Exercise Equipment for Kids- Pull up Bar,Exercise Balls & Treadmills

Pull up bar, exercise balls, treadmills are among the most sought exercise equipment for kids. Selecting the right workout equipment for your children  from a reputable supplier is a prerequisite for achieving the best out of your kids’ physical activity. Read on to learn more.

Gym or Exercise Equipment for Kids

When undertaking exercises, any apparatus that is used during the physical activities that serves to affect the quality of the exercises by enhancing strength or improving the conditioning rate is desirable for any practitioner. Such an equipment serves to provide either a variable or a fixed resistance amount to the person exercising thus requiring them to exert some pressure or force on the equipment. There are exercise equipment for kids that serves to match up the kid’s physical abilities with their need for exercise.

The target muscles or physical area for improving the conditioning determines the exercise equipment. When settling for the right equipment, skills and knowledge in how to select exercise for kids as well as what you should consider in them or about them is quite desirable.

Unlike adults, children are fragile and sensitive. Seeking to know whether there are any known reputable kids exercise equipment suppliers within your locality would increase the chances of buying the right equipment at the right cost. Further, the exercise objectives that are outlined by the practitioner or care giver will act as a guide on what equipment should be bought or acquired.

Exercise Bike for Kids

Kids enjoy cycling both as a mode of transport and as a way of having fun. To aid them in exercising, there exists exercise bikes for kids, which broadly lie in two categories. First, are the scaled down version of an adult stationary gym bike. These bikes have various features such as the ability to vary tension as the kid is riding. It also has adjustable seats, which are to be varied based on the kids comfort and height.

Other features that these forms of bikes have are an odometer. This is used to establish progress in terms of the speed of cycling, equivalent duration covered during the cycling session, speed and time. In addition, some have been improved to the extent that one can estimate the calories burnt during an exercise session. The bike gives sufficient resistance to avail a low-impact workout targeting at building the kid’s muscles and improving their heart health. They function like an ordinary bike. As the kid pedals, the bike generates some form of resistance, which makes it a bit hard for the child to pedal thus exercising.

Another type of exercise bike for kids is one designed for gaming purposes and fun. This form of bike is aimed at taking advantage of the games the child is playing at home such as video games. The bike has features that permit it to be hooked up to the television or game player. The child engages in the cycling activity dependent on for instance the scene in the game. Further, it targets those children who would prefer to spend most of their time watching television rather than a formal exercise session. Ideally, exercise is brought to them.

These form of exercise bikes for kids are used for indoor purposes as an equivalent to the outdoor bikes that they would use when the climate is optimal for outdoor riding.

Exercise Equipment for Kids-Bike on the left and Treadmill on the right

Pull up Bar kids

Kids use pull up bars to support them in lifting their own body up and controlling the descend down in a way that they are not injured. This thus forms a typical exercise. Energetic children can further apply their muscles to lift themselves up and down the pull up bars. This builds their muscles and tone. As such, these bars should be of a standard that does not risk the child falling off in the midst of a pull up. They can be installed in a kids play ground or even at home.

However, it should be of a material that does not bend at all during their exercise as that can compromise their safety. Some have hand rests. The positioning of the hand rests is a key consideration since dependent on it then the body may be either aligned too close to the wall or just right. When used at home, most parents would prefer to use doorways and doorframes to fix them. Care and maintenance should be given to these bars since some may end up becoming rusty.

This could compromise their strength and ability to support the child. As the kid grows, it is important to observe their weight so as not to exceed the manufacturers recommended supportable weight and risk a fall.

Exercise Balls Kids

Exercise Balls for Kids[Image: sheknows.com]
Exercise balls for kids have various benefits attributed to them. Kids who utilize them are deemed to be better at concentration in school. Following a research that was undertaken by the American Occupational Therapy Association, an assessment was done comparing the effect of using chairs versus balance balls for children. It was found out that there was increased in-seat behaviour among the children who used balance balls.

