Best Sparkling Water Brands List: Flavored, Italian, French, Perrier & how to choose

Learn about the  best sparkling water brands including Perrier, Voss Sparkling, San Pellegrino and more other popular brands. Also find a list of the best flavored, Italian and French brands of sparkling  mineral water plus tips to choose the best while shopping.

Top best Sparkling Water Brands-Perrier & other Brands

Sparkling water with optimum mineral content and adequate carbonation has already been proved beneficial to the health. But, it’s equally true that all brands of this carbonated water do not offer the same quantity of nutrition. So, when it comes to  the nutritional value of these bottled beverages, it is important that you at least know some of the popular which are more than just simple refreshment. In fact, refreshment can’t be any better when it comes to these labels.

Best sparkling water Brands-Pirrier,French,Italian & Flavored
Bottles Pirrier Sparkling water

Among the most popular brands, Perrier tops the list. Providing the optimum level of nutrition, Perrier is by far considered the best of all. There are other brands too, which are purified by environmental filtration processes before being bottled. Here’s a brief of the top five brands of this drink.


Till date Perrier is one of the most sought brand of sparkling mineral water across the world. Perrier is by far the most popular brand  considering the nutritional and health benefits. According to the recent studies, Perrier is a brand that hardly contains any additives or artificial flavor.

From this aspect, Perrier is zero-calorie drink that helps in fixing your upset stomach. It’s best known for naturally occurring carbonation, characteristic green bottle, and higher levels of carbonation than its peers. It came into the scene in 1863, when French spring was discovered.

The spring was composed of bubbles, which was bottled to satisfy the thirst of the people. After 35 years of thriving popularity, the ownership of French Spring was transferred to Dr. Louis Perrier. Later this brand  bore his name which is continuing till date. In order to maintain the environmentally friendly standard, Perrier is packed with 100% recyclable components.

Voss Sparkling

This is touted as an ultra premium brand, which bottles the clear and crisp water from the springs of Norway. Comes in a stylish petite bottle, Voss Sparkling is known for its optimum calcium and magnesium content. The principal ingredients are the Norwegian artesian water, carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate.

San Pellegrino

It comes with a distinct flavor that draws its aroma from the natural underground process that is used to purify it. The minerals which are an essential component of the water creates a subtle salty flavor. Added carbonation induces a bubbly infusion that creates a tantalizing taste. This is best used in various cuisine but, the natural minerals in it also contributes to the good health.


It’s an exceptional quality of sparkling water that originates from a natural mineral aquifer below Germany’s Volcanic Eifel. This brand of water feeds on rain water that travels through the areas of dolomitic limestone. During its course of journey, it automatically draws carbonic acid from volcanic sources. Also it gets mixed with natural calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate from the rock. It comes with natural flavor and wonderful taste. It’s healthy too.

Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser offers a fresh and clean bottled drink that comes with an ultimate hydrating experience. The bottled drink of Crystal Geyser comes without additives and flavors. This way, it’s completely pure spring water. During the purification process of the water, rigorous hygiene standards are maintained.

Other popular Brands of Sparkling Water

Apart from Perrier and what’s mentioned above, there are several other brands of bottled sparkling mineral water, each of which boasts an exceptionally pure  water originating from the lap of rocky mountains and enriched with minerals. Mention must be made of the brands like

  • Talking Rain,
  • Schweppes
  • Poland Spring
  • Saratoga Spring
  • Badoit.

Best Flavored Sparkling Water Brands List

With the growing popularity of the sparkling water, a lot of its variety have come into the scene, however, nothing could match the taste and serenity that the following brands offer.

  • Hiball Energy
  • Izze Beverage Esque Sparkling/ Sparkling Black
  • Izee Beverage Bottled Sparkling
  • Lorina Sparkling Orangeade
  • W. Knudsen Family Black
  • Clearly Canadian Blackberry/Cherry /Peach/Raspberry Cream/Strawberry Melon
  • Cheerful Cherry Seltzer
  • Arrowhead
  • Calistoga
  • Sparkling ICE Spring Water
  • Mountain Valley
  • Dobra Voda
  • Poland Spring
  • Cap 10
  • Wattwiller

Italian Best Sparkling Water Brands

Best Italian Sparkling Water Brands Etrusca

Italian  brands are known for their exceptional health benefits and unparalleled taste. Originating from the fresh spring of the rocky mountains, these bottled drinks are being flavored to use it as the wonderful beverage. Presently, there are about 600 brands of bottled Italian water; the significant among them are the following:

  • Etrusca
  • Galvanina
  • Lauretana
  • Lurisia
  • Rochetta Brio Blu
  • Santa Vittoria
  • Sole
  • Uliveto
  • Valverde
  • Acetosella
  • Aqua Armani
  • Aqua Fucolli

French Sparkling Water Brands

Saint Geron -French Sparkling Water Brands
Saint Geron

Nothing could compare the taste of the fresh spring waters of the French brands, when it comes to the sparkling water. Enriched with all the nutritious elements, French sparkling mineral water brands are one of their kinds. Apart from Perrier, the other popular brands include

  • Saint Geron
  • O Muse
  • Abatilles
  • Alet
  • Aix Les Bains
  • Arcens
  • Arvie
  • Auzat
  • Badoit
  • Biovive
  • Carola
  • Celtic
  • Chateauneuf
  • Contrex
  • Evian

What is the criteria for choosing the best brand of sparkling water?

Choosing the best brand of this water is indeed a difficult task, yet there are some parameters that need to be kept in mind while choosing the best kind of bottled water. Here’s a brief information on how to choose

  1. Nutritional benefits- That’s the first thing, you need to take a look while buying a bottled drink. Check on the sugar and the calorie content before spending your money. Buying a zero calorie drink is the best.
  2. Taste-Taste is highly subjective and this time you have to depend on your taste buds. This drink, being carbonated has a tantalizing taste, but when treated with flavors, it disappears. The same story runs true in all the cases.
  3. Other factors- It’s important to buy high grade containers (glass or PET plastic) Also, you need to store the container away from bright light and the sun.

According to reviews /studies/experts which is the best?

According to the studies and the reports, most of the sparkling water brands is made keeping the health benefits and hygiene standards in mind. So, if you are buying a popular product, you do not have to worry about its quality standards.

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