French Green Clay-Mask, Recipes, Powder, Soap, Benefits, Uses &Side Effects

Wondering what French Green clay is? Herein Find what it is, benefits, uses, mask recipes for skin, hair, Internal for detoxification, forms including powder, reviews , side effects where to buy and more.

What is French Green Clay

What it is, constituents (minerals) and structure

Previously referred to as Illite and currently also known as sea clay, French clay is a detoxifying clay which is used internally and sometimes externally most especially by alternative medicine practitioners.

The main components of French green clay are calcium, sodium, magnesium, silica, aluminum oxide, Sulphur, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, arsenic, and zinc. French green clay is given its color by decomposed plant matter and iron oxide. Montmorillonite is a major constituent of green clay.

french green clay benefits uses for health internal detox
French Green Clay

 How it is made/how it forms

This clay is mostly extracted from quarries in France.  However, there has been traces of this clay in other parts of the world like Europe, Montana and China. Its main feature is that it comes in a green color and hence the name green clay. It is clay that occurs naturally on the earth’s surface like any other form of clay.

Overview of main uses & benefits

As will be discussed below, there are various benefits of using green clay and they include, detoxification, removal of skin blemishes, nourishment of the scalp, relieving of stomach acid problems and as well, improving blood circulation in your body.

French Green Clay Mask Benefits, Recipe & Review

How is the mask prepared and used?

To prepare a green clay mask, you will follow the guidelines below. Always remember that adding other ingredients to clay powder when making the mask, and as long as the ingredients have proven excellent, makes the mask more effective.


  • 3 teaspoons French green clay
  • Essential oil (jojoba oil, almond oil, or argon oil)
  • Mineral water


  1. Into a glass bowl, and depending on the area you mask is expected to cover, add the 3 teaspoons of French green clay. If you are using the mask for the face, 3 teaspoons are enough for a single coverage. However, if you wish to apply the mask on a bigger area like the neck region, you will need to add more clay powder.
  2. Add mineral water into the clay as you stir. Stirring as you pour in the water is crucial since it aid s you in forming a smooth paste which in the end is easy to apply on the skin. The clay box will contain some instructions and you must follow them as well.
  3. After you have a mixture that is neither too drippy nor too stable, add an essential oil so as to ensure you experience a moisturizing effect upon application of the mask. It also aids in giving your face a smooth feel.

When preparing this mask, remember not to use any metallic apparatus, whether a bowl or even a stirring stick. Stick to plastic and glass items.

green clayFrench green clay mask, how to use recipe and benefits
Green Clay Facial mask

How to apply the mask

  1. First of all steam your skin area where you want the mask applied so as to allow the skin pores to open. You could possibly do this by lacing a cloth dipped in hot water on the skin for a few minutes.
  2. Apply the mask on the skin evenly using your hands. Ensure however, that your hands are clean before dipping them into the mask. As well, if you are applying the mask on the face, avoid the eyes and lips area.
  3. When you are done applying the mask, relax by lying down and giving the mask time to work.
  4. After sometime, the mask starts to dry on your skin and hence, you begin to feel as though your skin is being stretched. An average waiting time for the mask to dry is fifteen minutes. Even that, you can stay a little longer if your face does not feel tightened yet.
  5. Dip a washcloth into warm water and use it to wipe off the mask. It not only gets rid of the mask but it is also a way of exfoliating the skin. Thereafter, you can rinse your face further with some cool water. Do not rub a rough cloth on your skin to dry it but rather, pat it until it dries.
  6. When you are through, apply a natural oil such as Rosehip oil on your face to moisturize it.

What are the benefits of green clay mask?

  • Purification of the skin

French green clay mask draws away impurities from the skin pores. In such a case, you will refer to the mask as a purifying French green clay mask. This clay sucks dead cells, stale sebum, bacteria, and dirt from your skin.

  • Skin exfoliation

French clay has a texture which is somehow rough and that way, removes dead cells off your skin without irritating you or making your skin feel dry.

  • Calming effect

In case your skin is irritated, French green clay offers a calming effect.  It soothes your skin and that explains why its use is advocated for if you have rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. This green cay mask offers you a soothing relief.

