Headache Above Right Eye, Causes, Symptoms & How to get Rid

Headaches cause you a lot of pain and misery. A headache above your right eye near eyebrow, temple or at the back of head can mean a lot. This form headache makes you feel a lot of pressure and at times it is accompanied with a sharp or stubbing pain. Read on to find the meaning, causes, symptoms and treatment option

Headache above Right Eye Meaning

In most cases, the headaches above the right eye could mean the following:

  • Migraines: these are common especially if you are an adolescent
  • Headaches from stress
  • The headaches are also common in fever, respiratory infections and flu
headache above right eyes meaning causes cures
Headache above right eye

Further, the headache could mean a very serious underlying medical condition. This could be a manifestation of a chronic disease. More, it could also mean that a deadly disease is just about to strike. According to Mayo Clinic, the headache above the right side of your eye could mean a number of medical factors.[1]

What does it indicate if…

  • It is sharp and stabbing headache above right eye on forehead

This kind of pain is also called ice pick headache. It is a short, stabbing and an extremely intense kind of headache which lasts only for some seconds. This kind of headache could be:

  • Primary- the headache is the real problem
  • Secondary- there is an underlying medical condition that precipitates the headache.

This is according to the American Migraine Foundation. These headaches only occur on particular days although they could also be frequent. The headache originates from nowhere then strikes anywhere on your head. You will feel as if an ice pick is being stuck in your head. The experience will then fade away before you discover it.

  • headache above right eye and back of head

This condition is called occipital neuralgia. It in most cases begins at the upper part of your neck or the base of your skull. This pain though infrequent, can occur several times in a day. Mostly, this pain is described as jabbing or throbbing pain.

On other occasions, your scalp may be painful even when touched. This pain is brought about by movement, specifically the overextension of your head. There are symptoms that are associated with it. They include dizziness and at times nausea and vomiting.

  • constant headache above right eye for 3days

There are many types of headaches. Constant headache could mean that you are having a chronic attack of headache. It occurs around 15 times in a month. They are at other times confused with tension headaches or chronic migraines. You should always see a doctor once you start a headache after getting a trauma.[2]

Causes of Headache Above Right Eye, Temple & Eyebrow

Most of the causes of the headache above the right eye are as a result of a problem like irritation, infection, wound, inflammation diseases like glaucoma in the eye. Here are some of the causes:

Infection of the sinuses

The sinuses are the cavities on your skull that are located right near the eye. This area is susceptible to any infection by microorganism like the viruses and bacteria. All these result in headaches. The pain resulting from infection of the sinus could occur on both sides of the eyes.

Trigeminal neuralgia

This is a condition that is characterized by the damage of the nerves that supply your head. When this occurs, you will have thorough headaches.

This condition affects the nerves of the cranium in your face and can lead to sharp and very stabbing pain around your right eye. According to Dr. Mary Lowth on the Patient.info website, trigeminal neuralgia brings about pain that gives you a feeling of an electric shock.[3]


Pain in this disease arises when there is a lot pressure build up in the eye. The pressure emanates from the blockage of the fluid called aqueous humor in the eye. The blockage does not allow the fluid to drain, thus the iris pushes against the lens of the eyes. The cause of glaucoma is not clearly known.

Disorders of blood vessels

Headaches are also subject to the problems to the nerves or the blood vessels that lead to the eye. For instance, if the temporal artery (located near the eye) inflames, you will experience a lot of pain in your head.

There is another condition of the blood vessels called aneurism that could cause a headache. In this condition, there is an abnormal dilation of the blood vessels as a result of their weakening. The occurrence of the aneurysm brings about pain as a result of the enlargement of the blood vessels that eventually rupture.

Increase in the skull pressure

The pressure in your skull is scientifically called intracranial pressure. When it increases, it brings about profound pain close to the eye. In other cases, growths and bleeding are related to the pressure in the head.

They are thus linked to the headache near your right eye. In case of a tumor in the skull, this is called meningioma.


There are a number of varying degrees of pain and other symptoms that come with the headaches above the right eye.

