How to make Yourself Pass out Fast, safely without Hurting Yourself

Are considering to make yourself pass out on purpose? Here are precautions and safety measures, how to do it using pressure points, in class and more

Passing Out-Why make yourself or someone pass out?

What is passing out

Fainting is also known as syncope. It occurs as an episode of ‘blacking out’ as is often referred as. While some cases of fainting are not clinical or emergency cases, every case of passing out should be treated as an emergency. In some occasion, it may be due to an underlying serious illness or disorder.

how to make yourself pass out or faint on purpose
A lady who has fainted

Most people pas out due to low oxygen levels, about 16% at atmospheric temperature. This causes hypoxia which is low oxygen saturation at target body cells. If this level were to go to as low as 11% then it causes suffocation. The only time you can sufficiently inhale 16% without fainting as happens in scuba diving, is when the air is pressurized.

People at times make themselves pass out. It has been seen in the children’s ‘fainting game’ in which they do it for fun. There are a couple of other causes that could make one make him/herself pass out. The following section discusses some of them.

What are the possible reasons for fainting/passing out on purpose

Compelling yourself to pass out is neither recommended, safe nor sensible. However, some people have reasons behind their wanting to pass themselves out as follows:

Feminine frailty

In the Victorian England, the 19th century aristocratic women fainted as a demonstration of their frailty. They would do this at dramatic moments and would create a scene in which a real man was required to hold them. While this was thought to be attributed to the tight corsets they wore in that era, this is just hearsay.

Children’s games

ids at times play games that are risky. One such is the fainting game as it is called owing to the deliberate restriction of blood flow to the brain. In one such video that trended the internet, showed that the children asphyxiated themselves or their friends.

At this point, they achieve a euphoric high due to hyperventilation which leads to fainting. To them, it is fun and this is the reason they do it or rather to prove to their peers that they can do this ‘miracle’. According to Wolfson Children’s ER, this is not safe and poses substantial risks to their health.


Certain medications cause you to pass out. You can take these medications intentionally to faint yourself. The drugs are mostly those meant for correction of high blood pressure and congestion.

Attempt of suicide

In an attempt to commit suicide, some make themselves pass out. Preventing flow of blood to the brain results in hypoxia and brain death.

How to make Yourself pass out fast Safely without hurting yourself

What precautions and safety measures should consider before making yourself faint on purpose?

Safety Measures

Before you decide to make yourself pass out, it is important that you ensure you take certain necessary precautions. Otherwise, fainting anywhere around anybody could result in adversities that you had not envisioned such as hurting yourself, dying or even rape.

Make sure that you have someone around you

Having someone with you while making yourself pass out is important as he or she will ensure you are safe in this unconscious state. To add, this accomplice will prevent passers-by from calling an ambulance in the name of an emergency. Any injuries will be managed if any and you are sure you will receive the appropriate first aid.

In selecting an accomplice, go for both gender and more than 2 in that case.

Ensure that your accomplice is trained in first aid or is a medical professional

Having someone close or around you isn’t enough. You need to ascertain that the person in deed has sufficient knowledge in first aid. The best person to pick would be a medical professional or a trained professional in first aid and basic life support.

Get an associate

An associate will be able to make a case out of the occurrence in case things go haywire. Well, in the first place what you are doing is not right and might be taken as an attempt to commit suicide.

Choose a safe place to fall on

Falling on concrete will hurt you. You therefore need to choose a place that is soft and free of anything harmful when you fall. You could choose a mattress or a grassy field or lawn. Alternatively, you can have the accomplice hold you when you fall.

Have a medical emergency number close

Things go wrong and if they do in your case, then the 911 call will save you. The number depends on the country. Having a phone far away or limited knowledge of the closest medical center could put you in trouble.

How to Faint on Purpose Pressure Points

According to Schaferselfdefence, a pressure point is an area on your body that when attached leads to a respiratory knockout. This usually occurs within 30 second to a minute. Some of the pressure points include:

  1. Windpipe: use the webbing between your index finger and thumb on the windpipe. Then use your other hand to round the back of the neck. Push the windpipe with your thumb. This will cut off the oxygen supply.
  2. Mouth and nose: you can use your palms to cut off air flow through the nose and the mouth.
  3. Chest wall: you can press on the chest wall that in turn presses on the lung. This prevents the thoracic movement of the accessory muscles suppresses breathing.
  4. Heart: the heart could also be considered a pressure point when you pinch an artery with a hand or through a hard blow. Pressing on one of the major arteries could lead to a leak in the vasculature. Your brain will have to constrict the blood vessels significantly so as to prevent further loss of blood hence may lead to fainting.
  5. Carotid arteries: these are arteries in the neck that are major blood suppliers. The artery is located laterally from the windpipe behind the jugular veins. You can use your thumb and the index finger to pinch on the artery. It is effective within 5 – 10 seconds. This kind of move may lead to artery tear and cause mortality.
  6. Temple: this is the area that lies on the sides of the skull just above your ears. This is the area of the skull with the least thickness. If you strike the temple, you could hit the artery and occlude it preventing blood flow to the brain. Whether one could strike oneself with that kind of force remains a mystery to fathom.
  7. Vegas nerve: this nerve is located on the lateral sides of the neck. If this nerve is pressed, you could pass out.
pressure points to make you pass out
pressure points to make you pass out

How to make yourself pass out in class While Sitting Down

Hyperventilation: this basically means that you exhale deeply and hold. This will lead to reduced saturation of oxygen in the blood and hence hypoxia.The brain will not be able to receive sufficient oxygen and therefore make you pass out.

o do this, hyperventilate for about 2 minutes then stand up. After standing up, spin in a circular motion do disturb the still of cerebrospinal fluid. This also burns more oxygen. Dizziness followed by unconsciousness then passing out occur in that sequence.

Hold your breath: this method also deprives your blood of the physiological amount of oxygen. This is a simple technique similar to asphyxiating yourself. Hold your breath longer than you comfortably can .the brain is deprived of oxygen and hence unconsciousness follows. You can also combine both hyperventilation and holding your breath.

Inhale smoke: you can do this while seated. It is weird to have this as an option and even scarier to have someone use it. Well, inhaling some smoke can make you pass out. Smoke varies and may contain carbon monoxide which is really poisonous.

Cigarette when inhaled leads to insufficient oxygen in the blood. This is due to the presence of carbon monoxide. The red blood cells have a higher affinity for carbon monoxide than oxygen and when the two are present together, oxygen wins.

The interesting fact about carbon monoxide is that its high affinity for red blood cells or vice versa makes it adhere longer. Hypoxia results and passing out therefore.

Stand up quickly: when you stand up after a long time of sitting, what is known as postural hypotension results. Postural hypotension results from a long time of sitting, lying down or crouching.

Since in these positions, blood pressure is usually low, standing up results in a slight hypoxia of the brain and you get dizzy as a result. This is due to the fact that the brain, in a moment, veers off its equilibrium. You become light headed and pass out.

This method could work pretty well when you are dehydrated as your blood pressure will be low and the lower it gets with standing quickly, the earlier you will pass out. If you happen to be in a place that is hot or humid, then you will pass out earlier and faster.

Normally before passing out, you may either black out immediately or experience an aura. In the latter case, you will see hazy lights, scintillating scotoma or bright lines in the air.

How to make someone faint with one touch, using Medicine One Hour

How to make someone faint with one touch

You can make someone faint with one touch. This means that you need to target a pressure point that works in an instant. One such pressure point is the temple. This part is very sensitive and when hit, causes the person to pass out instantly with one touch. Carotid arteries also require a touch to elicit its desired effect.

Do NOT try this on someone! Refer to the safety measures above. 

How to make a person faint using medicine

Drugs that cause orthostatic or postural hypotension can make someone faint. According to the Merck Professional Version of its manual, drugs that cause you to pass out include:

  1. Amiodarone
  2. Procainamide
  3. Beta blockers
  4. Diuretics
  5. Antidepressants

The above drugs result in postural hypotension through various mechanisms. A good example is amiodarone which is a potent bradyarrhythmic agent. This means that it result in low heart rate. Another is the procainamide which causes low blood pressure through an increase in heart rate, tacharrhythmia. This causes rebound or compensatory bradyarrhythmia and passing out.

The medications are administered depending on the route they have been prepared for. One disclaimer is that fainting is just a side effect of the above drugs and therefore not a guarantee that the person will pass out.

How to faint a person for an hour

To make someone faint for an hour, you will use various chemical agents. One such chemical agent is chlorofoam. Put a small amount of chlorofoam on a piece of cloth and hold it to the mouth and nose of the target.

Another chemical agent is gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) which may require you to hold after 30 minutes. This agent is known s the date rape drug. Obviously this would require a certain character.

Propofol is another medication you can use though it is compulsory to have prescription as it is not a legally available drug

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