  • Skin detoxification

This clay has over time been used in getting rid of toxins found on your skin. Having ions which are negatively charged, French green clay neutralizes the positive ions in toxins as soon as it attracts them. Apart from that, the negatively charged clay attracts and impurities and heavy metals as well. This how the process of skin detoxification using clay takes place.

  • Controls oils on the skin

French green clay mask soaks up all the oils that are in excess on your skin. Remember, too much oils on your skin bring skin complications such as stubborn acne.

  • Skin cells nourishment

Being a bio mineral, French green clay offers nourishment to the skin cells. This is precisely explained by its rich mineral content. These minerals include aluminum, calcium, silica, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and copper. Generally, this clay keeps 5the skin hydrated and in good health.

  • Firms the skin

This clay also has the ability to tighten up your skin. This is usually explained by its ability to reduce pores that are extremely large. This way, any sagging skin is left firm after application of French green clay mask.

  • Fades blemishes

In addition to the above, green clay aids in clearing of blemishes. It is commonly used as a facial cleanser, spot remover and a general facial mask. You can add lemon to your clay powder to make clearing of the blemishes more effective.

What do reviews say about the green mud mask?

Frugalgirl, 10th October 2016

She explains that she used French green clay for her face and it left her very rejuvenated. She says that this clay removed toxins from her skin and kept her skin soft as well. Frugal girl explains that she still uses the French green clay mask for hydration of her skin and for provision of ant aging properties.

Katherine Requilman, 7th September, 2017

Katherine explains that after applying the green clay mask on your face, you will feel the skin so tightened as the mask dries up. After washing it up, you will realize that it pulled off all the junk that was previously on your skin pores. She says that she uses this mask twice a month and it has so far worked for her.

Sarah Anne

Anne praises the French green clay for its ability to take her skin from a broken and dull skin to a smooth and even toned skin. Sarah further explains that this clay works out for her in a single night. For her case, she uses it once in a week.

  1. Phillips 25th May 2015-Amazon Online Store

Phillips expresses the excellence of French green clay by stating that it saves his skin from impurities build up and any form of breakouts. Phillips says that his failure to use this mask in a moth or two shows a clear difference of the skin.

For the two to three years he has used it, he says he is never going to stop using this mask. In his opinion, it is excellent even when it does not dry completely on your face.

Health Benefits of Green Clay-Edible & Drinking

Is there edible green clay-how is eaten

There is edible green clay in the case where you wish to treat your body by internal clay consumption. The clay comes in powder form and it has directions on how you can incorporate it into your food or the food of your pets.

Is drinking green clay recommended

Drinking green clay is recommended in the case where you have an extremely high level of toxins. It is however very important that you drink more water sometime after you have taken green clay. This is to avoid cases of constipation that come in the case where the clay absorbs too much water from your system.

What are the health benefits of eating/drinking green clay?

First of all, green clay is great for detoxification. The negative charge of French green clay ions explains its ability to attract the positively charged toxins. As it goes through your system, the clay collects all the toxins and drives them out of the body. This clay has the ability to cleanse your digestive system thoroughly. Moreover, it helps your body in getting rid of parasites, viruses and bad bacteria.

French green clay relieves you of stomach disturbances. Sometimes, your stomach faces problems due to improper digestion. French clay cleans your gut and the impurities likely to cause stomach problems are gotten rid of.

Generally, ingesting clay will cleanse your body and leave its organs functioning optimally. This is what keeps you free of so many infections.

Green Clay for Acne, Face & Skin -Benefits & Uses

How it is used

Green clay gets rid of acne in no time. It works best when used as a facial mask. Following the above general recipe for French green clay mask, prepare a mask for your face. Massage the clay mixture on your skin using your hands then allow it to dry. Rinse it off using warm water then pat your face dry.


  • Removal of excess oils

Sometimes, you develop acne following accumulation of oils on your facial skin. Upon application of clay paste on your face, such oils are trapped and in a few days, all the acne will be gone.

