Pimple on Earlobe-Causes, Symptoms & How to get rid

A pimple on earlobe may appear as small or slightly large raised bump on either from the inside outside of the lobulus auriculae (earlobe). Find out the causes, symptoms and remedies to get rid of it.

Causes-Inside and on Earlobe

Sometimes, you may develop lumps either inside or outside the ear. Although, this can also occur just behind the earlobe.

Pimple on Earlobe-cause, symptoms, and how to  get rid
Photo of a pimple on earlobe

The causes of such bumps are discussed below;

Earlobe cyst.

Earlobe cysts, commonly known as sebaceous cyst, are swellings that develop on any section of your body. Normally, this is usually a round, small (or big in rare cases) and tough lump.

Cysts are as a result of overproduction of sebum which makes the skin oily. Despite this, damaged hair follicles are believed to be the common cause of these growths. Formation of excess oil forces it to accumulate beneath the skin forming the swellings.

You will hardly notice these growths because they are painless. Though, if left untreated for a long time they may become itchy and painful.

In case you have these sebaceous lumps in the earlobe, there are higher chances that you also have them inside the ears. You are therefore advised to seek medication which may include surgical or non-surgical treatment options.

Ear piercing.

When you pierce your earlobe or the cartilage, you become prone to the growth of pimples especially on the pierced area. Normally, for this case, the pimples are easily noticed since they are accompanied by a sharp pain and itching.

Bacteria may also form colonies on the ear surface eventually causing infections. Occasionally, these infections result in lump formation on the earlobe.

If you find out that lumps in your ear are as a result bacterial infection, you are recommended to seek medication. This is because, if left untreated they can lead to permanent deformation of the ear.


Sometimes, a bump on the earlobe may be caused by cancer of the ear. This may also be accompanied with excess formation of wax.

Though, you have to not to worry in case of inflamed ear for this may not be necessarily a sign of cancer. You are advised to see your doctor in case you have issues of cancer in your family for further checkups.

Poor personal hygiene.

When touching your ears ensure that your hands are well cleaned. If your ears come into contact with dirty hands or earbuds and phones, bumps are likely to occur on the surface.

In addition to this, scratching your ears with dirty fingers, uncleansed hair or dirty air products may lead to formation of lumps on your earlobes. Bacteria will be able to survive in such environments which are never cleaned or poorly cleaned.

Moreover, dirt will clog the sweat pores, preventing the excretion of sweat which will eventually cause pimples on your ears.

Change of weather.

Sometimes, you will notice that the appearance of pimples occurs on different times of the year. On summer seasons, the excessive exposure to sun will affect the oil glands resulting into increased sebum secretion.

During these hot times, your sweat and the secretions from the glands mix with dust debris deposited on the surface clogging the sweat ducts. This leads to growth of pimples on the body including the earlobes.

Likewise, during cold season (which in most cases forces you to stay indoors and warm yourself) you are likely to have pimples on your body. Indoor warming and cold weather dehydrates your body hence developing lumps not only on the ears but also in the other body organs.


This refers to a condition in which the hair follicles swell as a result of either scratches from jewelries, foreign objects or even your arms. When this happens, the part covering the hair shaft may become inflamed forming a pimple on the earlobe.

Additionally, this can occur when bacteria penetrate the skin and reaches the hair root leading to an infection. Besides a pimple on the earlobe, folliculitis is accompanied by symptoms such as change of skin color, swelling, discomfort and a rise in temperature of the affected region.

Symptoms-How it feels & looks like

The signs of earlobe pimple depend on the cause and its size. Due to this, the symptoms differ from one individual to the other. These include;


The area around the pimple may swell. For this case, you will feel a hard substance on touching the ear. The size of the swelling is different depending on when it occurred.


Often, if left untreated for a long period the lump may become painful and sometimes ooze a yellow or white discharge. In case the pain persists, you should make a visit to your doctor for a medical checkup.

Change in color.

The affected area and the region around the bump changes in color depending on your skin complexion. This may be red for the light skin people and purple like color for the dark persons.


Generally you will feel a burning sensation on the affected area. However, you are urged to avoid scratching yourself for this can worsen the situation leading to a greater inflammation.

In addition to this, other symptoms include temporary hearing loss, blackheads, an ear infection and ear discharge in severe occasions.

How to get rid of pimple in earlobe

On discovering that you have a pimple on your earlobe, you are encouraged not to ignore it. The reason being it can turn out to be a more critical health issue. The following measures will help you eliminate pimple in your earlobes;

Home remedies

Before trying the home remedies, ensure you clean the affected area and dry it completely. The following guidelines will help you sooth the effects;

Tea tree oil.

