Belly Fat Burning Foods- Get rid of that protruding stomach

Considering a Belly Fat Burning Foods diet is a crucial step towards getting rid of excess fat around the midsection (the abdomen and the stomach) of your body. Why do you need to burn fat around the midsection? The most obvious reason is that you want to maintain a fantastic or grand body shape. You know that protruding stomach is perfectly ugly. The other reason which is even more important is that you want to stay healthy and live longer: excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen can increase chances of getting variety of illness including but not limited to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers. Actually, belly fat is at times referred to as Abdominal Obesity! Probably, you have been hitting the gym doing thousands of crunches hoping to diminish that ugly pot belly but unfortunately things really don’t seem to work. Exercising is very important but you need to be aware that to effectively fight against fat cell, you need to check on the kind of food you take or eat. You should consider a healthy diet that can aid in burning the needless fats in your belly. Here is a list and a brief description of belly fat burning foods can help you do away with excess fat around you stomach and abdomen.

Common Belly fat burning foods

  1. Oats: They not only taste great but also reduce your hunger. Oats contain healthy fiber which makes you feel full, so you can resist eating more food than you need. This helps in stabilizing the levels of cholesterol in your body which in turn means less fat which is likely to accumulate as belly fat.
  2. Grapefruit: When was the last time you ate grapefruit? Grape fruit one most commonly known belly fat burning foods. Researchers have found that people who ate just half an ounce of grapefruit three times a day lost weight without changing any other part of their diet. It’s possible that grapefruit’s acidity might slow digestion, which helps you feel full longer.
  3. Eggs: Eggs are readily available at least for a majority of the population. They are  the rich sources of proteins and low in calories. Eggs help us to build the muscles and develop the good cholesterol. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which helps your body break down those dreaded belly fat cells. This breaking down of  fat cells also occurs in other parts of your body
  4. Apples: Apples are packed with fiber, which makes your belly feel full. But the crunchy fruit also demands lots of chewing- making you think you have eaten more than your body needs. Apples are enriched with powerful antioxidants and other supplements. Most importantly it contains Pectin which helps to reduce the fat cells in the body including you abdomen.
  5. Beans: Beans get a bad rap as gas donors, but are amongst the best belly fat burning foods. They help fire off fat, develop muscle and regulate digestion. Beans help you feel full so it’s less likely that you’ll over-indulge. Bonus: Beans help keep you to look regular, which reduce the ugly bloated belly look.
  6. Avocados:   A sure and smart way to keep hunger at bay is to take just a slice of a fresh avocado which will give you about 15g of fiber. In addition, just ¼ cup of avocado is enough to reward you with a full serving of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) which help burn belly fat. Do not wait, just give it a try!
  7. Green Chilies: Green chilies contain Capsaicin which helps to develop the body growth cells and burns the belly fat and calories in your whole body in quick time. According to a study published in the May issue of “Digestive Diseases and Sciences” Capsaicin could play a role in the future of weight management.
  8. Honey: Honey is one of the best foods that aid in burning fat without much struggles. Add honey in warm water and take it daily in the early morning and the results will be quite amazing.
  9. Nut Butters: Nut butters are a great source of monounsaturated fats, which helps drop persistent belly fat. Spread it on your favorites and feel good about a tasty treat, but don’t overdo it.
  10. Garlic: Garlic contains Allicin which has anti-bacterial properties that helps us to reduce the belly fat in addition to fighting away the bad cholesterol.
  11. Tomatoes: Studies have shown that taking tomatoes in your diet regularly helps us stay away from cancer but one other great ability of the tomato is that it helps us to burn unwanted fat in the shortest time possible.
  12. Green Tea: Green tea can play a very important and effective role in burning fat. It contains antioxidants which can help in stabilizing your body weight. Take 2 cups of tea on a daily basis for better results.
  13.  Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties which aid in the reduction of the cholesterol levels in the blood. It boosts the growth of serotonin in the blood and also burns belly fat and fat in the whole body.
  14.  Whole Grains: Your body starts to store fat when your insulin levels rise. Whole grains help burn fat by slowly releasing their energy so insulin levels don’t spike.

Would you be having any additional belly fat burning foods? Have you recently burnt fats in your belly? What are the top belly fat burning foods that made things work? Please feel free to share it below in the comment section


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