  • Exfoliation of the skin

When you have acne on the face, your dermatologist advises you to try exfoliating your skin. Thanks to French green clay which is not only cheap but also comes in its natural form. Green clay mask removes impurities that cause blockage of your skin pores. This way, the pores are opened up well allowing for proper aeration and as such a more healthy facial skin which is free of acne.

  • Decreasing of skin pores size

As mentioned above, when you apply the clay mask your face tightens and as such, the skin pores are pulled close together. This reduces the amount of dirt which is likely to accumulate in the skin pores and this gives a chance for the already existing acne to disappear.

  • Detoxification

Toxins contribute to formation of acne on your face. The green clay, being negatively charged attracts the toxins and that way, it pulls them off your skin. This facial cleansing gets rid of the acne on your face. When all the above advantages of using French green clay are combined, you realize the excellence of French green clay in getting rid of acne.

A health expert, Sandy Halliday, confirms that French green clay, by getting rids of toxins frees the body of associated effects such as allergies, digestive complications, headaches and generally fatigue.

  • Green clay as medicine

A microbiologist Haydel and a geochemist, Williams carried out a study on the antibacterial properties of clay. From their research, they gathered that the green clay is in position to kill bacteria causing diseases.

Green Clay Internal Use/Detox

French green clay can be consumed internally for a detox. The most common way of internal consumption of green clay is drinking green clay water. It is advisable that this clay water be taken one hour before any meal. This is to allow the clay to work effectively in detoxing your body.

Green clay for internal use-detox and cleanse
Digestive Tract

Below are guidelines on how to prepare green clay water;


  • 1tablespoon green clay powder
  • 8 ounces of water


  1. Make a mixture of the green clay powder and water in a plastic cup or a glass
  2. You can either drink the mixture immediately or let the clay settle then drink the liquid that collects on top of the clay
  3. After around 1 hour, you can start drinking more and more water to avoid dehydration which may come due to the high absorption properties of clay.

You need to keep in mind that under certain conditions, you should not consume French green clay internally. For instance, those who have iron intolerance as well as blood pressure should by all means avoid consuming green clay internally.

Uses of Green Clay for Hair + Shampoo

How is green clay used for hair

Just like for the skin, French green clay is great when used for hair. Below are the steps on how should apply green clay on your hair;


  1. Make a your French clay powder with a small amount of water to make a thick paste
  2. Add an essential oil if you have since it improves the effectiveness of the clay mixture
  3. Massage the clay into your hair right into the roots
  4. Repeat until all the hair is covered. You can adjust the amount of clay mixture until all the hair roots are covered
  5. Without letting it dry, leave the clay on your hair for about five to ten minutes
  6. Rinse with warm water. If in your disposal, you can rinse your hair with herbal tea and apple cider vinegar mixture

Benefits-How does it help hair?

To begin with, green clay is good for scalp detoxification. Its positively charged ions attract t toxins from your scalp leaving it well cleansed.  When applied on the scalp following the procedure above, it pulls out toxins and you will realize this since your scalp starts to feel free and cleansed.

How to use French Green Clay for hair-mask recipe and benefits
Green Clay Mask on hair

Additionally, green clay aids in removal of dead cells that are on the scalp giving room for regeneration of healthier scalp cells. When your scalp is free of dead cells, there is proper aeration and blood circulation and this is what you need to maintain a healthy scalp.

Green clay shampoos

As an alternative to the normal shampoos, you are advised to either make a shampoo using the French green clay or purchase a shampoo made of the clay. As opposed to the other shampoos, green clay shampoo gets rid of dirt, dead scalp cells, product build-up, and excess oils from your scalp without taking away the natural oils from your scalp.

Most shampoos sold in the market rob you of the natural oils. In other words, they are too harsh to the scalp. You can comfortably substitute such shampoos with French green clay shampoo.

French Green Clay Powder Benefits, Liquid & Capsules

The available forms of French green clay include powder, liquid and capsules

Green Clay Powder Benefits & Uses

Powder is the most popular form of green clay available in stores. It is mostly used in spas. Most of is non-irradiated and it said to absorb substances better especially when used externally.

