Is Sparkling Water Bad/ Good for you? Benefits of Sparkling Mineral Water + Side Effects

How good or bad is sparkling water for your health? What are the health benefits of this drink? Is it safe? What are the risks or side effects? is this carbonated water good for your teeth? Is it safe for during pregnancy? Read on learn more in addition to tips to get the best out of this mineral water

Is Sparkling Water Good and Healthy for you? Sparkling Mineral water Benefits- Health and Digestion

Over the recent years, the benefits of sparkling water have been a matter of discussion among the health experts. As a special kind of carbonated beverage, this beverage has already earned quite a fame, mostly because of its digestive properties. However, with its characteristically refreshing effervescence,the drink is already a step forward to the still water. Apart from hydrating your body, the mineral content of this water soothes your upset stomach, thus eases your digestion.

Sparkling Water mineral -Is it bad or good for you? Benefits & Side Effects
Sparkling water in glass

Sparkling Mineral Water Benefits-Why is it good and healthy for you?

So, basically, having a specified amount of sparkling  mineral water daily gives you the ultimate potion to a fit, acceptable and healthy body. And, here goes the more about its benefits.

  1. It hydrates your body

Often the bland taste of sparkling water can be repelling, but the way it hydrates your skin makes it an inevitable part of your health care regime. Being calorie and sugar-free and rich in mineral content, sparkling water is certainly a great choice. Moreover, it offers optimal hydration and thus promotes good health by helping your body cool itself. At the same time, it also provides adequate moisture to the mouth, nose and eyes. Proper hydration also helps maintaining a healthy skin, detoxifies your body and lowers your blood volume to facilitate seamless cardiovascular function.

  1. It strengthens your bones

Sparkling water is often touted as “mineral” water for all good reasons. And its calcium content is simply awesome, which helps building the bones of your body. A liter of sparkling water serves 348 milligrams of calcium to a human body, which, according to the health experts, this is enough for strengthening the frail and weak bones.While promoting bone strength, calcium content along with other minerals  in this water also helps in healthy muscle function. Regular intake helps in the seamless process of cell signalling, nerve transmission and hormone secretion. However, it should be combined with a balanced diet, so that both ends are effectively met out.

  1. It serves the essential minerals

Minerals play an important role in promoting various healthy biological functions, which include protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, and the appropriate regulation of blood pressure and sugar. Magnesium in sparkling mineral water also helps in the production of energy. According to studies, published in the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, there is always a deficiency of Magnesium, as we do not get it from our regular diet. This carbonated water compensates the same and provides adequate magnesium to your body. A one liter bottle of sparkling water comes with 108 milligrams of magnesium, which is 29 percent of the daily requirements of magnesium.

Is sparkling water bad for you? Side Effects/Risks-Teeth, Pregnancy-Flavored

Frankly speaking, there’s not much about the disadvantages , side effects or risks of plain sparkling mineral water, if you consume the specified amount. Excessive of it surely does have a distressing effect. Moreover, packaged  water these days, comes with sugar or artificial sweeteners. These kinds of packaged water often lack the minerals which provides several health benefits aforementioned.

So,when you are looking for a bottle of sparkling mineral water make sure that it’s high in minerals and free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavorings and colors. Adding fresh fruits will work as the better option since these are natural sweeteners .

Consuming a huge quantity of this water can cause a build-up of air,which gets into the digestive tract and into the colon, thus causing excessive flatulence.

Sparkling water is treated with carbon dioxide and hence the water fizzes and creates bubbles in the stomach. It creates swelling abdomen, mostly due to bloating and in severity it produces stomach acid. Most of the time, this acid is responsible for creating peptic ulcer.Though it’s a rare complication, peptic ulcer is a serious medical condition that causes bleeding in the stomach. If you are diagnosed with this ailment, immediate treatment is highly advisable.

Why is flavored sparkling mineral water bad for you?

As mentioned earlier, this water is treated with carbon dioxide and hence has a tantalizing effect on your taste buds. But, the effect of artificial flavors and additive is even worse. Flavors add excessive calories to your diet, thus having a negative effect on the health of a person. It initiates the problems like obesity and bloating. Many bottled sparkling water come with added sodium, says the reports of CNN Health, which is definitely a concern for the people who are on low-sodium diet. The added flavors also cause irritable bowel syndrome, which causes symptoms like bloating and gas, for the excessive release of carbon dioxide.

Does sparkling water lead to tooth decay and erosion?

The flavored sparkling water comes with added sugar, which reacts with the bacteria in the plaque, which further accentuates the tooth decay over time. Thus, considering the oral health, consumption of this drink should be reduced or it may cause severe damage in the long run. According to the professors of British Dental Association, the carbonic acid in the  water erodes the tooth enamel.

According to researchers, Birmingham University, “flavored sparkling waters should be considered as potentially erosive, and preventive advice on their consumption should recognize them as potentially acidic drinks rather than water with flavoring”. This implies that this carbonated drink can lead to erosion and eventually tooth decay. However, it is not something to worry about unless you are consuming excess of this drink.

Is sparkling water ok during pregnancy and will it cause nausea?
During pregnancy,plain sparkling mineral water is possibly safe. For the flavored, it is advisable that you check the sweeteners in it before buying. Some artificial additives may not be safe. Doctors believe that too much of additives during pregnancy can cause long term problems on the baby. Moreover, artificial flavors are likely to have significant effects on the kidneys of a pregnant lady,which further can cause various kinds of terminal illness.

What are the tips to avoid the bad effects of sparkling water?

With a series of benefits of sparkling water to a fit, fine and healthy body, it’s difficult to say that one must avoid consuming this drink. However, it should be kept in mind that consuming a specified amount is necessary. Excess of it can cause serious health hazards. If you are not sure about the adequate amount you should take, it’s better to resort to normal tap water. It will keep you hydrated. To do away with the tantalizing taste of the sparkling mineral water, splash some fresh fruit juice into it, but avoid taking a flavored bottle. Sparkling mineral water when consumed with fresh fruit juice, provides the best of nutrition.

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