pets and safety tips to curb these dangers

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #3

Disguising as evil spirits (ghouls) and other spooks stemmed from the ancient Celtic folklore of townspeople who dressed up as demons and spirits. It is said that this sort of dressing allowed the Celts to get away without being noticed by real spirits that were believed to stroll the streets during the festive of samhain. This indeed must have been scary experience!

Scary/ Creepy Halloween Fact #4

According to All Hallows Eve tradition, if a person wears his or her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight. Learn more about interesting Halloween history facts.

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #5

One of the most famous and mysterious magicians who ever lived, Harry Houdini (1874-1926), died on Halloween. Cause of his death? An appendicitis caused by only 3 punches on the stomach.

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #6

One of the most popular legends of October 31 is the oft-repeated cautionary that there might be razor-blades or poison lurking in your kids’ treats, most probably put there by some sadistic crazy individuals. Strange enough, fears of poisoned Halloween candy are almost entirely unfounded. According to LiveScience, only two known cases of poisoning have been reported and both involved relatives.

In  the year 1970, a  boy named Kevin Toston, five year of age, supposedly consumed Halloween candy blended with heroin. Later after investigations were carried out, it was established that the drug belonged to the uncle of the boy. The boy got from his uncle’s heroine hideaway and was not meant for a Halloween candy.

In 1974, Timothy O’Bryan,  eight years old , lost his life after consuming a pixy stix (a sweet and sour powdered candy mostily packaged in a wrapper that looks like a drinking straw). The actual cause of his death was  cyanide poisoning. Detectives later discovered that it was his greedy father who had poisoned his own son in exchange for $20,000 life insurance policy he had taken out on each of his kids. He also had made an attempt to murder his daughter.

Scary /Creepy Halloween Fact #7

Visiting haunted houses is a common practice during Halloween. It is of course a wonderful encounter for those who have tried it. The most interesting part of it is knowing that, despite the adventures or thrills, you will never be in any real danger. It is just bogus or forged danger! The sad or rather funny fact is that our fight or flight response is still in working order.

According to former and present experts in the haunted house industry, it’ is normal for clients to lose their nerve because of fear and end up busting noses, biting arms and throwing punches at the very individuals (actors) they have paid to scare them . One lady remembered an encounter she had while volunteering at a haunted house. While she was lying in a coffin and popping out at people, a little girl was overwhelmed by fear until she started hitting her repeatedly. She was pulled away to avoid injuries.

Scary/ Creepy Halloween Fact #8

In Hollywood, you will be fined $1,000 or serve six months in jail for using or selling Silly String during Halloween. Silly String is a prank product that has been banned in Hollywood since 2004 after thousands of bored people would buy it on the streets of Hollywood from illegal vendors and “vandalize” the streets.

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #9

Did you know that some of the decorations and props that most people have taken to be just Halloween-Fun-Decorations are real?

Some years ago in a tiny residential neighborhood, the residents saw an outrageously realistic corpse dangling from a tree by the roadside. Majority of individuals ignored, thinking it was just a Halloween decoration. Later the neighbors were horrified when the police poked around and found it to be the body of a lady who had just committed suicide.

In the year 2012, few days after October 31, a post office worker was on his usual business when he spotted what appeared like a fairly true dead body on a porch. Due to the fact  that the atmosphere still smelt All Hallows Eve, he concluded that it was just a mere Halloween decoration. He never bothered to find out anything more about it. He was shocked when he later learned it was in point of fact the body of a man that had fallen down just hours earlier.

Another incidence was reported at Los Angels in an a group of several apartment buildings , the residents paid no attention to a very realistic lay figure that appeared as if  someone had  shot it in the eye. The tenants thought it was a Halloween decoration but they later discovered it was a corpse that had been laying there while decomposing for nearly seven days. The police dismissed it as a suicide.[Source Telegraph Uk]

Scary / Creepy Halloween Fact #10

Halloween is just scary in itself! It is why the term  Samhainphobia exists to describe it. Interestingly, Samhainophobia is the only holiday phobia in the medical literature in the present day.

More scary Halloween Facts

Makes kids behave wickedly.

According to two 1971 studies published in the American Psychological Association, kids’ behavior during Halloween turned out to be morally bad.

One of the studies established that kids in costumes who were not supervised and in a group will had a tendency to thieve money and candy as compared to children not in costumes and under supervision

In the other study, it was established that kids in masks were considerably more likely to rob or grab more candy than they were expected if they thought there was no adult observing them

As some folks explain, presenting a distinct object of desire, candy in this case, to a group of costumed children has been found to initiate deindividuation which is an idea in social psychology that implies loss of self-awareness and of individual responsibility in a crowd or group. As result of deindividuation, the kids will care less about the outcomes of their wicked behavior during Halloween

Germans keep away Knives during Halloween

In Germany it is recommended that you keep away knifes on October 31. Reason? Fear of spriit injury! The germans regard halloween as time to respect and honour the dead. It is a tradition to ensure that all knives are out of reach so to as to avoid injuring the returning spirits which are believed to wander around in the night. The idea of hurting the dead  may not make a lot of sense… but at the same it is such  scary  to imagine that the dead will awaken and wander around during this time.

Top Scary/Spooky Halloween Pictures/Images

Scary Halloween Pictures


Mask & Costumes scary Pictures


Halloween theme scary Pictures


Decorations Ghost Images

Spooky/ Scary Halloween Music & Sound Effects-Videos

Want more October 31 music and sound effects? Watch the following videos. In addition to Halloween scary music and sound effects, this video has more scary images.

Still not convinced that Halloween may dead scary? See this video below. At least explains the scary factor better…

Does Halloween frighten you? What is your scariest  or creepiest October 31 fact? Feel free to share it in the commenting section below.

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