Healthiest & Best Coconut Water Brands Reviews

With plenty of  manufactures in the market, you probably which is the healthiest and best coconut water. First find out the tips and ideas to consider before buying then, discover the the top brands including zico, O.N.E, Harmless harvest, vita, juice press and more

Choosing the Healthiest & Best Coconut Water

Tips and Ideas to consider when selecting the Healthiest & Best

The first and the best thing to consider is to always go natural. This is because it has delicious flavor and is rich in the amount of electrolytes. Fresh is the best not only because of the flavor but because it contains living enzymes that are very instrumental to help you with digestion and metabolism.

The other idea is to avoid concentrates. Many brand will have packages indicating that they have 100% pure coconut water but this might not be necessarily true, but instead made from reconstituted concentrates.

Also, avoid added flavors to the product. Coconut water that is obtained from the young and green coconut is already sweet and there would be no need whatsoever to add anything else. In most cases, manufacturing companies add sugars in order to mask the bitter taste and acidity that comes with mature coconuts. It is therefore wise to stick to brands which offer pure ingredients.

Apart from that, avoid coconut water that is obtained from mature coconuts. This is because they are better used to make coconut milk, coconut oil and other coconut products. When they are used to make the water, they exhibit a bitter taste and this forces companies to add more additives and this waters down the value of the final product. To reap the full benefits therefore, ensure that you go for the brands that use young coconuts.

Finally, it is good to avoid chemicals. Many brand companies add chemicals like metabisulphite to the final product.  This ingredients are meant to give the coconut water long shelf life and make them to retain color for a very long time. Ensure you choose a brand that enlists coconut water as the sole ingredient. Brands that use organic methods of growing and harvesting their coconuts are the best choice in that you will consume the healthiest coconut water.

Learn to consider asking around especially from the trusted professional personnel about the best brand of the water that you could go for. After that, you could opt to stick to a particular brand unless some side effects are accompanied to its continuous use. Making the right decision would land you the best and admirable results that you look forward to.

healthiest best coconut water brands reviews
Coconut water

Top Best Coconut Water Brands & Reviews

1.     Zico Coconut Water

This band contains as much potassium as a banana. It apart from that has about 5 electrolytes. The best of it all is that it is a non-GMO product. It is very creamy to some extent that it could be hard for you to believe that it contains no dairy.

The product comes in various sub brand that include: ZICO chocolate flavored coconut water, ZICO watermelon Raspberry Flavored Coconut water, ZICO pineapple flavored coconut water and ZICO natural coconut water.

2.     Harmless harvest coconut water

This is a clear liquid when it is packaged. It is likely to turn pink with time when the anti-oxidants interact with light. It is a purely natural product and you should therefore deem it viable to embrace its frequent or daily use. The coconuts used to make this product are grown away from the rest totally.

The coconuts are picked by hand after a period of six months of growth. During the harvest, the coconuts are lowered into the ground by rape to prevent damage. By the fact that the process used to get to the final product is appropriate, the end result produces a product that is free from other mixtures and therefore a bottle would reflect a true picture of coconut water.

3.     O.N.E coconut water

This product unlocks the possibilities of proper hydration. It is hand-picked, drained and packaged at the source and therefore freshness is really preserved. It therefore delivers taste directly to you. This product takes hydration to the next level. Claims from consumer point out that show so much preference to it.

It delivers energizing hydration in every sip that you take. It is a good source of potassium and it is never obtained from a concentrate. It is also good to note that it has no sugar that is added to it.

4.     Vita coconut water

The water is pure and has no artificial additives and additional flavors, it also has no extracts, sugars nor fillers. The water is pure and it is made using Thai coconut which is sweet and found in varieties. The whole truth is that is added totally.

The other side is that this product may not be found wide in other countries like the USA and other countries. It is mostly found in Thailand.

5.     Juice press coconut water

The water is organic, fresh and non-posturized and neither is it processed using the HPP method. The product is widely sold compared to other products available on market.

This product forms part of the key products that are on market and are highly recommended for your daily use. This is due to their purity and the high benefits that you are likely to reap from them when you start using them.

6.     Taste nirvana coconut water

This brand seems milky and I is even sweet and creamy. From reviews, testers have narrated that the water has milky but light an almost toasted coconut flavor.

The ingredient content include natural coconut water, coconut pulp 75 calories, 1 g fat, 42 mg of sodium, 600 mg of carbohydrates, 9 g of sugar and 1 g of protein.

7.     Zola Coconut Water

This product is 100% pure coconut water and by so, it helps to keep your body hydrated for quite a long time. Each package can have about 5 very essential electrolytes, more potassium that contained in a banana. It has a delicious way to replenish, rehydrate recover the body water.

