Club Soda vs Seltzer vs Sparkling Mineral vs Tonic Water-Differences & Similarities

What are the differences between the various brands of carbonated waters- Club Soda, Seltzer Water, Sparkling Mineral Water, and Tonic Water? How do you know which one is suited for your needs? It is very clear the number of brands and varieties is quite large…large enough confuse any person in terms of which one to choose and for what purpose. Depending upon the ingredients which make each, the taste and uses, each can be distinguished from the other.

Here is a guide that will help in identification of each type of the carbonated water and use them according to your requirements.

Is Club Soda the same as Seltzer Water? Differences & Similarities

Both the names Club Soda and Seltzer Water are used interchangeably for the same purpose. This is one of the major reasons behind these two being confused more often than not with each other. While, basically both are much similar to each other, both having carbon dioxide added to water and both being used for making cocktails, what differentiate club soda are the added minerals. Seltzer Water does not have any type of mineral added. This is the most basic form of carbonated water. Club Soda, due to the added minerals, has a slightly mineral taste.

What is the difference Between Sparkling Water and Club Soda?

Sparkling Mineral Water is much different than Club Soda. Even though both have some minerals, in the case of Sparkling Mineral Water, the minerals are naturally occurring and not added artificially. Mineral Water is collected from natural sources and has got distinct taste and is much heavier than Club Soda. Also, carbon dioxide is seldom added to Mineral Water. Mostly, the naturally occurring gases cause the carbonation. However, Sparkling Mineral Water is seldom used to prepare drinks. Since the water is taken from natural source, it is among the costliest of all types of carbonated water available in the market. Club Soda is the most popular choice when it comes to preparing cocktails and other drinks. Also, the distinct flavor of Mineral Water makes it a bad choice for preparation of any type of drink.

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Is Soda Water Club Soda? What are differences compared to Tonic Water

Soda Water is a generalized term that is used for all types of carbonated water. It may or may not mean a particular type of carbonated water, which is why it is important to mention specifically the type of carbonated water one wishes to have. Club Soda is a specific variety of carbonated water which is mainly used for regular drinking purpose or for making cocktails and other such drinks. Since club soda is among the most commonly used of all carbonated water, it is most often referred to as soda water, giving rise to the confusion about the name. Generally, for all other varieties of carbonated water their specific name is used.

Tonic Water is a special variety of carbonated water and is much different from Club Soda. The distinctive feature is the bitter taste that is associated with tonic water. It got its name due to this bitter flavor and because of the fact that this was widely used against malaria as a prophylactic. Initial use began in South Asia and Africa. The bitter taste is because of the added quinine. Currently, the quinine addition has reduced considerably, but the bitter taste still remains due to the small portion of quinine added to tonic water. It is generally used along with drinks like gin and vodka for making cocktails and does not find much use in other flavored cocktails.

Tonic Water vs Sparkling Water-What is the difference between Tonic Water and Sparkling Water

As mentioned above, tonic water is basically carbonated water with added quinine. The quinine addition was to help against malaria. Even though the use has reduced considerably and the quinine addition percentage has also been reduced, the bitter taste prevails, which gives tonic water the distinct taste it has. This is also the reason why tonic water is used for the purpose of preparation of strong drinks like vodka and gin, and not for any other flavored cocktail. Sparkling Mineral Water, on other hand, happens to be one of the costliest of all types of carbonated water available. The water is collected from natural source, giving it the distinct flavor. It is rich in various naturally occurring nutrients like different types of sulfur compounds. The most distinctive feature is that mineral water will taste different depending upon the source of collection. It is quite heavy as well, and almost never finds its place in cocktail preparation. Carbonation that occurs is mostly because of the trapped gases. Sparkling Mineral Water also has carbon dioxide added in some cases.

The following table will give a brief understanding of the various types of carbonated waters.

Sparkling Mineral waterTonic WaterClub/Soda WaterSeltzer Water
IngredientsNaturally occurring well or spring water which contains sulfur compounds and mineral salts, along with natural carbonation or added carbon dioxide.Plain water and added carbon dioxide, along with added quinine.Plain water along with added minerals like disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate, and added carbon dioxide.Plain water and added carbon dioxide.
FlavorFlavor depends upon the source and changes depending upon the point of collection of water. Has got distinct taste and feels heavy.Bitter tasting due to the added quinine.Somewhat mineral tasting due to added minerals, but mostly plain taste.Plain taste, except the fizzy feel.
CarbonationSometimes added, sometimes, naturally occurring.Added carbon dioxide.Added carbon dioxide.Added carbon dioxide.
Calories88340 (zero)0 (zero)
Benefits & UsesEnriched with calcium, this not only provides the necessary hydration to the body, but also is good for the bone. Since, it is costly and rarely found, it is only used for drinking purpose.Initially used for treatment of malaria, currently used along with drinks like gin and vodka for making cocktails.Enriched with a few minerals, it is a great substitute for regular water, in case one is bored. It is used in making of cocktails and is sometimes used as a replacement for seltzer water.Nice break from the regular water and can satisfy the need of water by the body. Can be used for regular drinking purpose and with cocktails. Can be used instead of club/soda water.

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