Best Women’s Glute Home Exercises for Mass & Bottom Lifting

Can Glute Exercises for women at home aid in achieving a firm, round and lifted rear? Basing on how your behind is structured, following is discussion on the exercises, how best to do them plus tips on what to eat to get quick results.

Every woman wants it… that shapely, carved and defined derriere. Of course no one likes the drooping, square or rectangular shaped types. Round and firm is aesthetically certified to be called nice, beautiful and may be perfect. A toned rear makes you look wonderful in those new, sexy fashion leggings and skinny jeans.

How your rear structured.

What is your  rear made up of? In addition to fat, the outline of your behind is defined by a bundle of muscles collectively referred to as the glutes. The gluteal muscles comprise of the gluteus minimus, the gluteus maximus (largest muscle in your body), and the gluteus medius.

Below is an illustration

Glute workouts-How is your rear structured-rear musclesWhat


Best Glute Exercises for Women at Home

Glute workouts are  a combination of specific exercises that target the gluteal muscles.  These workouts can be done at home or at the gym with machine or weights. A good diet combined with consistent glute exercises  can lift, add mass, shape your behind and get it exquisitely toned.

Are you ready to get that firm, round and lifted  derriere? These are are simple and can be performed at home or anywhere; no machines required! You can as well include elastic bands for increased resistance. Each exercise particularly focuses on your glutes to directly access deep, hard-to-activate muscle fibers and stimulate growth at quite a fast rate. These exercises not only tone the rear but also other parts of your body specifically, your legs and hips. All these exercises will generally make you fit.

1. Climbing stairs

Glute-workout-climb-stair-durablehealthClimbing stairs is one of the simplest exercises that can tone your rear. This simple exercise is regarded as one of the most effective cardio and strength building workouts you can engage yourself in.

The wonderful thing about it all is that stairs are available almost in every place you go. Stair climbing engages major muscle groups ( glutes hamstrings, quadriceps and calves) in your lower body. This workout is great for building lean muscles and melting fat down there which results in toned and sculpted rear.

2. Walk Hills

Simple-glute-workouts-exercise-walk hills

Just like climbing stairs, walking hills will sculpt your legs and rear while burning plenty of calories. If you  need a no-fuss glute exercise, all you have to do is walk. Tackle hills for the most glute-shaping impact.

3. Hindquarter Bridges

glute-workouts-women-home-bridges-durablehealthThis is an easy-to-do excellent  exercise that works your glutes, hamstrings and  hips. Other than working your rear, bridges also; work every single muscle in your back, toughen and protect the spine in preparation for heavy or explosive movements, provides the entire front of your body with quite an incredible stretch, strengthens your spinal muscles, which can prevent slipped discs and result in extra endurance in sports and life.

How to: Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your arms at your sides. while keeping your shoulders on the floor, slowly raise your butt and hips toward the ceiling, tightening the glutes and hamstrings until you’ve created a diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees.Hold for one second, then return to the starting position and repeat.

4. Squats


Squat is the ultimate glute workout. It is said to be one of the most effective rear  expanding workout. According to experts, squat is one of the best exercises you can do for your butt lifting, hip rounding, and thigh toning.

How to: Stand with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart and your arms extended in front of you. Slowly lower your hips,or bend your knees to a ninety degree angle with your back straight making sure not to let your knees go out past your toes then rise back up.

5. Lunges


This is a basic exercise that strengthens the glutes, quads, hamstrings and the calves. Lunges also stretch the hip flexors and promote balance and stability in the ankle and knee joints.

How to: Take a giant step forward or backward, keeping your back straight. Slowly lower your body bending your front knee to about 90 degrees . Your front knee should be aligned over your front ankle. Keep weight on your back toes and drop the back knee toward the floor while ensuring the back knee does not touch the floor. Step together and repeat. Alternate legs or do all sets on one leg and then switch for a greater glute workout challenge

6. Step-ups


This is one of the most effective and yet simple glute exercises for any women young or elderly. It works the entire of your lower body.
How to: To do a basic version of the exercise, simply place your foot on a step, then push your body up just like the image above illustrates.

7. Kick backs


To do this exercise, stand on your right leg. With the leg that is free off the ground, kick it back until you see your butt squeeze into a bubble. Do at least 10 repetitions and then switch to your left leg. To add resistance, you can add some little weight in the ankle.