It is very fresh from the source and has taste guarantee. It gluten and GMO free. The other feature is that it is vegan and not from any concentrate. To add on that, it has zero fat added and has no sugar and zero cholesterol.

8.     Invo Coconut Water

This product is of organic nature. It has a pink color and it could be because of the enzymes that act on the polyphenols in it. More still, it has sweet and salty tastes. It makes pure, cold-crafted coconut water. It contains no additional nutrient to it.

The nutrition profile, it has no fat, contains no proteins, it has 19 g of carbohydrates, it has no fiber, has 18 g of sugar and 45 mg of sodium. More to that, it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium as well as some iron.

9.     Vital Juice Coconut Water

It is made from 100% organic source. It is made by hand crafting and it is safe, healthy, vegan friendly, GMO free and never heated to concentrate. One pack of the product contains 4-vital greens, 4 vital beet and 4 vital carrot. Instead of heating, it has been taken through the process called high pressure press processing.

Once the juice is in the final package, high pressure is applied in order to kill all the pathogens to make the juice naturally safe to drink as it preserves all the crucial enzymes and nutrients. This product in the end result offers incomparable quality.

10.  Blue Monkey Coconut Water

It is reported that it is 100% pure organic coconut with its origin being Philippines. Compared to other brands, it has been shown to have very long shelf life. This should however be a point of concern because of the likelihood of this case.

It leaves a good taste in your mouth and it has a balanced sweetness. 8 fluid ounces per serving has 76 calories, 40 mg of sodium, 290 mg of potassium, 19 g of carbohydrates and 10 g of sugar.

11.  Suja Coconut Water

It is a sweet pack with a perfect pinch of spicy. It contains water, straw berry, tart cherry, raspberry, lemon, honey, stevia and cayenne. It is made from the high pressure processing abbreviates as HPP instead of high heating process.

All the products under this brand are organic, non GMO and cold pressured, made sunny in Sun Diego. The product uses locally available ingredients whenever possible.

12.  Exotic Super-foods Coconut Water

The product is harvested, stored and transported while frozen as compared to other products that are stored using formaldehyde during the shipping process. You will buy them while frozen but before using it, you ought to allow it to de-frozen.

The coconut water is very smooth and even subtle. A bottle that costs about 10 dollars in local stores does not take long to devour. It goes down very easily. The company that sells this product also sells frozen organic coconut meat.

13.  Amy and Brian coconut water

The brand is unsweetened and free from preservatives.  From reviews, it has been like because it is very natural and lighter. It is available with or without the pulp.

The ingredient content of the brand include 8.75 fluid ounces of a serving has 70 calories, 85 mg of sodium, 470 mg of potassium, 16 g of carbohydrate, less than 1 g fiber and 15 g sugar.

14.  Liquiteria coconut water

It is obtained from a young green coconut tree and made using raw coconut water by the help of high pressure pasteurization and then immediately frozen or refrigerated purposely to preserve the freshness in it. It is an ideal drink for those who are coconut water enthusiasts.

Based on the various reviews that are available online, it seemingly is a delicious smoothie and even cheaper than juice press. In a serving of 16 ounces, it has 150 calories, no carbohydrates and no proteins as well as no fat at all.

15.  C20 coconut water review

This product has only one ingredient.  It is therefore 100% pure coconut water. It is claimed to have very high potassium levels, magnesium and other electrolytes. Apart from that, it is gluten free, free from fat and low content of sugar.

The product is brought in big cans of about 17.5 ounces whereas many of the other brands are sold in very small cans. It is even known that one can of it can accommodate two servings at a go. This product has been found to have a different taste compared to others in that it is very consistent and smooth, balanced taste and even sweeter.

16.  Naked 100% Organic Pure Coconut Water

It use water from mature coconuts and then flush pasteurizes using heat. That product has however been sued for the likelihood of using some synthetic materials and even genetically modified organisms in the processing and processing.

You therefore ought to be very careful with this product as you might encounter the unforeseen side effects that you might not have expected in the long run. Always consult widely before you start using the item.

17.  Purity Organic coconut water

In as much as this brand is labeled organic, it does not use the best practices in the manufacturing and the processing. It uses concentrate and flash pasteurization with heat in the processing. It has great taste when taken though.

It has about 5 electrolytes with it that are essential for the body. It is gluten free and it a non GMO product as well. It is all the same certified by the USDA organic for the continued and daily use as a drink for humans.

18.  Organic Avenue Coconut Water

It is a nature’s isotonic beverage from the center of organic young coconuts. It contains potassium, magnesium and many trace minerals. It also has an ideal balance of electrolytes important to help you replenish your energy after exercise.

It is naturally low in calories and fat. It is therefore a better way of quench your thirst and restore your well-being. The nutrition content is on the low end of all the food items. While it contains some vitamins and minerals per calorie.

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