Does Biotin Cause/help Acne? Biotin for Skin Benefits, what it does,Dosage & Reviews

Does biotin cause or help acne? What does it do for your skin? How is this b7 vitamin linked to cystic acne and other skin problems? Here’s a review of biotin for skin with a look at benefits, side effects as well as before and after pictures, user testimonials and ratings of supplement.

Does Biotin cause Acne -Cystic Acne & other Skin Problems

Biotin can cause acne especially when taken in form of supplements. It also can cause breakouts as a result of interacting with other b vitamins. As you will shortly, vitamin b7 is good for acne and other problems related to your skin. However, it is important to note that there is no scientific evidence that clearly explains the effects of biotin on your skin particularly in regard to acne.

Does biotin cause acne?
Biotin and acne

Biotin and Acne- Why does biotin cause acne

The relationship between biotin and acne is basically based on biotin deficiency. A deficiency in biotin is thought to cause acne and other skin problems.

However, biotin deficiency is rare in countries where people generally take sufficient calories and food in general. As Dr. Axe puts it, the reasons vitamin b7 is rare include;

  • The recommended daily requirements are relatively low
  • Several common foods provide biotin
  • Studies show that intestinal digestive bacteria (probiotics) have the ability to create some vitamin B7 biotin on their own.

Where there are cases of biotin deficiency, it is mainly because of;

  • intestinal malabsorption issues or serious digestive disorders like Chron’s disease, celiac disease, or leaky gut syndrome
  • long-term use of certain medications such as antiepileptic drugs (anti-seizure/anticonvulsant)
  • prolonged use of antibiotics which are at the same time prescribed for acne.

One other important point to note is that biotin is water-soluble vitamin meaning that it travels in the bloodstream and any unused or extra amounts that remain in the body are removed through urine as a waste. This is lethal especially for people lack enough of this vitamin.

So, what all that means is that if your body lacks vitamin b7 then there are chances that you may experience skin problems including acne. This can come as a result of poor diet, digestive disorders and insufficient gut bacteria caused by prolonged use of medications such as antibiotics not producing enough oil

Biotin Cystic acne

Cystic, at times referred to as nodulocystic, acne is an uncommon severe type of acne in which the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to infection and inflammation.

The infection goes deep into your skin, creating a red, tender bump that’s full of pus. It may hurt or itch. If a cyst bursts, the infection can spread, causing more breakouts. It is common during puberty but anyone at any age can get it.

Does biotin cause cystic acne? Not much is known is about the link between biotin and cystic acne. The main known cause of this type of severe acne is the hormonal changes in adolescent teenage years.

Does taking too much biotin supplements cause acne?

There are a lot of individuals on internet who take biotin with an aim to grow their hair and nails. Others take this supplement to lose weight. In fact, some of these users claim that excess or an overdose can lead to acne. On the other hand, section of other users says it does not cause skin breakouts. Where is the truth?

Biotin in a pure form should not cause acne. As mentioned earlier, it is a water-soluble vitamin hence excess of it will not be stored in your body.

However, some individuals say that it may cause pimples. This is based on how it interacts with other vitamins, particularly vitamin b5 (pathogenic acid). How?

According to Oregon University, Linus Pauling Micronutrient Information center, biotin is thought to compete with vitamin B-5. As these vitamins are inverse of each other, a rise in biotin can mean a decrease in the amount of vitamin B5 in your body. If the level of pathogenic acid is low, there is are possibilities that you have skin breakouts. Evidence from limited intervention studies suggests that pantothenic acid and/or might contribute to a healthy skin. Here a detailed skeptical view of vitamin b5 and acne

Bottom line: despite the fact that there are people who have suffered acne as a side effect of taking biotin supplements, anecdotal evidence says there are also people who find it helpful in dealing with acne. The effects vary from person to person. So it all depends on how well your body sits with biotin.

Benefits of Biotin for Skin Acne-Does Biotin Help Acne and Other Skin Problems

What does biotin do for your skin? Is it good for acne and skin related disorders?

Biotin has for ages been referred to as the “beauty vitamin” for its very important metabolic function, which translates to healthy skin, hair and nails. The vitamin is essential for breakdown of fatty acids.

This is so especially for individuals who are biotin deficient. Science-backed information showing that biotin improves skin health in people who are not deficient in the vitamin does not exist!

Proper breakdown and distribution of these fatty acids translates to healthy skin. This creates a gloss on skin, which protects against water loss and damage from the very harmful sunrays.

According to some studies, biotin deficiency can lead to a variety of skin problems, which include reddening, scaly skin rash, dry skin and generalized body rash.

Other studies claim that biotin deficiency may sometimes cause a skin disorder called seborrheic dermatitis, commonly referred to as cradle cap. Not enough information exists to explain this.

