Best Whole /Full Fat & High Protein Greek Yogurt Brands & Nutrition

Did you know that full fat Greek yogurt can be healthy as well? This sorely depends on your preference and the regulation. What is the best whole fat Greek yogurt? In this article read more on answers about this and high protein Greek yogurt brands and nutrition to help you make informed choices

Whole/ Full Fat Greek Yogurt-Nutrition & Benefits

Full or whole fat yogurt is yogurt that is made of whole milk. It is the milk used during production that creates the difference when compared to fat free varieties which are made with skimmed milk.

Full Fat Greek Yogurt Nutrition

What is the nutrition of full fat Greek yogurt? Is it healthy?  How many calories does it contain?

Including either nonfat or full-fat yogurt in your eating plan can be healthy since both have significant nutritional benefits. Both fat-free and whole-fat varieties are rich sources of calcium and protein, which can be particularly valuable for vegans. At the same time, both varieties contain probiotics, a type of beneficial bacteria that may aid digestion.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an 8-ounce serving of plain full-fat yogurt provides about 140 calories, 8 grams of protein, 7.4 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates and sugar, and 275 milligrams of calcium.

Have you heard that full-fat varieties of yogurt can also help you lose weight? When it comes to weight loss, it is only low or fat free yogurts that get a mention since they are associated with low calories.

According to research, eating full-fat yogurt daily could help you lose weight faster than eating low fat yogurt, surprising new research has shown.

People who ate at least one small 125g pot of full fat yogurt a day were 19 per cent less likely to be obese compared to those who ate less than two pots a week. [The Telegraph ]

Yet another research review  in the year 2013 reported that consuming full-fat dairy products, including whole milk and cheese, was linked to low body weight.

In 11 of the 16 studies included in the review, individuals who consumed more high-fat dairy products either weighed less or gained less weight over time. Nevertheless, these were all observational studies; they cannot substantiate that eating more high-fat dairy products prevents weight gain.

Greek Yogurt

Here are other benefits of full fat Greek yogurt;

  • Has more flavor and texture
  • It is creamier and tastes richer than non fat
  • More fulfilling and has a higher protein content
  • It is better when you need to take more calories in a day
  • Contains carbohydrates, fat, phosphorous, potassium and iodine
  • Has probiotics which are beneficial for your gut

On the downside-

  • It is not versatile and does not allow you to add fruits into the treat
  • Has more saturated fats

Full fat yogurt for babies or infants-Is it good?

Is whole fat Greek yogurt good for babies? Generally, added cultures might not sit well with infants and can cause allergies. Usually, baby yogurt is whole-milk based, organic and marketed for babies while adult yogurt is simply regular, low-fat or fat-free yogurt and marketed to an adult population. Many brands of adult yogurts are low-fat or fat-free, which is not ideal for an infant.

However, full-fat adult yogurts made with whole milk are acceptable to offer to a baby. Whole-milk yogurt is high in dietary fat, and high-fat diets are essential for an infant’s growth and development, especially cognitive development.


When introducing yogurt to your infant, start with portions of 1 to 3 tablespoons and progress to larger portions if your pediatrician gives you the OK. As with any new food, it may take a few tries to get your baby to eat whole-milk yogurt.

Best Full Fat Greek Yogurt Brands Where to Buy

Full fat Greek Yogurt Brands

It is a bit tricky to find Greek yogurt that is whole milk/ full fat as most brands use skimmed milk while processing. There are lots of Greek yogurt brands out there but almost all of them are zero in fat. 

Best-Full-Fat-Greek-Yogurt-Brands-Where-to- Buy-chobani
Chobani Indulgent

Chobani full fat Greek yogurt

Chobani offers a wide range of Greek yogurt products and a variety of tastes. Unfortunately Chobani does not offer the full fat Greek yogurt brand.

Some sources claim that,Chobani Indulgent, a recently launched product by Chobani is mixed with full fat Greek yogurt but this isn’t case. Basing on the information on their website, the ingredients include Cultured Pasteurized Nonfat Milk, Cream etc. Full-fat is not mentioned anywhere.

Best Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Fage ranking among the best Greek yogurt producers has the best full fat Greek yogurt variety. Fage total classic 2%, made with Grade A pasteurized milk and cream, it provides 10 grams of fat.

Where to Buy Full Fat Greek Yogurt

As much as finding full fat Greek yogurt is a bit tricky, you can find them at your local grocery store depending on where you are. Trader Joe’s have a full fat plain Greek yogurt. You can also get Fage from Amazon.

Full Fat Plain & Organic Greek Yogurt

For dairy products to be certified as organic, they have to come from cows that graze on pasture for not less than120 days per year. Organic standards help lower risk of contaminated feed and organic yogurt usually has higher nutrient quality. Grass fed yogurt is up to five times higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than that from cows fed grains year-round.

Just like the case of full fat variety, plain, organic full-fat yogurt is not easily found. Majority Greek yogurts are low or fat free and come in flavors. Here are some very important things you should consider when shopping;

  • Taste and texture
  • Nutritional facts
  • Ingredients
  • Probiotics
  • Check for yogurt labeled 100% grass fed or look for is certified organic.

.There are a few brands of organic, full-fat and plain Greek yogurt

  • Straus Family Creamery
  • Wallaby Organic.

In addition, the Wegmans Greek yogurt has developed an organic full fat Greek yogurt variety. A taste test done brands this variety as rich, creamy, delicious yet not too thick.

If you cannot find organic full fat Greek options at your local grocery store, you can as well create your own using some cheesecloth and regular yogurt that is organic, full-fat, and plain.

High Protein Greek Yogurt


Yogurt is a high end food that has won the love of many Americans. It has taken up most fridge spaces in most homes. It is healthy, has good bacteria and can help boost immunity. This wonder food has an awesome taste that feels like a treat. However there are many products in the market that do not offer these benefits as they are made not up to standard. Here is a list of high protein Greek yogurt brands

  • Fage total 0% Cherry Greek yogurt
  • Chobani 0% Blood orange Greek Yogurt
  • Stonyfield Oikos 11/2 % Fat Organic Greek Raspberry
  • Alpina Revive Plain 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
  • Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla

Highest Protein Greek Yogurt

Protein should be a very important component of our meals especially at breakfast. It acts as a fuel for the different parts of our body making it even more necessary to have it throughout the day. While regular yogurt has six to eight grams of proteins Greek yogurt has 18 to 20 grams. Because of the straining process, Greek yogurt ends up offering triple the protein as regular yogurt.  Check through the ingredients and the nutritional facts sheet to choose the highest protein Greek yogurt for the best results.

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