Liquid green clay

In addition to powder, there is also liquid green clay. This form is usually used for facial mask. One of the most popular liquid green clay products is GG Mask. This mask comes with healthy and uncommon ingredients like probiotics, organic green tea and B Vitamins

Green Clay Capsules

The capsules are primarily used for detoxification programs. The clay absorbs unwanted substances in the GI tract leaving it clean

French Green Clay Soap Recipe

Recipe-how is green clay soap made?


9 grams green clay (0.32 oz)

4.8 oz of olive oil and babassu oil

1.6 oz shea butter

6.08 distilled water

0.5 oz essential oil

3.68 oz avocado oil


  • Make a mixture of the oils then add water. Add the green clay to the cold soap into which you wish to incorporate the green clay
  • You can then add the oils and stir to ensure no lumps are left in the soap. All the same, there are various other ways to add the clay into your soap. This is just one of the ways.
french green clay soap, recipe and benefits
Green Clay Bar Soap

How is it used?

Simply, you are required to use this soap on your skin when taking a bath like any other soap. After applying this soap on your skin, always give it some time to work on the skin before rinsing, for instance, five minutes would be good time.  Most importantly, do not over use the soap, thrice a week is oaky.

What are the benefits?

Green clay soap helps with skin breakouts or any form of inflammations. It contains minerals which nourish the skin and once you use this soap, you equip your body with minerals such as potassium, calcium, silicon, and copper. It makes you skin have an even tone by aiding in getting rid of any blemishes.

Green Clay for Horses-Uses & Benefits

Like human begins, horses draw a number of benefits from green clay. French green clay reduces inflammation or any soreness on the horse’s lower extremities. For performance horses, green clay is applied on their legs on a routine basis so as to prevent possible swelling after the horse goes for tough work outs.

Moreover, this clay when given to horses eliminates toxins from their body system. You will find it useful to give this clay to your horse in a case where it has loads of parasites. Some horses experience ulcers due to emotional stress after an injury and in this case, French green clay can be used for healing purposes.

Nevertheless, you should not over-feed your horse with green clay as in the long term; it may star to not only draw large amounts of water from the horse’s body but minerals and vitamins too. It is therefore advisable that you keep water at a close proximity to the horse after giving it clay to avoid unnecessary dehydration.

Any other Benefits & Uses of French Green Mud

Generally, the major benefits of the green clay to the skin and hair are discussed above. Other benefits you get from using green clay include;

  • This mud once applied on your skin opens up the pores and the end result is proper aeration all over the skin.
  • French clay also improves blood and lymph circulation by absorbing impurities from the body
  • After body cleansing by the green clay, your connective tissues are strengthened
  • The analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers of green clay explain its ability to relieve you of any form of swelling, muscular pain or generally, rheumatic conditions.[1]

Green Clay Side Effect, Safety & Dangers

Is green clay safe?

Green clay is very safe to use as long as you follow all the guidelines given. When you purchase a green clay pack, it must be of good quality and you must be keen on any instruction written on the pack. Otherwise, when used in correct amounts, green clay is safe to use both internally and externally.

What are possible side effects & dangers

Even with the numerous benefits, green clay is associated with side effects which include the following;

  • When used on the face, green clay may leave you with some dry flaky skin patches.
  • When taken internally and without an afterward sufficient amount of water, green clay may cause constipation
  • An American group of toxicologists discovered that long-term exposure to montmorillonite which is a component of green clay causes lung damage[2]

Any tips when buying and precautions when using

  • Before you buy French green clay, be careful that you buy quality clay. You must read the ingredients on the box before you can purchase. You must also ensure that the clay you are purchasing is actually green.
  • When using the French green clay, you should never use any metallic substances since they react with the clay reducing its quality and effectiveness.
  • You are also advised not to use green clay when pregnant unless your doctor allows you to do so.

Where to Buy French Green Clay & Top Brands/Packers

If you are in France, Europe and any other country where clay is mined then you can go either to the mining places or simply get from local stores near you.

However, if you cannot find it in your local area, get it from online stores such as;

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • IHerb

Brands will depend on what you wantto use it for. Some of the most popular brands/packers include;

  • Green bay packers clay matthews
  • Green team clay center ks
  • Clay tire green cove springs
  • A vogel green clay

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References & Sources



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