The use of tea tree oil is an excellent way of getting rid of bumps on your earlobe especially those caused by bacteria. This is due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

get rid of pimple on earlobe with tea-tree-oil remedy
Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil helps you get rid of sebaceous cyst, a common cause of earlobe pimple.


  1. Using a piece of cotton ball, apply the tea tree oil mixture on the lump; this helps provide protection as well as fighting any infection on the earlobe.
  2. You can also use tea tree mixture by mixing nine parts of water with a portion of the tea tree oil.
  3. Apply for at least thrice per day.
  4. Follow the same procedure every day until the lump goes away.

Warm compress.

Occasionally, you can use this method to get rid of pimples including the acne on your face. This helps in opening of the sweat pores providing a room for the sweat and glands’ secretion to get out of the body.

Moreover, it promotes blood circulation therefore making the healing process faster.

Application of aloe Vera gel.

Due to its antibacterial properties, aloe Vera helps get rid of pimples since most of them are caused by bacteria. This gel also contains magnesium lactate which helps in the eradication of excessive oil and dirt from your skin.

Therefore, use of aloe Vera gel fastens the healing process of the lumps. In addition, it helps in the repairing of the damaged tissues.

Use of baking soda.

When mixed with lemon juice which contains citric acid, baking soda helps in clearing pimples on your skin including the earlobes. This leaves the skin smooth, firm and free of dead cells.

Additionally, it protects the skin from other infections. Lemon juice helps get rid of bad odors from your body, leaving you with a fresh smell.

Use of clay mask.

This mask is used to ooze any fluid from the pimple. When you apply it, it draws the pus out of the pimple leaving it dry with no fluid. On doing this, you shorten the healing time of the bump.


Besides the home remedies, you are advised to visit a doctor or see a pharmacist for treatment. This may include the following;

Surgical removal.

In this case, the doctor will perform a surgery on your earlobe to remove the unwanted cells that have grown on your ears. In surgical treatment, the doctor will make your body insensitive and by the use of a scalpel remove the cysts by cutting the center of the pimple.

The specialist will then squeeze the fluid from the affected area or in case the cyst is in contact, it can be removed using a pair of forceps.

Depending on the size of the fissure, you can either be stitched or left to heal on its own. You can also use antibiotics to prevent any other infections.

Use of antibiotics.

Typically, antibiotics either oral or topical, are used when you need to get rid of any bacterial or fungal infection. Use of antibiotics is an excellent way of treatment since it works even when the bumps are very tiny.

Therefore, you are recommended to see your doctor for prescription of the best type of antibiotics to use depending on the cause of the pimple. Moreover, this will help ease any irritation and discomfort.


Popping earlobe pimple & Safety

Is it safe to pop?

When the pimple is still fresh, you are advised not to pop it. Instead, try to find the cause of the lump. Depending on the source, you can therefore decide on whether to pop it or not.

How do you pop

To avoid making the condition worse during popping, you are recommended to do the following;

  1. Apply some cream on the pimple incase its located on the surface of the earlobe.
  2. Monitor its progress for a day, to see whether it will reduce the inflammation.
  3. If you realize that it doesn’t reduce in size, use warm compressing technique to open the pores then squeeze the lump using a cotton bud.
  4. Remove any remaining debris and thereafter wash with cold water to close the pores.

What precautions must you take?

Sometimes, when popping a pimple, you may notice that nothing comes out as a discharge. If this happens, you are advised to wait for some few days since it can be as a result of a blind lump.

Additionally, if the lump does not have a white or black head, you are required to avoid popping it for this can lead to a worse infection.

Moreover, if the pimple fails to go away, you should see a doctor because this can be a sign of cancer of the ear.

How to prevent

Despite that you can treat the pimple on your earlobe, you are advised to prevent the occurrence by taking the following precautions;

Avoid using hair products with allergens that can cause inflammation or growth of lumps on the earlobe.

You are recommended to maintain high levels of hygiene. Ensure you use clean earbuds when removing wax from your ears. Additionally, make sure that your ears are always pat dried and never left wet.

Take plenty of water as this will help in eliminating toxins that may clog the sweat ducts preventing elimination of the secretions.

Generally, staying happy prevents occurrence of pimples which are as a result of living a stressful life.

Furthermore, if your pimples don’t go away the seek medication since this may be a result of a critical underlying situation.


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