  • The pain could feel like a squeezing ache or a pain that radiates across the head.
  • The pain could also feel dull but after that intensify then lasts for a number of days. The pain could also attack suddenly like the stabbing throbs.
  • There are other symptoms that are associated to the pain above the right eye. They include nausea and vomiting, increase in the sensitivity to light, some temporary blindness and even tenderness of your skull. This is according to Dr. Wedro on MedicineNet.[4]

How to Get Rid of Headache Above Right Eye

The way you can take care of the pain above you right eye takes a wide spectrum of methods. You have an option of the treatment and medication as well as the home remedies that are easy to use and are readily available.

Home Remedies

These are most important when you want to manage the symptoms that are associated with headache. You only use them to give some relief.


It provides an instant relief. It works by reduction of the inflammation of most blood vessels which is a characteristic in most blood vessels. This therefore enables it to ease the pain that comes by. Ginger also has the ability to reduce nausea and vomiting which is a symptom of migraine.

home remedies headache above eye Ginger

Soothing scent

Peppermint oil is used to do the soothing in this case. The scent in the oil helps open the clogged pores of the blood vessels that cause headache. The oil also has menthol that regulates blood flow in the body.


  1. Mix some drops of peppermint oil with a tablespoon of almond oil
  2. After that, massage the mixture on your scalp or the back of your neck

Regular stretching

You can reduce the intensity of your headache by doing regular exercises of the neck. All you should do is move your chin upwards and then downwards, left, right and then bend your neck to the side towards your shoulder.

Alternatively, you can also slowly rotate your neck in the clockwise and anticlockwise motions. This helps your neck muscles to relax.


This is a natural headache relief product. It is used because of its analgesic properties. Further it also works as a muscle relaxant and thus gets rid of the headache by relieving the tension and tight muscles.

  1. You only need to put about 4 drops of basil leaves in a cup.
  2. To make it better, you could add some honey and then take slowly as tea.
  3. Chewing the leaves of the basil could also help you greatly.
  4. Besides, you can also inhale the basil when you boil it in a pot

Cold compress

This is essentially useful when the headache is caused by inflammation. It relieves the inflammation thus reducing the headache above your right eye. An alternative to the compress is an ice pack.

Always make sure you wrap the pack around in a towel before wrap it around your eye. The cold temperature sensation of pressure alongside reduction of inflammation.


You are advised to apply some strokes of massage to the area of aggression. This is important to reduce any tension and bring the pain down. This is a simple massage that you can do on your own and this will make you feel better.


This is an effective method to control the headache. In this case, you carry out a controlled breathing. You should breathe in a number of times and then exhale slowly. In fact, you are advised to use an oxygen therapy.

You can also do an exercise every time you feel that you are going to have a headache. This is a simple activity and it will increase the production of endorphins (happy hormones) that will make you feel relieved.

Treatment & Medication

In this case, you can use the pain relieving medications also called analgesics or take a combination of medications. The over the counter pain relieving medications should not be overemphasized because they could cause overuse headaches. The other categories available for your choice include opioids or barbiturates.

Pain medication/Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

They relieve headache by blocking the synthesis of the pain mediators called prostaglandins. They also reduce the secretion of the compounds like serotonin and platelets aggregation all which play a role in precipitation of headache.

  • It is used to relieve moderate to severe headache. They also help to reduce the production of the prostaglandins and cyclooxygenase (inflammatory mediators).
  • The other medication includes indomethacin which works like the naproxen. It also helps in other headache syndromes like chronic paroxysmal hemicrania.
  • Just like naproxen and indomethacin, it inhibits production of prostaglandins.

Acetylsalicylic acids

They are also capable of reducing and inhibiting the production of prostaglandins. They include aspirin which treats moderate to severe pain. You should be careful never to use this medication in children under the age of 14 years. This is because there is a high likelihood of the Reye’s syndrome.


These medications are used in combination with others like acetaminophen to induce sleep and reduce headache. In this case, caffeine is used to increase the absorption of the drug thus increased effectiveness. The only disadvantage is that the barbiturates are associated with rebound headaches.

They effective combinations include acetaminophen, butalbital, aspirin and caffeine. The combination is very effective because barbiturates depress the central nervous system. This combination is very essential especially in dealing with tension headaches.


These are medications that are used in the treatment of especially the infrequent headaches. They include acetaminophen or simply paracetamol. When acetaminophen is used in combination with codeine, it can prevent mild to moderately severe headaches.

Ergot alkaloids and its derivatives

It has vasoconstricting properties on your blood vessels. This property enables them to prevent the production of serotonin. They are called alpha adrenergic and serotonin antagonists.[5]


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