The use of balance balls to strengthen abdominal and back muscles has been a practice over a long time now. They further serve to improve sitting posture. There exists various types and shapes of balls. The choice of either is dictated by the age or size of the kid as well as the preference of color or shape. While some are round, others have peanut shape and may be balance balls or roll balls. It is also important to consider the material that they are made of for safety purposes. Normally, anti-burst chlorine free material are used.

Exercise Treadmills Kids

Treadmills are popular exercise equipment that are used in most gymnasiums and homes. They pose some challenges for kids who would want to use them. However, there exists non-motorized treadmills for kids. These treadmills run on the kid’s power only. When the kid stops moving, the treadmill stops thus reducing the chances of the kid falling as a result of not being able to keep up the speed. At the same time, this type of treadmill has an odometer which is battery powered.

It serves to keep track of time, distance, speed and calories. Some further keep track of the pulse rate of the kid. Its entire frame is padded to optimize safety and has a non – skid surface to improve traction during active exercise. Use of this type of treadmill requires the supervisor to be aware of the kid’s weight since most have weight limitations specified by the manufacturer. Exercise treadmills from kids has cardiovascular benefits, improved breath intake and endurance are some of the key values associated with it.

Other Equipment for Kids Exercise

Kids like jumping on trampolines. This equipment can be used to facilitate exercises while at the same time have fun. The motion they use, duration they take as well as jumping speed rates have an effect on their exercises objectives. As a guide, the trampoline should have a handle where kids can hold. They should also be coated and non-rusty.

There is a weight limit that the trampoline can hold hence it is important to get the specification. The number of kids that can use a trampoline at a time would be determined by the surface area of the trampoline as well as the weight holding capacity of the trampoline.

Inflated boxing gloves and kids speed bag sets also come in handy as other exercise equipment that kids can use. While training them how to use them is vital, they serve to lead to better exercises for the kid’s upper body, core and balance. Just like in conventional boxing exercises, the inflated gloves are both for safety as well as fun. The kids tend to enjoy as they punch them but the instructor could use them as a guide on speed in hand movement, accuracy as well as other lessons such as anger / temperament management. Skipping ropes that are safe to use, also lie in this category.

Selecting Fitness Equipment for Kids, What to Consider

What is the criterion for selecting effective workout equipment for children?

In addressing how to select exercise equipment for kids – what should you consider, the additional equipment should be targeted to handle specific weakness areas that are identified when the kid is exercising. This is to imply that , rather than duplicate equipment that serve the same purpose, take time to observe and determine which exercises goal is not being achieved using the present equipment. Evaluate further to identify first whether there are any know reputable kids exercise equipment suppliers who can provide some that are multi-purpose, easy to set up, change form, safe, easy to maintain and use.

When building an exercise routine, the available equipment should be put in focus. At the same time, equipment that needs maintenance such as oiling, cleaning, replacement of bearing among others should be avoided if they are out of order, as they will risk the kid. Though having the right equipment is desirable, using them in the right way leads to benefiting the child. In case a caregiver or instructor meets new equipment that they have not previously used, it is desirable that they first seek to find out how the equipment is used.

In addition, what muscles or exercise areas they are designed to affect or develop duration or extent that children should be expected to use the equipment as well as the side effects, if any, of using the said equipment. They should seek for a manual that outlines how to use the equipment and any special maintenance instructions that they may need to observe.

Kids Exercise Equipment Suppliers, Sears, Sports Authority & Others

Are there any known reputable Kids fitness, gym, workout or exercise equipment suppliers?

While most companies and individuals seek to find out whether there are any known reputable kids exercises equipment suppliers, most manufacturing companies serve to sell their products online. There are a variety of many online stores who supply gym equipment for children. For local suppliers, it will depend on where you reside. Here are some.

Sears Kids- under Toys & Outdoor Play section sears.com lists a number of exercise equipment for kids including Trampolines & Inflatables, bikes, swimming pools etc

Sports Authority Kids offers some of the best clothing for exercising for instance they have nice hiking and running shoes for kids

Other suppliers include, kidsandfitness.com, Wayfair.com ,hartsport.com and youthfit.com

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