Biotin Reviews for Weight Loss, Hair, Skin & Nails- Best Biotin Brand, Where To Buy

How does biotin help in weight loss? How much should one take to lose weight and by how much? Here are biotin reviews for hair, nails and skin including best biotin brands and where to buy them. Also, read some of the user ratings and testimonials to help you answer these important questions.

Biotin Reviews for Weight Loss

Biotin for Weight Loss Reviews
Biotin May be a Weight Loss Solution

Are you trying to lose weight? Biotin might be the solution for you. Experts say that it is easier to lose weight if you have enough biotin in your body. Biotin, one of the B complex vitamins is very essential in metabolizing food into energy.

It helps by breaking down fats and carbohydrates, which translates to less fat and muscle reserves in your body. A daily dose of 300mcg biotin can help you lose a considerable amount of weight in a shorter period. This however should not be a compensation for undisciplined eating or lack of physical exercise. So, what do biotin for weight loss reviews look like? Here’s a taste of the same:

“Biotin is good stuff; it primarily helps the body to metabolize and use the food you eat. I have lost weight and inches off my body without exercise or dieting. I get tons of energy when I take it in the morning. I take 2 tablets of 10,000 mcg each in the morning, I can’t take them at night cause I can’t sleep if I do.”[]

Biotin for weight loss before and after photos.

Are there individuals who have lost weight successfully after using biotin supplements? There are…some individuals have share before & after pictures on the intern illustrating how biotin helped them to shed some pounds. Below, see before and after pictures of biotin weight loss results.

Biotin weight loss before and after results

Well, you already know that biotin can work for weight loss. Is it true that biotin can at the same time cause weight gain? Find out more; Biotin weight gain-Can biotin cause weight gain?

Biotin Reviews for Hair

Biotin reviews for hair are by far the most positive. Biotin is a great vitamin if you want long healthy and shiny hair. It may make your hair grow faster and thicker. Most people notice positive results in about 6 to 8 weeks. Patience and consistency are key in your quest for long hair. This however does not work for everybody. Remember to wash and trim your hair regularly for best results. Keep off heat and chemical treatments as these weaken hair.

Some people take biotin for hair orally while others prefer topical applications in form of shampoos, hair oils and conditioners. Scientists claim that biotin molecules are too big to be absorbed via skin therefore rendering topical products useless. This however has not been confirmed. Some of the best hair products with biotin include the following:

  • Organix biotin and collagen shampoo
  • Andalou lavender biotin full volume style spray
  • Nexxus vitatress biotin scalp cream
  • Hair supplements include: GNC biotin 5000

“I started taking biotin (Natrol Biotin in Strawberry) to strengthen my hair, promote growth, and combat hair fallout and breakage. Within 2-3 weeks I noticed a difference, particularly in the strength of my nails, but also in my hair.”[]

“Biotin has worked wonders for me! My hair was very damaged from regular coloring and since I have been taking biotin my hair is thicker and growing very fast. My nails are the strongest and longest they have ever been! My skin is also looking better.”[]

Biotin for hair before-after photo

Biotin For Hair Before After
Biotin For Hair Before After

Biotin Reviews for Skin

In addition to hair and nails, biotin has some benefits on skin. It is used in many skin products like anti-aging creams and moisturizers due to its moisturizing properties. By helping in proper fat distribution, biotin reduces chances of getting skin breakouts. It also protects the skin against the sun and water loss.

Even with these many benefits, some people in their biotin reviews say that they developed dry or oily skin and in extreme cases acne. Most people use between 2500mcg to maximum strength 10000mcg for hair growth. Try starting with the lowest dose and increase gradually until you find a dose that gives you positive results. Skin products with biotin include;

  • C-Estamins nutritional skin care supplement
  • Glorenew serum
  • Beauty diamond eye program

Here’s a biotin review by a user on Amazon:

“I will give it 5 stars because it does what it’s supposed to. My hair and nails grow like crazy and it also gives me lots of energy. On the down side, hair grows EVERY WHERE so I have to shave more often but that’s a small price to pay for longer hair and nail.”[]

Biotin for Nails Reviews

biotin for nails before afterThe connection between horse hooves and human nails has led to the assumption that biotin helps grow nails longer and thicker. There is no evidence to support this. Many biotin for nails reviews online indicate that people who have used biotin have seen their nails change for the better – whether as a primary or secondary outcome. From brittle fragile and chapped nails to thicker, longer and stronger nails.

How Much Biotin for Nails? –On how much one should take, it is still not confirmed what dosage best is for nail growth. Many people have used 2500mcg for a period of 4 weeks with positive results. Other than supplements, there are nail polishes infused with biotin and give promises of better looking nails. It is however important to keep wear rubber gloves to protect your nails against harsh chemicals and detergents for best results.

Best Biotin Brand

Biotin has many brands. Many drugstores and vitamin stores have quite a number. This makes it quite difficult for one to pick out a brand that suits one’s needs. The best thing about this is that, these products have specifications based on:

  • Strength
  • Type (hard capsules, liquid gels or tablets)
  • Whether you are vegetarian or not
  • Number of pills or capsules
  • And those that are free of substances like gluten, wheat, yeast, salt and artificial colors

According to most online sources and from customer reviews and ratings, the best biotin brands are:

  • Biotin extra strength 5000mcg veggie soft gels
  • Natrol biotin 5000mcg fast dissolve
  • Vita restore hair loss treatment supplements
  • Natrol biotin 10000mcg maximum strength

Where to Buy and Find Biotin

Where can I buy biotin?

Biotin supplements can be found in many drug stores and all vitamin stores. They can easily be bought without a prescription. Even so, it is best to consult a doctor before using any supplements. It is advisable that you always buy supplements from local and well-known stores to avoid consuming products that are not genuine and can be harmful to you. Do not make orders on unknown or foreign shops.

Where Can I Find Biotin?

Biotin can be found naturally in many foods like eggs, avocado, whole grain and nuts. It is readily available and as long as you take a balanced diet, they are in sufficient supply of this very important vitamin. Other than foods, many biotin supplements provide extra biotin as needed by a person. Either for treatment or added beauty benefits.

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