Skin creams made from biotin like “Rejuvi night gel” can help relieve dry itchy skin. It is however important to note that these creams cannot be used to treat biotin deficiencies.

biotin for skin acne help benefits
Biotin for skin

More other Biotin Skin Benefits

How is biotin good for your skin? Biotin is very vital for a healthy, glossy skin. The fact that biotin helps in proper fat distribution and absorption is reason enough to say this. From the online community, here are some of the benefits of biotin for skin. Note that these benefits based on user reviews.

  • Biotin relieves very dry and itchy skin
  • Used to treat dandruff
  • Used in skin creams and lotions to restore and preserve moisture for glossy skin
  • Used in massage oils due its moisturizing components
  • Skin lightening/brightening
  • Acne
  • Oily skin

Biotin on oily skin-does it help?

Does biotin affect oily skin? Does it cause acne on oily skin? There are claims that taking biotin whilst you have oily skin can cause skin breakouts and acne. However, it is important to note that each person reacts differently to a specific product.

Therefore, it would not be right to generally say that biotin is not good for people with oily skin. Still, it is very important to consult your doctor before taking any biotin supplements to rule out the risks of developing such issues. What about biotin for dry skin? Biotin used in creams and lotions helps manage dry skin by helping in proper and equal distribution of fats.

Can you use Biotin for a Clear Skin

There are no confirmed reports of effects of biotin on clear skin. Other than resulting in healthy, glossy skin, some people in their biotin reviews say that they developed dry or oily skin and in extreme cases, acne.

Hearsay also has it that biotin can help

  • Skin cracking
  • Fungal Infections

Dosage-How much Biotin for Skin?

Even in high dose, biotin is thought to be safe. How, there are recommendations of vitamin b 5 supplements for skin. According to Dr. Scher, “the recommended dose of biotin is 2.5mg. However, it is not clear what dose is required for full effect and for how long.”

According to WebMd, the recommended daily doses are as follows:

0-6 months5 micrograms/day
7-12 months6 mcg/day
1-3 years8 mcg/day
4-8 years12 mcg/day
9-13 years20 mcg/day
14-18 years25 mcg/day
19 years and above30 mcg/day

For pregnant women, 30 mcg per day, while for breastfeeding women, 35 mcg per day.

For diabetics biotin alone does not have much effect but rather used alongside chromium.

Biotin for Skin Reviews and Results-1000mcg, 10000mcg & 5000mcg

biotin acne skin reviews 10000mcg
biotin 10000mcg

There are mixed reviews and results according to testimonials of those who have used biotin for their skin. Some people have reported side effects, while others have shown better skin health after using this vitamin. Below are some of the reviews and results from users around the web.

  • “I’ve been taking 5000 mcg of Biotin daily for the past three months and wish I had properly researched it before doing so. I’ve been consistently breaking out (including painful, cystic acne which I normally don’t get.)” [MakeupAllery Reviews of Biotin]
  • “My acne broke out horribly. I went back on biotin and my skin cleared up super-fast. Would recommend its use for skin benefits. [MakeupAlley]
  • A review on the results found on Amazon: “After a week or so my skin was sooo clear and shiny also toned.” [ reviews]
  • “I have been taking 3000 mcg daily, for over 2 months, and if anything my brittle nails are worse and I seem to losing more hair! A side effect I didn’t expect is scalp itch. So I’ve stopped using it as of today, waste of money!!” []

User Ratings

Biotin capsules and supplements are highly rated. Members of rate biotin 1000mcg at 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 64% stating that they would buy it again.


Biotin Skin Results Before and After Pictures

There are no confirmed studies to ascertain that biotin really does work to give you that healthy skin. However, looking at some before and after pictures, the results are mixed, with some people experiencing negative effects while others great results. See some of the before and after photos in this post of people who have used biotin for healthy skin.

Biotin Skin Results Before and After Pictures
Biotin Before & Results for Skin

How to prevent Biotin Acne /Breakouts

You have already learnt the good and bad side of biotin in regard to acne and general skin health. If you choose to give biotin supplements a try, here are are some tips to help you avoid acne, pimples or skin breakout:

  • Since this is a form of medication to treat a condition, you should first consult with your doctor to avoid further complications.
  • Start with the recommended dosage. Do not start from high doses.
  • Follow a healthy eating plan that includes protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A and C.
  • Take a vitamin B5 supplement so that biotin and B5 won’t compete.
  • Adapt a natural and healthy skin care regimen. Supplements are not best shot so far.

Biotin Skin Side Effects

What biotin skin problems are common with its use? What are some of the problems that can arise from the use of biotin?

Biotin is considered safe and well tolerated. It is however not right to generalize this statement for every user. Biotin from common foods in the daily diet is enough but supplementation is required in cases of lack or deficiency of biotin. This vitamin is required in small amounts in the body and taking too much can be harmful. Here are some of the unpleasant effects on the skin

  • Acne
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Dry skin
  • Very oily skin, resulting in skin breakouts in some people
  • Allergic reactions (uncommon)

Note: consult your doctor before using any vitamins or supplements if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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