8. Clam-shell


This exercise focuses on the glutes and the hamstring muscle groups.
How to: Lie on your right side on the floor, with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Ensure your left leg is on top of your right leg, and your heels together. Keeping your feet in contact with each other, slowly raise your left knee as high as you can without moving your pelvis. Pause, then return to the starting position. Your right leg should not move off the floor. Switch sides and repeat.

9. Quadruped hip extensions

glute-workouts-women-home-Quadruped-Hip-Extensions-durablehealthOther than being simple, the most amazing thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere. According an ACE (American Council on Exercise) research study, this move to elicits the most muscle activation for the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius when compared to other common butt-shaping exercises e.g the squat. It also a nice workout for rounding you hips.
How to: To do this glute workout, begin on your knees and hands (quadruped position)… just like a toddler but ensure your knees are below your hips and your wrists below your shoulders, and fingers pointing forward.

Keeping the core muscles engaged, slowly lift the right leg. Your knee should stay bent as you press your foot up toward the ceiling.

Complete about 10 reps with the right leg and then switch sides and start again. To make this move safe and produce results, avoid arching or sagging your back by continuing to brace your core, and avoid rotating your hips by keeping the shoulders and hips squared to the floor during the entire exercise.

10. Birddog

glute-workouts-women-home-birddog-durablehealthThis another floor exercise that strengthens your abdominals, lower back, butt and thighs. It is almost like the quadruped hip extension but a little bit advanced.
How to: Begin on your knees and hands, your knees are below your hips and your wrists below your shoulders, and fingers pointing forward. Brace your abdominals, slowly lift one hand and the opposite knee just clear of the floor while balancing on the other hand and knee then, point the arm out straight in front and extend the opposite leg to the rear. Hold for 10 seconds then return to hands and knees on ground position, switch hands and knees start out and try about 5 repeats

11. Single Leg Lift

glute-workouts-women-home-single-leg-lift-durablehealthTo do this exercise, stand on your left foot. Lift your right foot behind you and bend your knee so your right leg is parallel to the floor. Bend forward at your hips, and slowly lower your body as far as you can, or until your right lower leg almost touches the floor. Pause, and then push your body back to the starting position. For beginners, let the toes of your shoe rest on the floor for balance instead of raising the foot of your non-working leg.

How-to Video

Other activities that can still help

Actively participating in some sports or activities (especially hobbies you enjoy) can aid in building your leg and your gluteal muscles. Some possibilities: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Gymnastics, Skiing, Volleyball, Soccer, Field, Hockey e.t.c

What is the best diet to supplement the exercises?

According to experts, there is no magic bun-burning diet, but to trim down overall body fat, eat whole foods (veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins ), healthy fats (mono- and polyunsaturated), and small portions every three to four hours while not forgetting to carry a bottle of water always.This keeps you feeling full and satisfied and energetic, which helps you to avoid overeating.

 Tips for Effective Glute Exercises at Home.

  1.  Learn to contract your stomach muscles while you do any of the rear-based exercises. Tightening and lifting your stomach muscles upward will protect your lower back from injury, while burning fat in your torso.
  2. Always alternate the glute exercises to avoid overworking particular muscles.
  3. If you have leg, knee, feet, or back problems, avoid exercises that involve those injured body parts.
  4. Keep your back in a neutral position to avoid injuring your spine.
  5. Do each exercise in front of a mirror, to ensure your back maintains a natural position and is not over arched or rounded.
  6. Pay attention to where your knees are. As I have mentioned in the how-tos, during squats or lunges, your knees should never go over your toes. Overextending your knees can lead to knee injury, because you are supporting your body with your knee joint, rather than your butt and thigh muscles.
  7. Wear supportive cross-training shoes. This will help you maintain your balance as you do your body weight exercise. Always exercise on a flat surface, rather than a rubbery gym mat.

Things to keep in mind

You cannot shape fat. Working out your gluteal muscles is the only chance you have to shape your rear. Doing zero exercise, calories over-consumption, and, ironically, sitting too much will give you a larger but fatter and shapeless derriere.

According to experts on webmd, getting that round and sculpted rear depends on few things; for mothers in their 40s, it can be a little bit hard to achieve the round shape since fat deposited around the hips and thighs is usually less responsive than in the other parts of the body.Though, with nutrition and exercise, progress is still possible. Shape of your rear is largely influenced by genes. If female members of your family have a trapezium-shaped rear, there are high chances that yours will follow suit. However, whatever the shape, you can still tone it and make it look better.

Finally, remember that patience is a virtue. It takes time and persistence to trim away fat, build up muscle, and shape your body. And the fact is, you are likely not have the perfect butt. But you can have one that is firmer and shapelier.









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