How to do Push Ups Correctly

How can you do push/press ups correctly? What are the steps and tips?Are there any dangers of doing push ups incorrectly or wrongly? Read on learn more

Benefits of Doing Push Ups

Push ups done correctly

Following are the pros/advantages/benefits of doing press or push ups

Conditions your upper body– Doing push ups  strengthens, tones and builds your, chest, shoulder and arm muscles.

Core Strength- The core are the muscle groups around midsection that ensure your spine is properly aligned.

Increases bone mass while maintaining their (bones) strength-Can help prevent tosteoporosis

Doing push ups increases your metabolic rate since many muscles are involved.

How to do Push Ups Correctly Video

The video below shows how to do a push up in the correct way

What are the Risks/ Dangers of doing Push Ups wrongly?

Basically pushups done incorrectly can lead to injuries. It can make your lower back ache, hurt your shoulders, and to make it even worse, you will not enjoy the benefits that you have seen above.

Another form of  injury is strained fingers especially if you perform press ups on your fingers and not palms

Best Way  to do Push Ups -Tips to do safely

What is the best way to perform push ups? Following are some tips to do press ups  safely so as to achieve best results.

  • Your posture or form matters a lot when doing a push up. Your spine should remain neutrally curved and rigid so that any load is distributed safely through it. If your back should sag or if your behind extends so high, your lumbar spine will become hyperextended, which can lead to the injuries you have already seen above..
  • Give yourself a break. After successfully your set allow your some time( about two days) muscles time to rebuild and recover
  • Eat proteins after your work out. protein aids in rebuilding worn out  muscles while doing push ups, It also helps them rebuild the muscles stronger than before.
  • Try variations for strength- If you can perform 4 sets of 20-25 perfect form push ups no sweat, then try variations of push ups to reduce the boredom


How to Do A Proper Push Up

Benefits of push ups.

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