Foods With/Rich in Biotin-Eggs, Almonds, Milk and more

Do you know of any foods with biotin? Well, worry not about it. Why take foods rich in b7 vitamin? What is the biotin function/role in supporting your health? Here’s info on foods high in biotin vitamin content including eggs, almonds, legumes, fish and many more.

Why Eat Foods with Biotin? What Function/Role does it Play

The limitations to current knowledge on foods with biotin makes it harder to make a dietary plan to ensure you benefit wholly from biotin. It is believed that an average adult consumes double the daily requirement and thus one should not worry about obtaining biotin as long as they are taking a balanced diet. According to, “…it is very likely that foods listed as not containing biotin may actually be contributing to your total intake.”

What Is the Biotin Function/role in Health Support?

Biotin is important in metabolism and energy production. As a coenzyme, is involved in energy production. It converts food into energy by facilitating the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates into glucose, and breaking down of proteins into amino acids. It also maintains healthy blood sugar levels. This is a vitamin that one would not want to be lacking.

Enough supply of biotin has long been known as the key element in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Biotin is also said to improve fragile and brittle nails into longer, stronger nails. Deficiency is uncommon but likely to occur in children, alcoholics and pregnant women. Although biotin can be taken as a supplement, it is much better for your overall health if you eat biotin-rich foods as part of a healthy diet.

Most foods high in biotin are good sources of protein and fiber giving an added health advantage to those consuming them. Uses of biotin are multifaceted. Alongside beauty and metabolic functions, biotin has also been used in:

  • The treatment of candida
  • As a fat burner
  • Gene replication and
  • For the production of blood cells and bone marrow.

Does not taking Foods High Biotin cause Deficiency

Foods With Biotin Rich Foods
Biotin Rich Foods

What Foods Contain or have Biotin?

Biotin deficiency is discovered not because of inadequate amounts in the diet but because of the effects of a chemical called avidin, which is found in raw eggs. Avidin binds and inactivates biotin. Biotin can be made by gut bacteria and absorbed from the large bowel, so that not all biotin needs to be obtained from food.

Experts say that as little as 30mcg of biotin is enough for its normal metabolic function. It is also readily available in common foods. As long as one takes a balanced diet, it is very rare to be deficient of this very important vitamin. Biotin is generally found in foods that are good sources of B vitamins.

According to, “…many of the food sources of biotin are not readily digested and therefore dietary intake has been overestimated. Other than egg yolks, organ meats, and some cheeses, most foods are considered poor sources of biotin.”

Doctors recommend that you aim at getting biotin naturally from foods, as supplementation is not necessary. On that note, knowledge on what foods are rich in biotin will definitely help you boost your dietary intake. Following are the top foods high in biotin

Biotin in Eggs, Almonds & Milk


Egg yolks are a rich source of biotin. Take note of ’egg yolk’. As mentioned earlier, eating a lot of egg white can lead to biotin deficiency. It contains protein avidin that binds strongly to biotin reducing its absorption.

Biotin in Eggs

Biotin in Almonds

Almonds are some of the most nutritious nuts. They  are packed with biotin and other nutrients, such as protein and even Vitamin E, which helps to keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free. In an addition to that, these nuts  are also a great source of monounsaturated fats that help enhance your hair, skin, and nails even further.

foods high in biotin almonds

Biotin in Milk

In addition to calcium and other healthy items, both goat’s and cow’s milk is a good source of biotin for your body.

Other Foods Rich in Biotin

Below is a list of more foods rich in biotin

  1. Soya beans and most legumes

This on among the richest foods containing biotin. A 10-gram serving of soya bean contains 60mg of biotin. Soy is the best alternative for vegetarians. Other legumes like pecans and other bean varieties contain a high amount of biotin.

  1. Swiss chard

Swiss chard is one the foods high in biotin content. Often overshadowed by other green vegetables like spinach, it can help keep you biotin levels in check. In addition to the biotin, they provide vitamin A, magnesium and vitamin C, which are equally important. You can use this in salads and smoothies. Consider other vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, cucumber and onions.

  1. Berries and fruits.

Many types of berries like raspberries can give your body significant amounts of biotin. These also have antioxidant properties. It is recommended that one should try as much as possible to purchase and consume local and organic fruits for optimal health.

  1. Nuts and sunflower seeds.

In addition to almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts and other nuts also provide the body with biotin. These are best for vegetarians who can benefit from the nutritional value received from meat and fish. Nuts rich in proteins are also a good source of omega 3, which is very essential for healthy hair and nails. Sunflower seeds are best eaten raw to avoid getting extra fat and calories that come with dry roasted seeds.

  1. Fish and other seafood.

Fish like tuna and salmon are not a common part of many people’s diets. However, they should be considered as they provide high levels of protein, minerals and vitamins like biotin.

biotin rich-foods seafood fish
Fish and seafood

This should however be taken to moderation as they contain high levels of mercury.

  1. Yeast

Brewer’s yeast and nutritional yeast are a great source of biotin. People who take beer can benefit from it. Just like beer, other beverages like coffee, tea and wine contain high levels of biotin. You should however be careful not to consume these drinks in high quantities, as they can be harmful to your health unlike other foods with biotin.

  1. Whole grain.

According to the Linus Pauling Institute, “…whole grains and whole-grain products contain a high amount of biotin.” Eating a slice of whole wheat bread will give you up to 6mcg of biotin. The vitamin is found in the bran of the wheat therefore white bread has less biotin.

  1. Liver

Liver is among the richest foods with biotin. 3 ounces of cooked liver contains up to 35mcg of biotin. Other organ meats such as kidney have significant amount of biotin. You can also get biotin from red meat, turkey and pork.

  1. Dairy products

You already know that milk is a good source of biotin. Other dairy products like yoghurt and cheese are also rich sources of biotin. In addition, they provide calcium and other important nutrients,

What foods have biotin? Do you know of any other biotin rich food that is missing in the list? This the question I have for you. We will appreciate you answer in the commenting section below. Do not forget to share this piece of information to your friends…someone out there needs to know something about biotin in food!

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